10 thoughts on “IDF Death Toll Mounts as 10 Senior Officers, Soldiers Killed in Gaza Ambush – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. UNGA call for humanitarian ceasefire … division of nations

    Abhorrent …

    U.S. Asian Quad
    Australia-India-Japan voted FOR ✅

    U.S. leadership NATO states
    Only Austria and Czechia voted against ❌

    Abstention by European states *) of some importance 🔘
    Germany-Italy-Netherlands (Rutte) and United Kingdom.

    *) Western states not defending human rights and International Law.. Quite disappointing. Do have a strong voice/support in the NATO proxy wars this century.

  2. ”IDF went into the war believing it would wipe out Hamas …”

    Not in the tactics used for massive civilian deaths … the emotional trauma of the surprise attack clouded the mind of Israel’s war cabinet from the beginning … fighting the resistance on multiple fronts because all efforts for peace were aborted. Losing the ideological battle for minds as the choice became removal of all Palestinians from the Gaza Strip? The instinct reversed massive onslaught as vengeance and the Zionist goal of territory, to get all Israeli citizens behind the IDF war policy and heavy loss of life. A weak Joe Biden and Antony Blinken joined the Israeli genocide of Gazans as it was exactly the war policy of George Bush and Dick Cheney after the attack on America by Saudi terrorists of Al Qaeda. A bit more collateral damage … hasbara could fix that.

    Gaza Genocide: Biden Confronted by America’s Past

    Remember the U.S. Army were taught urban warfare for Iraq (Ramallah) in Israeli training camps, interrogation and detention methods included.

  3. Biden looks sounds and acts increasingly pathetic to me. Yet I have to vote for him against Trump… so bad this situation/choice is here. If Biden manages to win the presidency in 2024, I can’t see him surviving it one way or another mentally or physically. We don’t have the leadership or the prospect of one that we need at this time. Leadership here in the US can make a difference but we are nowhere near that it seems. That’s so dispiriting. Nor, for sure does Israel have sane leadership when it comes to its own survival.
    Palestinians are in a full blown tragedy now. The world is noticing.
    This will play out until people that are in power come to their senses…politically, economically and militarily with more losses, more devastation, pain and suffering. And too, the news of it must get around.
    Hamas horror-terror set in motion reactions that it could not have fully anticipated or maybe even desired a chain reaction.
    It seems all we can do is watch and be informed.
    Gaza will not go back to what it was, and many will not be able to or want to go back period. Who wants to clean up after Israel without deep changes in Israel? We should not.
    Israel will not ( cannot) be the same either thinking it’s safe behind its iron wall. Israeli lives, they have felt to be so much more precious than Palestinian lives, are now much less secure awakened to the reality they did not want to think about. They asked to sacrifice, not nearly closer to what Palestinians have had to endure. Maybe that will cause some movement.
    Increasingly I am upset with Biden and his pushers to the choice we will have to make.
    There is always hope, the pure potential that we can make the future better… or begin.

  4. There is evidence that IDF casualty figures are being vastly under reported:

    IDF Reports 1,593 Wounded Since October 7, but Hospital Data Is Much Higher
    Unlike past conflicts and wars, the Israeli army withheld reports of wounded soldiers and their condition. The army released the information after Haaretz reported it is refusing to do so

    Ido EfratiYaniv Kubovich
    Dec 10, 2023


  5. Gaza Genocide Biden Complicit America’s Past

    On so many occasions Israel leadership have shown to be unreliable and initiating conflicts in the region. Unfortunately the State of Israel has provoked declared enemies and in the end never gained security it sought through means of brutal wars. The greatest risk for is existence are the Israelis themselves. The support for Islamophobia in disguise is just abhorrent and led to instability in Europe and the United States. I so no benefit at all for this policy of creating havoc across the Middle East. It certainly is contradictory to everything mentioned in the UN Charter … start by respecting human rights and practice diplomacy … talk peace, not war.

    See Gaza Wars under Obama in 2014 and support from Biden in May 2021. Biden considers Bibi a friend over 51 years … “I am a Zionist …” Does he know what he is saying? Give Karim Khan a handshake … two of a kind.

  6. John Kirby Walks Back Biden’s Criticism of Israel

    Kirby appears to soften critique of Israel after president decries ‘indiscriminate’ bombing; notes Israel ‘telegraphing its punches’ with evacuation map in south Gaza.

  7. Perpetuating War Propaganda …

    TEL AVIV 22 July 2014 PM Netanyahu presents to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Rockets and operating methods of Hamas.

    Press briefing (Video)

    Netanyahu: “Hamas is like ISIS, like al Qaeda, like Hezbollah, like Boko Haram … .“

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