6 thoughts on “IDF Disasters Leave 10 Dead in Ambush, 3 Hostages Murdered – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It seems that the IDF are losing far more people than they are admitting. They are very good at killing civilians, especially children but not so good at fighting armed guerrilas.

    Is Israel Losing the Ground War in Gaza? Why is Israel covering up its Casualty Figures?

    The IDF are Very Good at Killing Children but Not So Good at Fighting Armed Palestinian Fighters


  2. I am so sick of these “Baghdad Bobs” that appear on the TV: Conricus and Regev( Israel) and our own John Kirby trying to sell this horror to the American people. It’s painful to see Israel go so low hanging on to this “Bibi” now for decades, bringing us to this moment. “Bibi” brought this on. Now he trying to rectify before he gets taken down…taking the country with him. Why are the crowds waiting for Bibi to see the light? They want the hostages back.. do they care about Gazans and blowback for a generation?
    Hamas brought on so much more than they could have imagined.
    Biden is pathetic lately more than ever… mumbling, low energy, and sleepy-eyed ( Trump got that!) he drones on uninspired. What a choice for voters here! The time is ripe for someone pref on the Dem side,or ANYONE, with sanity, to step in unafraid of the “jewish lobby” or whatever Biden is afraid of. Biden is so cautious that he is reckless. Biden all along with re Ukraine has been hesitant on Ukraine, giving them just enough not to lose, and in approving on Israel’s retaliation war against Hamas and Gazans,giving meek warnings because of politics here. Biden emotes weakness. Someone should get through to him that if he is so decidedly ( and myopically) pro-Israel this is not the way.
    Richard thank you for your reporting. Thank you for this outlet..we will renew support. These are very troubling times.

  3. You are way too optimistisch … the Zionist goal is within reach … Jabotinsky – Benzion Netanyahu – Menachem Begin – Yitzhak Shamir – Kahanist Ben Gvir

    The Palestinians in Gaza will massively die of disease, malnutrition and hunger … in greater numbers than bullets or bombs by the murderous IDF armed forces … a matter of one or two months … Gaza Strip will be uninhabitable and the provocations in the West Bank by the settler militias (16k M16 rifles) of Ben Gvir will make the place for Palestinians quite uncomfortable …

    Bibi is going for broke as his main interest is his personal legacy … the man in the White House is a great admirer of the Israeli prime minister.

    John Kerry, Barack Obama and Joe Biden suffered abuse and bullying from Israel’s ministers and failed miserably. Stockholm syndrome? US Congress and overwhelming bipartisan support keeps the State Department in check. Policy is handcuffed.

    The Party Faithful | The New Yorker – 21 Jan. 2013 |

    Bennett sees the Bar-Ilan speech as a betrayal. He has called on Netanyahu to retract it. To Bennett, there is nothing complex about the question of occupation. There is no occupation. “The land is ours”: that is pretty much the end of the debate.

    PS Hezbollah to the north and Iran may still be on the target list … with US support.

  4. Oui- your pessimism cancels my optimism if you think I am optimistic. I am not. Perhaps hopeful. I do see the impossibility of Gazans returning to this wreckage. I see the international community resisting rebuilding until they get some movement towards a settlement of this long conflict. I would not be surprised if they, we, settle for little, vagueness, promises. The problem with that is we’ve been there before. In that case Hamas will regroup and continue even if it has to be from elsewhere ( Iran? Qatar?) They may/will continue the terror/resistance.
    I think Hamas has to be part of the equation for peace. They are not so maximalist ( I believe) that they would not trade justice for the Palestinians and power for themselves for a forever war against Israel especially if Israel gets itself behind some acceptable lines like the 1967 lines. Until then Hamas might very well make Israelis miserable. They are already. Israel has in essence asked for this. The trade-off was always this.

  5. World has gone M.A.D.

    Bibi to Joe: “You Dropped the Atom Bomb. A lot of civilians died.”

    [Source: Remarks by President Biden at a Campaign Reception]

  6. This situation does seem completely illustrative of the aphorism about how when in a hole, the way to get out again is not to keep digging deeper.

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