10 thoughts on “Netanyahu: We Will Rule Over Everything and Live by Sword Forever – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. While I am no fan of Tzipi Hotovely, the image you have of her in an alleged “act of incitement before Al Aqsa” is a bit mislabeled. In the background we see the Dome of the Rock, not Al Aqsa. Also the photo was taken from the roof of Aish Hatorah adjacent to the far rear of theWestern Wall Plaza. No one standing at Al Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock would even be able to see her. Not only that but had she wanted to unfurl an Israeli flag at Al Aqsa it would be confiscated before she even got on to the Mughrabi Gate. Israeli flags and any non-Muslim religious items are not permitted by the Israel police on the Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif.

    1. @ pea: So you assume that Arabs don’t read Israeli newspapers and won’t see this piece of incitement? You don’t think Hotovely’s response if “Arabs” were angry would be along the lines of “tough shit?” You don’t think she’s trying to rub their noses in it with this piece of propaganda? If not, I beg to differ with you. NOt only that, but unlike you I know this sort of image will spur further outrage & further attempts to kill Israelis. So if it doesn’t bother you, fine. But it bothers those trying to kill you & incites them further to do so.

  2. Richard.

    Didn’t you recently ream out one of your blog’s commenters for calling these violent events,’The Facebook Intifada’?

    1. OMG ! Are you really that dumb or just pretending ? You didn’t get Richard’s ironic tone here ? Even my cat understood ….I suggest you diminish your daily consumption of Ziocaine, it clearly has a negative impact on your brain.

  3. What an extraordinary, pseudo-heroical, old testamentical statement to make though – suggesting that Israel maintains its position versus an opponent on the same level of military technology (that of swords) – instead of suppressing a largely unarmed Westbank-population with some of the most modern armament in the world – with minimal risk for the oppressors.

  4. Facebook is a very handy scapegoat for Israel to blame for this round of violent Palestinian resistance against the Israel occupation. Of course, Israel would never hold itself responsible for this violence even after decades of terror, ethnic cleansing, and other “incitement” against the Palestinians.

  5. I am often linked to your website by some Mondoweiss commenter. I would be honored to be included in your mailing list. Thank you.
    Mariarosa Imberti
    Stoughton, MA

  6. “Bibi apparently has the eyes of an eagle”

    Indeed, he has the eyes of a magic eagle, eyes that can see clearly even through the lens caps of binoculars — similar to how Joseph Smith translated the golden plates by looking at them through the crown of his hat.

    Bibi the visionary

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