14 thoughts on “Israel and the Rise of Judeo-Fascism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The New York Times is the first to publicly asks Israel NOT TO PASS THIS LAW.
    It clearly expresses the opinion that this law will EFFECTIVELY DITCH ANY “DEMOCRATIC” FIG LEAF left.
    I also believe the WhiteHouse speaker has tangentially mentioned the “not so correct” law without coming down opposing it, but again any US gov. speaker will be as wishy washy as can be. Journalism currently PARSE expressions the same way the world used to judge who was up or down in the Red Russia depending on who was sitting where as compared to the leader. This is so dishonest against us who are powerless against such lack of honesty.
    ISIS exists ONLY AND SOLELY BECAUSE OF “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” = fear of consequences leads to paralysis and paralysis for power grabber is ACQUIESCENCE. In spanish we say “el que calla, otorga” (he who does not speak, grants) Political Correctness is SILENCE, SILENCE GIVES US FASCISM AND ALL “ISMS”
    Please note that ALL russian immigrants who have not being able to justify their “jewishness” before coming to Israel, bear the word “BASTARD” on their Israeli ID. They CANNOT MARRY IN ISRAEL BUT YET THEY ARE FORCED TO DO THE MILITARY SERVICE. SUCH PEOPLE (300k) are now on granted ZERO STATUS IN THE NEW COUNTRY. no different than arabs, christians or any PURE JEW. This PURE was used not long ago by others….

  2. “For the first thirty years or so, the secular, democratic nature of the state was prominent, perhaps even predominant.”
    The State of Israel has never had any democratic nature to the Palestinian citizens who lived under military administrative rule from 1948-1966: curfews, martial law, ungoing expulsions, land seizure, strict residential rules, permits were needed from the military governor even for daily traveling of a certain distance from one’s residence (intially more restrictive than the South African Pass system during Apartheid).
    The Palestinian citizens were given the right to vote only because it was required by the international community.

    Concerning Feiglin, the admirer of Hitler (cf. interview by Yossei Sarid I think in Haaretz), I would qualify him as more than a fascist. His “My outline for a solution for Gaza” that he posted this summer makes Mussolini look like a left-wing radical …. okay, I’m exagerating a little 🙂

    1. you omitted: “Heil Moshe”
      also Mr. Benett today’s answer, YOU’RE AGAIN AT IT YOU MESSIANIC U.S. you, WE KNOW BETTER

  3. Karl Deutsch once defined a nation as “a group of people united by a mistaken view of the past and a hatred of their neighbours”. At present Israel amply fulfils these criteria. Now it wants more. It wants to extend the hatred to 20 % of its fellow citizens and provide an institutional basis for that.

    The Jewish nation-state bill will finally and definitely remove the fig leaf “democracy”. All Jewish organisations in the US have kept an embarrassed silence since Adelson came up with his grand dismissal of democracy for Israel. Klein, the leader of the Zionist Organisation of the US, tried to pretend that it was a joke.

    If this Jewish nation-state bill is passed such evasions will be no longer possible. People will have to give up their “only democracy in the Middle East” mantra whether they approve of this development or not. This mantra was never very convincing at the best of times but now will become a plain joke. The net effect of this development will be further distance between the state of Israel and various Jewish groups in the diaspora.

    Also the “shared values” mantra as a rationale for American support will have to go.

    Further moves on the Third Temple front, which will unite the Moslem world against Israel, will make sure that this other folly will come to full fruition.

    Clearly, Israeli leaders seem to have a death wish.

    But then what will ultimately expire does not seem worth saving.

  4. One does wonder – should the said Jewish-nation-state bill slither through – should one convert to another religion? As a form of protest? Demonstration? Even if one is an agnostic atheist? And – if so – which creed or religion to choose? I rather prefer something like Shinto, I suspect.

    Israel – as it is now – can no longer brought to its senses. It is time to wrap it in a sheet and carry it away. Heck, I do hope the law makes it through.

    1. You are allowed to be an agnostic in Israel, but you have to marry abroad (to a person that is another resident of Israel or of an approved nationality, which excludes most of the Arabs). Cyprus is perhaps the most economic option, but Istambul with its cheap hotels may be an attractive option (I was there and it was very nice, but it was before Erdogan restored the sultanate). Moreover, Israel is not simply a religious (theocratic, if you will) state, but the state of Holy War, so serving in the military gives one most of the privileges a citizen may want to have. Conversely, Knesset works how to sock it to Jews who shirk their duty to join the Holy War, that heresy is more despised than the lack of religion.

  5. Seems like they tried the ‘democracy thing’ but it really wasn’t a good fit. I think the state of Israel is soul searching for it’s identity, but it will go to a dark place. I can only hope that their actions will enable the US government to stop endlessly supporting the apartheid state of Israel, but somehow I think majority of US politicians will always find a way to vote as AIPAC wishes.

    Demoting Arabic from being an official language into a secondary language, really is subverting the facade of Israel democracy, or as the NYTimes article called it yesterday a ‘Judocracy’.

  6. I used to defend Israel when Richard often expressed his biased opinion against Israel. I must say that in the last few weeks I am pretty much speechless. I was born and raised in Israel, served in the army and lived there until my late 20s. I am sad and ashamed of where Israel is heading. Sad Sad Sad 🙁

    1. @David, you say: “I am sad and ashamed of where Israel is heading. Sad Sad Sad 🙁 ”
      ok …. what are going to do about it ?

  7. A nation which has a racist, colonialist philosophy (Zionism) as its guiding principle had to eventually end up in a dark place.

    With the BDS movement gaining strength and many, especially young Jews outside Israel, vocal in expressing disgust at the moral cesspit Israel has become, it seems Israeli leadership is telling the world to go to hell, they’ll go it alone and to hell with the pretence of democracy and the rule of law.

    Most telling is the editorial in the New York Times expressing alarm at the direction Israel is taking. American Zionists are getting real queasy it seems, as if it’s beginning to dawn on them that pariah status for Israel may be a real possibility after all.

    Where ever this road leads, it promises to be a very interesting ride.

  8. A note to all left Zionists: a political entity founded on three of the four principal forms of fascism – ethnic, religious and ideological – soon joined by nationalism, the other main variant of this ancient, endemic political disease – can have no enduring future. It can only end with a bang or a whimper. And, for the sake of humanity and this good earth, let it be sooner than later.

    An improvement on the conventional definition of fascism can be found here:

    Us vs. Them: On the Meaning of Fascism

  9. An Arab/ Palestinian MP quotes Hannah Arendt, and a Jewish MP has no idea what he is talking about and kicks him out: That is present-day Israel in a nutshell. Sad and hilarious in one.

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