10 thoughts on “Former IDF Commander Calls for Gaza Genocide – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Indeed … most difficult part of conviction of the worst crime of genocide is evidence of INTENT … offered on a silver plate on numerous occasions by the criminals themselves. ICC and ICJ need to act NOW with a preliminary decision to hold Israeli and Hamas leadership accountable. Joe Biden, Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin too should be in the docket for complicity to IDF bombing of Gaza civilians.

  2. Shamefully, most Israelis share Giora Eiland’s despicable views. These Israelis believe the Israeli armed forces (הכוחות המזויינים) are “the most moral army in the world.

  3. I read what seems like another version of this here: https://fathomjournal.org/opinion-a-new-turning-point-in-the-history-of-the-state-of-israel-most-people-dont-understand-that/

    Eiland wants to cleanse Gaza of people by a total siege figuring people will leave “temporarily or permanently” via Egypt, an evacuation, leaving only Hamas behind to be destroyed, surrender or evacuate and “the minute after” Israel will impose a total seige.
    With a sense of guilt that he trying to hide, he rationalizes invoking comparison of Hamas with the Nazi’s because of the tactics that the allies had to use. (Otherwise Hamas is ISIS or AlQaeda.) Eiland justifies killing Palestinians, just as Germans supported Hitler, Palestinians supported, elected Hamas. He says they supported Hamas 70%-80% (maybe at one time, not recently).
    Eiland needs his justifications badly.
    Eiland says Hamas took the funds that were provided leaving out the part where the international community needed to provide funds in the first place because of Israel’s blockade/seige and occupation/mowings. That did not also cause the need to build tunnels?
    Eiland goes on the invoking WW2 and all the people the Allies had to kill with justification, even to dropping the Atomic bombs. This reasoning as if Hamas has such a Wehrmacht and such allies and the existential is caused by Hamas, and not the course that Israel is on
    Eiland’s guilt keeps popping out in the need to deny Israel’s revenge and retaliation; he says, as if we are stupid, he is not punishing the people of Gaza.
    He says, this with chutzpah that Israel should basically act as a mad dog pushing Gazans into to Egypt and leaving everything else up to the Arab countries and the international community.

    1. Even former Obama administration adviser, Stuart Seldowitz doesn’t hide this disdain Zionists have for Palestinians, and the feeble liberals who try to say “its only the settlers that are bad” are running out of places to hide. Its becoming more and more obvious for all the world to see.
      Fathom try to hide they’re contempt behind an intellectual veneer.

  4. I wonder whether he realises that his rationale for total war cuts both ways. If every Gazan is culpable for what Hamas does, by the same logic every Jewish Israeli is culpable for what the self-styled “Jewish state” does.

  5. Civilized society does not act as if the end justifies any means.
    Sorrow, and probably shame, drive Gen (ret) Eiland to lose his humanity.

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