10 thoughts on “A Nightmare Called Hannibal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “You simply don’t throw hand grenades into tunnels into which your own comrade has just disappeared if you wish to save him”

    You say that with some experience in combat? Goldin “disappeared” into the tunnel some time before and not likely to be waiting at the entrance which might, for example, be booby-trapped.

  2. I think it would be worthwhile to investigate the point of view of Jewish law in this Hannibal matter. I would assume it has been run through the chief rabbinate etc.

  3. that is inhumane the soldier family was waiting for their son to be back home and the idf !his own people murder him how shameful !let him be a captive you can negotiate and get him back alive to presume his life not to rob him his life he is your own son how could you !

  4. The Margalit story was good, but what needs to be made clear is just how thoroughly this makes nonsense of the claim that Israel is a society that values life as compared to those awful Palestinians. Not only do they try to kill the soldier, they just pound the area, killing civilians, in order to achieve this. I still see people talking about how Israel warns civilians, how it is all Hamas’s fault for using human shields and meanwhile, one reads about all the incidents that don’t fit that narrative (the boys on the beach, houses blown up with families inside, people shot while trying to flee, etc) and now this.

  5. Richard, too bad I can’t post pictures here, but I visit a page in Facebook of an Israeli (soldier) who is very meticulous about everything regarding Israel, history and the army. I will post the text he wrote when he posted a picture of the Goldin family, apparently with the soldier wo eliminated their son.

    Text by photo: “Hadar Goldin”:

    The officer sitting is the Second Lieutenant who enforced Protocol Chanibbal (Hanibbal) when Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin was captured by HAMAS. He dove into the tunnel and eliminated them, preventing Hadar from being held prisoner.

    The Protocol was used two times in Protective Edge, the first time was with Sayeret Golani Sha’ul in Shajayyah when their APC was taken out. He was one of three survivors and was captured. Baruch Hashem for this Protocol but now that it will be reported there will be alot of Anti Israel propaganda because of it.

    Photo was at Goldin home as they sat Shiva for Hadar, a true hero. I hope readers understand the sacrifice made by Hader and Golanchik Sha’ul.

  6. I appreciate that you alone, Richard, call attention to this issue that nobody else, so far as I can tell, wants to touch. Were I an Israeli parent I surely would not want the IDF to operate on the principle that if my child were taken it was better to try to kill him than to trade a few hundred (illegally held) Palestinians to get him back. Everybody knows that they could have gotten Shalit free in the first months, if they had just bitten the bullet, and made essentially the same deal they made years later. I don’t know why Israeli parents tolerate this madness.
    Goldin’s parents were on TV the first day saying they were confident that the IDF was going to rescue their son. There is a good chance that he was already dead. I don’t know if they really get the picture yet, at this point, but I think, I hope, that when it sinks in — even that the idiot threw a hand grenade in the direction of the fighters — they will reconsider their faith in the IDF and Israeli policy. It sure as hell is not how we do things in the US.
    This is only partly about shame and guarding the troops; Israel has this defiant attitude on the subject of prisoners; this used to be much less a problem. Trading prisoners was not as big a deal years ago, perhaps before of the more intense media attention, and the rise of right wing politics, globally.

    Meanwhile, American media dropped the topic as soon as Israel announced that this victim they supposedly did not have in their own hands was actually dead. They did this presumably because they did not want the media hounding them about pulling out of Gaza and leaving a man behind. But they had already extracted the CNN coverage, the scolding from Reverend — er, Secretary General Moon, and Obama.
    Once Israel killed the story, nobody wanted to go back and ask a few new questions. I emailed the journalists, the politicians and asked for more explanation, but I got no replies. Israel tells you when it is a story, and when to walk away.

  7. An hour ago Hamas broke the ceasefire by firing two mortars into Israel.
    They couldn’t wait even for the 72 hours to end and started 4 hours early.
    Is talking so difficult? Do they enjoy suffering so much?

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