15 thoughts on “Scoop: Arsonists Who Burned Jewish-Palestinian School Arrested, Identified Here – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Red Eft: You didn’t read the post, did you? If you had, you’d understand why arresting the little thugs does nothing because the big thugs who give these little thugs orders (metaphorically speaking) are running the State.

        1. @ Red Eft: This is extremely rare, almost unheard of outcome, as you well know. There are almost no cases of settler thugs being brought to justice. There must be circumstances in this case that set it apart from others. My guess is that, if you can believe the article, the two defendants actually expressed remorse for their acts and willingly cooperated with the investigation. This made it much easier for a prosecution.

          This is in fact the only time I’ve heard of settlers sentenced to prison for hate crimes not involving mass murder.

  1. The saddest part it is that the leader of the gang belongs to an oppressed people, Arab Jews, which are attacking other oppressed people, the Palestinians. There is no better situation for and oppresor when an oppressed people attacks one of its in suffering (even though in lesser degree).

    1. Some Marxist ideas never die. From the Vietnam-war`s memorabilia : ”The white people send the black people to fight the yellow people to keep what they stole from the red people”

    2. Daniel, half my family (on my Mother’s side) is Moroccan. If you told any of them that they were oppressed, they would laugh at you.

      1. @ pea: Actually, your comment is laughable. First, you’re not Moroccan, they are. When they want to speak here, you’ll know how to tell them to do so. But if they do come here agreeing with you, they’ll represent anecdotal evidence, since most Moroccan Israelis, as Elisabeth wrote would disagree. Third, those who study the issue of ethnic discrimination in Israel would strongly disagree. Fourth, yours is a pitiable attempt to refute the notion of Israeli ethnic discrimination. Not even a credible attempt.

        1. The only thing that isn’t Moroccan about me is my last name. I attend a Moroccan synagogue, grew up among my large Moroccan family (not so many Ashkenazi family members because, Holocaust), have a facility with French and Judeo Arabic because those were the languages I heard growing up and had a fondness for Mizrachi music before it became trendy with Tel Aviv hipsters. Your assertion that those who study ethnic discrimination would disagree should be rephrased as “some” of those who study… I don’t know what Elisabeth’s particular expertise is, but certainly, based on my vast anecdotal experience, there is ample evidence to dispute any assertion that Mizrachi Jews are discriminated against in Israel today. But my original point still stands. Among my large and diverse family members, people that include cab drivers, farmers, city dwellers, moshavnikim, secular, religious, professionals, academics, criminals, retirees, you name it – we disagree on many things – but on the notion that we face systemic discrimination in Israel in the past 20 years? Nope. Most would laugh at that. Israel has enough problems, no need to make more up. Again – all this is still based on my opinion which is based on personal and anecdotal experience. I would welcome, in the interest of dialogue, to read links to contrary evidence.

    3. [comment deleted: Snark is not a substantive comment. Commenters under 2 different names used this single IP address to post comments here. That is NOT acceptable (read the comment rules), unless both of you used the same IP proxy address, another tactic I frown upon. You are quite close to moderation.]

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