18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Security Cabinet Orders Execution of Palestinian Poet, Because of a Joke – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. $100m UPenn Donor: Let’s Talk Genocide of Jews

    Ross Stevens, founder and CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, notified the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday that he is withdrawing a donation of “units” in his business, worth about $100 million, that he gifted to the university.

  2. What a loss. I did not know.
    I share your anger and despair at the injustice, the blindness to these losses Palestinians are numbers not human beings. So many thousands have died all with lives we won’t hear.about. In the meantime Israel tells the stories of its own . Gazans have no space to mourn.

  3. Err… I may be wrong, but I read somewhere that he was killed when the IDF were targeting a number of Hamas terrorists in the building where he was “hiding out”. They likely had no idea he was there, so it’s disingenuous of you to imply he was deliberately sought out and murdered. I’m more inclined to believe he may have been aiding and abetting the terrorists in question. His writings and talks certainly seemed to incite and legitimize terrorism as a means of fighting the Israeli “occupation” of Gaza (and Palestine?) – glossing over the fact that Gaza has been an independent, sovereign state since 2005 – and that Gazan migrant workers in Israel (citizens) have been involved in spying for Hamas in preparation for the Oct 7 pogrom.

    That’s no joke!

    1. @ gary:

      I may be wrong

      You are wrong.

      I read somewhere

      Well, that settles it. You must be right!

      he was killed when the IDF were targeting a number of Hamas terrorists in the building where he was “hiding out”

      So let’s recap. I received my information from an Israeli security source. You read “somewhere” “Something.” I don’t know which has more credibility. That’s a tough one.

      it’s disingenuous of you to imply

      First, I’m not the source of this report. My source is. So you’re not arguing with me. You’re disputing him. Second, I didn’t “imply” anything. I said right up front what happened and why it happened. If you want to dispute it you better bring better evidence that someone said something somewhere.

      I’m more inclined to believe

      Ask me if a I give a s* what you believe.

      Gaza has been an independent, sovereign state since 2005

      Jay-zus. You are one dumb motherf*. If you want to comment here you better bring your Hasbara A game. This isn’t even C game.

      That’s no joke!

      You are the joke, my friend. And not a very good one.

    2. Two days before being killed Refaat Alareer received a text message from the Israeli army telling him they knew where he was and that he was on their target list. He left the UNWRA school where he had seeked shelter with his family and went to his sisters’s appartment. They hit this appartement on the 2nd floor, nothing else. This was a targeted killing !

    3. Funny. “That’s no joke” is Biden’s line.
      Gaza is not sovereign, not independent. Israel withdrew the settlements, disengaging unilaterally, no agreement in 2005. Then the above stated propaganda ensued, to this day repeated. Hamas took over. They even indicated a willingness to moderate.
      If Gaza were legally independent this would be an entirely different story legally, internationally. Hamas might have soldiers in uniform and not called “terrorists”. Gaza would have sovereign rights to argue. They might even have “deterrence” and the latest and “greatest” weaponry to provide that. They would still be connected or fighting to actually connect to the West Bank, the other part of the occupied Palestinian territories. Palestine would have
      full membership in the UN.
      Gaza is under occupation. Israel is responsible for this war come October 7th and the days following, as well as what led up to it.. Thousands of innocent deaths, women and children largely, are blood on Israel’s hands in this insane pursuit of Hamas and destroying tunnels built over many years. Israel is making Gaza unlivable. . We in the US support this shamefully. Biden and Blinken and many in our present government are complicit. Biden is pathetic and weak in his warnings and pleas egregiously morally lacking. He shows his fear politically. That’s no joke, Joe.

    4. ” Gaza has been an independent, sovereign state since 2005″.
      Have you completely fooled yourself or do you believe your audience is clueless?
      “Independent” and “Sovereign” eh? A small sliver of land with the highest (forced) density of people, who cannot cross West, East or North because of Israel nor South because of USS-Israeli pressure on Egypt.
      This “state” cannot get food because as stated by Israel leaders, they have “put them on a diet”, people of this “state” cannot leave it, people from outside cannot enter with goods to help the “citizens”.
      This “state” cannot even bring daily materials to it because most are deemed as “military use”…yes, even PASTA.
      Israeli forces enter whenever they like, to murder its “citizens”, they bomb buildings…this list is endless.
      Err…you ARE wrong, there isn’t a righteous bone left in Israel.

  4. Thanks Richard – and good to see you still fighting for balance and sense 14 years on from Cast Lead, and not ‘remaining neutral in the face of injustice’. This assassination is the most criminal and callous act of a morally bankrupt fascist state – but also a rallying call for supporters of Palestinian rights and humanity. And the victims will, like Jesus, turn the other cheek, while the aggressors will burn with their hatred and guilt and frustration at the enemy they cannot kill.

  5. “An Israeli security source confirms my suspicion”
    Can you clarify this remark?
    – Are you talking about someone with direct, current knowledge of the list? A retired official who is just familiar with this sort of practice? Something else?
    – By “confirm” do you mean that this person shares your suspicion (as in, “Yes, I suspect this is what happened as well”) or that they asserted with knowledge that this in fact is what happened?

    1. @ Joshua:

      Can you clarify

      I convey what my source tells me based on his terms & conditions. I will not convey further information about him.

      By “confirm” do you mean

      Again, the language is clear. If it is not clear to you that’s not my problem. If you are truly interested in this issue do a google search here on “israel security source” and you will a sense of what information I’ve reported & compare it to actual events.

      1. Thanks for the reply. My understanding of how sourcing is cited is influenced by Benjamin Wittes’ guide: https://www.lawfaremedia.org/article/how-read-news-story-about-investigation-eight-tips-who-saying-what

        But anyway, fair enough if answering the question would exceed an agreement with your source! My question was more about “confirm” in any case. A knowledgeable source merely sharing a suspicion is a way of “confirming” the suspicion, as opposed to confirming it with actual knowledge precisely about the event in question. But perhaps distinguishing between those would reveal too much about your source – and, again, fair enough!

        Thanks again for replying to me.

        1. @ Joshua: Let’s not belabor the point. I have no responsibility to satisfy whatever your requirements for appropriate sourcing and verification may be. Nor do I require confirmation because the source is a figure in the security apparatus, whose information has proven accurate regarding scores of stories I’ve reported. Once you know a source is reliable and has never steered you wrong, you understand that you can trust their information implicitly. This is not a source who heard something from somebody; or who spoke to someone who told him something. This is someone who is at the heart of what he’s reporting. And that’s all I’m going to say to you or anyone on the subject.

          Of course, I consider what the source has offered and use my own background in order to weigh it. I also interpret the information so that I’m not merely recounting what he said. Because that would be advancing his interests, which is not what a journalist should do (though so many regurgitate their official sources). I report it and add my own perspective/analysis, which is what a good journalist would do.

          As for Benjamin Wittes, I never went to journalism school nor worked for MSM outlet (though I am contributor to 3 independent media outlet). I’m a journalist-activist. My approach is my own. Not that of a the standard MSM. In fact, often such standards impede reporting on important stories. Many of my stories which proved to be correct, but were censored in Israel, could not be reported in MSM because they followed Wittes’ approach. I believe it’s more important to report stories that satisfy my standards, than to be restricted to standard rules of MSM jounalism.

  6. As an Israeli I’m not surprised, the zionist entity started it’s ethnic cleansing agenda from the day it was founded, and keeps on doing it until today with the backing of the U.S.A .

  7. Is there a way to save this?

    I’d like to read it more carefully.

    I followed Refaat Alareer and am devastated that he did not get through this time.

    Orcs don’t have a sense of humour.

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