6 thoughts on “IDF Killed Three of Its Own Soldiers After Declaring Hannibal Directive – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Afterward, they commenced heavy fire in that direction, which it appears struck all the fighters [both the Hamas cell and captured IDF soldiers]. Other units arrived to assist in freeing them, at which time they understood the team leader was missing.”

    Whoa. I thought the suicide bomber detonated his charges and that’s what killed Lt. Goldin’s companions.

    What about the officer that ran through the kidnap tunnel in search of his comrade, Lt. Goldin?
    That isn’t the Hannibil Doctrine. That is an officer, taking the initiative to rescue his kidnapped friend.
    This officer who attempted the rescue was sent straight to Lt. Goldin’s family and told the family that he’d gone down the tunnel in an effort to rescue to Lt. Goldin. Was he lying to Lt. Goldin’t family? I doubt it.

    1. @ Black Canary:

      That isn’t the Hannibil Doctrine.

      So you’re claiming Hannibal wasn’t activated despite mounds of evidence to the contrary? Besides, you’re omitting that before the soldier entered the tunnel he threw in a hand grenade to make sure nothing would survive (including Goldin). He wasn’t trying to rescue the solider as Rappoport claims, he was trying to kill him.

      As for “lying,” the only person doing that is you–to yourself.

    2. When Hasbara Central send new ‘commenters’, could’t they at least read earlier articles posted on the subjet.

    1. That could be a lie. This issue has came up before, whether to let a soldier kidnapped by the enemy or killed. Lately, the government was trying to implement this doctrine, because they wanted to remove the idea of trading prisoners at all cost. This is also not the first time this has happened

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