4 thoughts on “Friendly-Fire Incidents Killed 10 IDF Officers, Wounded Dozens of Others, Killed Many Civilians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, Israeli journalists may “self censor,” (it is easy to criticize what is going on from outside Israel but when you are inside, it is much harder to do–it is not easy to go against the grain and make statements that could not only lose you your job, but put you and your family at some risk of angry reprisals, you will be deemed a self-hating Jew, an ultra-leftist, or even a terrorist sympathizer. You can empathize, imagine what pressure and fear that puts people under in Israel’s great liberal democracy). But more than that, there is also a military censor, who reads all newspaper copy before it goes to print and if it is deemed to be a “risk to national security” (you can work out for yourself what that gets applied to) then it won’t see the light of day. And your editor will be effectively reprimanded for trying to publish “dodgy” stories that puts you at risk of losing your job too.

  2. How is it that the “Doctor” who of course thinks he is the “better man” had to present himself in so many aliases? Scores and scores of aliases? And then to talk of this blog’s obsessiveness?
    I get the trauma, the re-trauma, that pulls people in like this..But even to presume to project a psychological analysis that can only match a Netanyahu, Putin or Trump.?.. so far out is this reaction! My lay analysis: The doctor snapped, like so many apparently, This person, especially after choosing to make Aliyah, had to choose, to stop asking questions inside of himself. I assume those questions are why he came here. Or maybe it was just to offer another POV and ran out of points this time. Or maybe, as many are, to boil it down to raw hate. I fear this is what is happening to many: doubling down on hate.. and blame. This Sparta business is an outsized response to history of weakness and victimhood. The Holocaust almost immediately popped up on October 7 in the raging discourse. The last entry on this blog showed how stars of David in blood IDF signs and “never again’” being left in Gaza.

    Richard, I think your use of the term “Sparta” for this iteration of “Zionism” is so apt. Zionism, to my understanding did not start out on this path. It became “Sparta” with adherents of this approach to survival prevailing and to becoming obsessive. This is the obsession: the Rambo approach. We are seeing how it works and how the claim of being the eternal victims are self fulfilling even necessary to this obsessively militaristic way is wearing thin… even as the US supports it. Those who live by the sword need their hate. Questioning this is existentiailly dangerous. This is the insanity and sickness.

    Hamas, also sick with rage, fed into that along with all else it aimed for and did not know it was causing. Israel fell into contributing to the cycle. Analysts were warning this was a trap.
    This war is hopefully a landmark that pushes more to realization that this is not a way to survive in this world.
    I hope the US comes to this point and soon..
    Most of my large family have “made aliyah”. Some, there along with those here too are beyond reach at this point because they have snapped… as the Doctor above. Some I am sure are just silent. You cannot say “context and history” about the why of October 7th and not be bashed for justifying it. Anyone else looking at the reports and photos coming out of Gaza, the death and destruction, regardless of the “proof” of holes in the ground is what’s moving people above ground, the affect of the Sparta appoach.

    Our younger generation here at least are coming to that. Some in Israel must want a brighter future, without walls and blowback and sending their young to war, to kill, to be maimed to hate, to die; or they will leave.
    I want my granddaughters to be able to wear a Star of David around their neck without fear, fear produced by the news, not history. They can, as I do often, feel once again simply pride in the many positives, accomplishments, joys, Jews have brought to this world.

  3. This war is hopefully a landmark that pushes more to realization that this is not a way to survive in this world.

    I hope the US comes to this point and soon..

    Excellent comment and I can understand … however I have no hope whatsoever for opinion and bogus democracy of the U.S. Decisions by SCOTUS have caused great harm and there is no end in sight. There is blind allegiance and support for the Jewish State of Israel and its genocidal policy and years of war crimes and Apartheid.

    Israel and the Arab States were in a arms race with one absolute guarantee for Israel’s superiority. No conditions or questions asked. The military superiority of Israel has led to further intransigence and more harassment of Palestinians in their Land. The illegal settler community increased from 240k in the year 2000 to more than 700k today. A catastrophe waiting to happen, especially as the demographics is a ticking time bomb. The two-state option the EU nations are advocating died during the Obama years. The large demonstrations across Israel against judicial reform gave some hope but was harshly dashed on 11/7. Netanyahu led Israel into this quagmire knowing quite well the U.S. will provide the needed military power. But at what cost?

    IMO the fear for the Israel’s security has never been greater than today … weapons and war in the neighbourhood don’t lead to a secure state, only peace ☮️ will. Such a policy takes a lot of courage which has been lacking over the last two decades for sure.

  4. Oui- The thing about October 7th is that it shook Israel like nothing before. People had to go back to the Holocaust for reference, so protected Israel has been from anything like what Palestinians have been enduring. Having to go back so many years for reference, pulling up that trauma and comparisons to Nazi’s and then to ISIS and Al Qaeda means to me a profound shock is reverberating amongst those not only in Israel but Jews everywhere especially in this country, so politically beholden to mindlessly supporting Israel.

    It is possible to evacuate the multitudes of settlers in the West Bank, Israel shows how in Gaza. Read them the riot act. But a dramatic change in leadership must happen.

    The realization that needs to happen is that there can be no status quo anymore. Netanyahu and his various coalitions have been promising that they can hold that way using military means without having to choose between two states or one state with equality for all “from the river to the sea”. They still hope for that. And if Israelis want that, they will suffer again and maybe more. It’s cowardice and fear not being able to take the leap either way. That is existential for Israel… not Hamas, not Iran’s threat.
    It’s also time for the US to change it’s unconditional support. That will help bring about change in Israel. anyway I can hope.

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