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  1. Thx for all your effort and writings … warnings went unheeded by Netanyahu.

    EU as fool’s paradise … leading the troops VDL … have politicians lost their senses to reality on the ground?

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen receives an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba – June 2022

    EC president Ursula von der Leyen says she “unequivocally” condemns the “terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel,” adding that it was “terrorism in its most contemptible form. Israel has the right to defend itself against such odious attack.”

    “This horrific violence must stop immediately. Terrorism and violence solve nothing.”

    The Jewish State of Israel …. 75 years of terror in Palestine

    The Dutch were stuck with Conservative Mark Rutty during last 13 years … exits in shame. His successor Dilan Yeşilgöz is from Amsterdam, biased pro Israel and darling of Likud lobby CIDI.

    Will High Flyer Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius be a Liz Truss?

  2. You post pictures of Islamist triumphalism, but no pictures of Israeli kidnapped kids crying for their mothers or slaughtered Israeli families lying dead on the highway. I understand your choice. No terror porn. Right?

    Hamas decided that they had enough, or did Hamas Iranian master want to scuttle Israel’s attempt at normalization with the Saudis and the Gulf States?

    As far as your tit or tat canard, yes, Israel has killed terror cells in the West Bank this year, but she doesn’t kidnap and unarmed Palestinian civilians.
    But I understand your view that all Jewish Israelis are legitimate targets. I understand you very well.

    1. So there is no limit to Israeli evil and that’s fine with you. I know you well too; willing to accept anything to achieve your goals, even the upcoming genocide. Enjoy your dance with the devil. There’s going to be enough blood that even you may finally have your fill.

    2. Please, Israeli snipers killed and maimed thousands of unarmed Gazan protesters during the Great March of return, they were hundreds of yards from the border. Israelis routinely shoot Palestinians and prevent emergency medical care.

      1. Full disclosure: I am a citizen and resident of Israel who personally does not support and did not vote for the elected government in Israel. At the same time, I find it very difficult to accept the hypocrisy, the double standards, and, sorry, the lack of knowledge of the facts of the commenters here. How dare you compare Israel’s ‘aggressiveness’ with that of Hamas? The State of Israel withdrew years ago from all occupied territory in the Gaza Strip. There are indeed 2 million citizens who live in overcrowded and terrible living conditions. Israel has been supplying them with electricity and goods all these years and employs thousands of workers from there. And what do you get in return during those years? Artillery fire on innocent civilian settlements. The position of the Palestinians is clear and loud: they openly say that a Jewish state has no right to exist in any territory and we should evacuate “their land” (including Tel Aviv Haifa and Jerusalem. Let’s move on to the last event. Hundreds of “freedom fighters” burst into the homes of civilians near the border, butchered children with knives raped women and murdered parents in front of their children with axes. They took children under the age of 5 captive and put them in bird cages. They kidnapped an 85-year-old woman with dementia and forced her to take a picture with their weapons in her hand while they dragged her to Gaza. And there are more and more horror stories recorded on video. Will you claim that they are exceptional and that the majority of the Palestinian people are different? How will you explain the films of a cheering mob beating the captives, poking sticks at the frightened kidnapped children, and participating in the looting of all the equipment of the innocent? So even if I accept that the State of Israel is an “occupier” causing suffering to the Palestinians, what nation can grow human animals that behave like this? Have you ever seen an Israeli or any army soldier deliberately filming such horrific events or driving in a manner approaching these standards? So please, what is the washed-up claim that participates in the grief of both sides? Shame on you! What would you do if your neighbors were raiding towns in the US and behaving with extreme barbarism? The US used nuclear weapons on Japan after being forced into the war. Look what you did to al-Qaeda after September 11. The USA, in its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., also hurt thousands of innocent civilians unintentionally, but this is a necessity of reality when you want to uproot evil. Just for the sake of proportion: Hamas murdered about 1,000 Israelis and we are a country of 8 million inhabitants. That is, imagine that a group of terrorists had murdered 40,000 American citizens! Yes, that’s the ratio. So enough with the hypocrisy we will do anything to protect our country and all means are legitimate when you are protecting your home from people who act like human animals (and actually why hurt animals – worse!)

        1. @ Amier:

          …personally does not support and did not vote for the elected government

          Please do not repeat hasbara talking points which have been rebutted here and elsewhere repeatedly. I can’t tell you how many times Israel apologists like you begin their comment: I’m a leftist but.” I didn’t vote for Likud yet…” I support the Israeli left but…” The fact that you didn’t vote for a fascist government is a very very low bar. And offers you absolutely no credibility here.

          How dare you compare Israel’s ‘aggressiveness’ with that of Hamas?

          Don’t you dare use overwrought language like “How dare you.” That attempt to feign moral outrage doesn’t register here. As for “aggresiveness” I not only will compare Hamas and Israel, I’ll do you one better and say Israel is not only aggressive, it is committing genocide, something Palestinians have never done.

          The State of Israel withdrew years ago from all occupied territory in the Gaza Strip

          Actually, whether it “withdrew” or not doesn’t matter. It controls Gaza and therefore occupies it under international law. It not only occupies it, but it invades it almost yearly. Which gives Hamas every right to respond in kind. Whether that means defedning Gaza from Israeli invasion; or doing to Israel what it does to Gaza: by invading it.

          Israel has been supplying them with electricity and goods all these years

          Um, no and no. Israel doesn’t supply Gaza with anything. Gaza generates its own electricity, when Israel permits. The reason electricity supply is intermitten is because Israel restricts the supply of oil to run generators. Nor does Israel “supply” goods. It permit goods to enter which Gazans pay for. It does not permit the free flow (or often, any flow) of goods.

          Artillery fire on innocent civilian settlements

          As opposed to Israeli tank and artillery fire murdering innocent Palestinian civilians???

          the Palestinians is clear and loud: they openly say that a Jewish state has no right to exist

          Um, no again. In fact, the PLO signed the Oslo Accords recognizing Israel (not as a Jewish state) because no state has a right to ask any outside to recognize its state religion. It’s simply a ridiculous claim by the hasbara brigade. So you’re wrong on the first count and even wrong regarding Hamas. It does not say Israel has no right to exist. It calls for a single democratic state in Israel-Palestine. Which is not the same as what you claim, making yours wrong.

          what nation can grow human animals that behave like this

          Need I repeat myself. You know where I’m going…

          Hundreds of “freedom fighters” burst into the homes of civilians near the border, butchered children with knives raped women and murdered parents in front of their children with axes.

          This is terror porn. I find terror porn stupid. I can offer 10 examples of Israeli atrocities for every one you offer. There is absolutely no evidence of anyone being raped. Do not EVER bring fake claims here. I will tear you apart rhetorically if you try that. Further, Israel does the same to Palestinians. But they don’t need weapons as primitive as a knife when they have F-35s, helicopters, attack drones, tanks and artillery to do it for them. So spare me the histrionics. They don’t work here.

          Will you claim that they are exceptional and that the majority of the Palestinian people are different?

          I will claim that Palestinian are just the same as Israelis in this regard. There are murderous thugs on both sides. But the Palestinians have more right to revenge because 5 or 10 or 20 times more of them are killed. So again, don’t try this trick with me. Your faux outrage is empty and useless.

          How will you explain the films of a cheering mob beating the captives,

          How will you explain Kristallnacht in Huwara, with cheering mobs burning down a village, beating villagers and even murdering them? You see two can play your game. But I play it better.

          Have you ever seen an Israeli or any army soldier deliberately filming such horrific events

          There are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of videos of Israelis beating, sometimes beating to death or shooting to death innocent unarmed Palestinians. Not to mention Palestinian videos showing Israelis doing this.

          What would you do if your neighbors were raiding towns in the US and behaving with extreme barbarism?

          First, I’d look at the reasons someone might be invading my country. Then I’d consider all the times my country invaded theirs; or all the times my country committed genocide against them or others. If there was no reason for such an attack against my country, then I would defend it. But you see your argument falls apart because the Palestinians have a perfect right and a reason, not only to defend themselves. But to do to you precisely what you do to them.

          Look what you did to al-Qaeda after September 11.

          I will never permit you to lay blame upon me for actions of my country which revolt me. I opposed the execution of Bin Laden and did so here. As I did against all the US wars you mention. You won’t pin blame or make me an accessory to any of it.

          this is a necessity of reality when you want to uproot evil

          No. There is no justification for committing genocide or assassinations or any of the crimes committed by Israel and the US. What you view as evil, others view as justified; and many times they are right.

          imagine that a group of terrorists had murdered 40,000 American citizens!

          Actually, we murdered 1-million Iraqis and a similar number of Filipinos, and a similar number of Japanese from the atomic bombings. So your casualty figures don’t mean much to me. The few times we’ve lost wars (Vietnam, War of 1812) they were stupidly conceived and the dead were a total waste of humanity.

          we will do anything to protect our country and all means are legitimate

          But your means are illegitimate and indeed, war crimes.

          people who act like human animals

          FIrst deal with the Israeli human animals in your midst before you make statements like this.

          You may publish a single comment in any thread you participate in. That means you may not publish another comment in this thread. And if you do comment again, do NOT publish a comment this long. It is tedious and no one will read them.

          1. Thx Richard … much appreciated.

            Palestinians and Israelis need to sit at one table and negotiate peace and an independent state between the Green line and the Jordan River. The Arab States made this clear at summit FM in Egypt yesterday. There is no other option as the Hamas resistance has proven in a most ugly way. Saudi King Salman will stand firm, not as the Sheikhs of the UAE have done. Sisi is beholden to Saudi financial support.

            Hoping the ECJ decision offers a judicial and moral compass.

    3. Yes this is the fault of Iran as always, Hamas has been created by Iran, Palestinians have been created by Iran, all problems in Israel are because of Iran, Palestinians retaliating is because of Iran, Israel retaliating is because of Iran, protests are because of Iran, corruption in Israel is because of Iran.

      At this point this is a tribal behavior, seeing any foreigners that aren’t Ashkenazi from Europe as subhuman, constantly self-victimizing over any question concerning them (Israel) and its practices, this is a typical tribal behavior. Anyone that is not in the group is a subhuman, this is always the fault of X (Iran), we kill people because of X (Iran), we practice apartheid because of Iran-backed subhumans that tries to kill us. This is always the fault of people not in our tribe.

      1. No, Hamas was sponsored by Israel in the seventies to offset the PLO. Just as there was no Hizbollah prior to I Israel’s invasion and occupation of S.Lebanon in late seventies into eighties.Yea shall reap what you sow!

        1. A classic essay-article from the hawkish neocons WSJ using dubious “sources” with links redirecting to their own articles dating from 2021 that is not relayed by any press agency as announcements or sources, even implying that Hamas is an Iranian creation.

          Even Israel itself seems to not believe it since they never took any steps or declared war to the supposed full responsible of the attacks.

          Even if Iran was fully involved in the killings, then Israel should take steps against Iran itself instead of threatening their neighbors of genocide, people that are supposedly tricked by the “bad Iran Shia militia terror sponsor” etc.

          Another tribalistic feature of Israel, bullying the weaks, persuaded they are always the victims and never questionning themselves about why a big chunk of the planet have a bad look at them, this is reinforced by the fact that a lot of people still supports Palestine after the random killings. I mean even the author.

    4. @Q: Acutally Israel does kidnap unarmed Palestinian civilians. But those it doesn’t kidnap it simply kills. It’s so much cleaner that way: no arrest, no detention, no need to feed and clothe them in prison.

      or did Hamas Iranian master…

      Iran is no more Hamas’ master than the US is Israel’s master. But seeking to muddy what is crystal clear is part of the Hasbara manual.

      all Jewish Israelis are legitimate targets

      It has nothing to do with “Jews.” And don’t you ever dare use that term in this context. I will not permit you to use an old anti-Semitic canard, one favored by hasbaroids like you–that Jews and Israel are one and the same. They aren’t. The battle between Israel and Hamas has nothing to do with Jews. I and most Diaspora Jews want nothgin to do with the mess Israelis have created. So leave “Jews” out of it. Consider this a warning regarding your future participation here.

      As for Israelis being legitimate targets–as long as all Palestinians are legitimate targets, then all Israelis are. You make them suffer, they will make you suffer. Simple as that.

      1. You are actually right. Jews like you?me and you are nothing alike. We have nothing in common. I served my country, you haven’t. All those years, you’ve been sitting out there, doing nothing for our only country. You have done nothing but harm to Israel, and Jewish people such as yourself. You’re not expressing your opinions. You’re spreading your hatred towards us Israelis. You’re twisting facts every single day over here, god knows why

        1. Throughout the years, Richard has been a ray of hope by bloodthirsty wars in the Middle East.

          The Hamas attack was not an intelligence failure … it was a wretched and ill advised policy failure over 75 years by the Jewish State amongst its Arab neighbours … after 9/11 equating the Palestinian resistance with Al Qaeda terror was most ugly and stupid. Occupation South Lebanon created Hezbollah resistance. Refusing a Palestinian partner for peace in 2007 led to creating the might of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

          The US 20 year combat in Afghanistan led to spread of terror a hundred fold. Lessons not learned.

          The death toll in Gaza also includes 11 UN relief workers, according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

        2. @ Ofer: I don’t owe you or Israel anything. Israel is not Judaism. America is my country. I am an American Jew and proud of it. Run your own country into the ground and leave me out of it.

          My Judaism does not endorse crimes against humanity or the murder of 40,000 Palestiians over the past century.

          You have done nothing but harm to Israel,

          Actually, no. You Israelis have been doing such an excellent job of it, you don’t me. I just stand by and witness the horrors you and Israel have inflicted on the world.

          ou’re spreading your hatred towards us

          There is an Israel I would love. An Israel-Palestine that is a homeland for two peoples living equally, side by side. But then there’s an Israel steeped in superstition, misogyny, corruption and genocide. I love what Israel could be and hate what it is.

          You’re twisting facts every single day

          Facts can’t be “twisted.” They’re either true or not. Mine are always true. If you have facts from credible sources that contradict my own, be my guest.

  3. What a Yom Tov…Thank you .Excellent analysis of why we are here. There is no other place I could go for such commiseration of my feelings after long years of keeping track of this story.
    I blame Netanyahu ultimately, or maybe the Israeli people by now, most of whom have consented to this suicidal trajectory thinking they are prevailing and secure lulled into the gross injustice of it all.
    But our government leaders, including Biden, otherwise admirable, will not and cannot say the truth for political reasons. They stick to the surface reasons and call Hamas terrorists while willfully ignoring the long history of why we are here. Israeli aggression, repression, land stealing, and state terrorism for decades and decades, we ignore. We ignore Israel slow sneaky almost patient incorporating all of the land between the Jordan River and the Sea. Palestinian have no hope. Hamas will fight for them. Israel chose the violence when it ended the peace process with plenty of successful propaganda about whose fault it is. Israel chose the military “solution”, even when Hamas said it would comply with any peace agreement that Abbas agreed to back when there was even talks, talks that got pretty close. No, the Israeli propaganda that it’s their fault, they are terrorists they want end Israel, it’s existential, prevails. In the meantime for the Palestinians who have nowhere to run (after being warned to leave!) it really is existential.
    I hear my relatives in the south are safe in their bomb shelters.I wish for their safety.

  4. When you fence in an entire people in a wire cage for years, what do you call it and what do you expect those people to eventually do?


  5. Israel doesn’t capture babies and old ladies, and kids from a music festival, after spraying everyone randomly with machine gun fire. The people held in Israeli prisons are fighters, almost all young men of fighting age.

    1. @ Dawn:

      Israel doesn’t capture babies and old ladies, and kids from a music festival, after spraying everyone randomly with machine gun fire

      Indeed it doesn’t. Every one of the 300 Palestinian children murdered in Gaza in Israel’s 2014 invasion were hardened terrorists. Every one of the 700 women murdered were as well. And the 2,300 Palestinians murdered there certainly weren’t sprayed with Israeli tank, helicopter, drone and artillery fire killing them in droves.

  6. Do you think that this is a false flag?

    It will give israel everything, Palestinians evicted from Gaza.

    I don’t believe the intelligence services knew nothing. I think it was allowed to happen, for a wider agenda.

  7. Netanyahu now vows to keep digging the hole he put Israel in. He’s declared war on….? Security, is not in forever war on the Palestinians calling them terrorists and getting us here, principally, to go along. Netanyahu brought this onto Israel himself (and with support granted) for years with his duplicitous talk, one thing to the world, another to Israeli’s. But when it came to losing power finally he coalitions with far right extremists, starts normalization with Arab countries leaving the Palestinians out in the cold. This is what you get from no hope.

    1. @ Joe: No one “deserves” to die. But as long as Palestinians are murdered, Israelis will be. I don’t want either to die. But as long as Israel kills on an industrial scale, the Palestinian resistance will retaliate. And has a right to.

      1. Well said Richard.
        Besides, the Hamas militants were ‘rampaging’ in areas/land/ wiped-out villages from where their forefathers were expelled by the Zionist and never been allowed to return to.
        Like the racist colonial settlers in old apartheid SA these racist colonial settlers called Zionists never fail to ‘amaze’. They dehumanized the indigenous Africans as they dehumanize the indigenous Palestinians. Even that pig Gallant called them human animals just a day ago.
        I personally witnessed the raw/pure hate that oppressed South Africans felt for the criminal oppressors ( the whites ). These Zionists and their supporters either wlllully or through pure ignorance/fanaticism turn a blind eye to their crimes since ’48.

  8. The cycle continues. We will be in the exact same situation in 12 months. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the same as the Israeli terrorist settlers who also terrorise others. Their justification for their ideology is that their imaginary friend told them to do it, and they are following his word. For every action there is a reaction, hence the cycle will go on.

  9. Israeli military and political leadership must be crazy, if they in earnest believe, that their army can push the millions in Gaza to Egyptian side. Egypt is already sending troops to the border to block that move. Egypt will not take the responsibility of those millions of refugees and USA has not left the billions to pay for Egypt to cover the costs of rebuilding the new “Gaza” on the Egyptian side. Keeping Israel and Ukraine financed in their wars is to much for US public. Biden demanding 100 billions to Ukraine and tens of billions to Israel / Palestine is something US public will not allow.

    The only way for Israel to “empty” Gaza is to kill the majority of the population there. Even killing some tens of thousands there makes Israel the permanent outcast in the whole of world and even USA can not turn that development. The more Israel kills the more the Arab and Muslim “streets” begin to demand actions of their governments. It is not anymore 1967 or even 1973 and Israeli army is more a paper tiger, when the opponents have equal weapons and skills.

    The “interesting” development in the next months will be how many thousands ”Israelis” use their other passport and move to more peaceful regions. If Hizbollah and Iran are included to this war, then the region which will be emptied is not Gaza, it will be Israel, when the “Israelis” flee in millions after the rain of missiles has ended.

  10. Another Pearl Harbor? But where are the Palestinian aircraft carriers I wonder? The Israeli governmentr are gaslighting the world. Also, not much mention of the Reim kibbutz being set up by the terrorist organisation Haganah, not to mention that the all-night rave two miles from the barbed wire of Gaza was an obvious provocation. Britain and the US are absolutely complicit in this, Rishi Sunak sees fit to project the Star of David on 10 Downing St… good grief. We will now see Hasbara in its most sociopathic form in the coming days.

  11. What is happening, and being pushed for by the entire spectrum of the Israeli government, with US backing, is not a “war against Hamas,” but a campaign for Palestinian genocide. They were eager to do this in a slow moving fashion, but now they wish to do this in a quicker and more brutal fashion. This has always been the policy, but now the mask is ripped off.

    They, and the Biden administration, should know that such a policy will not be quiet, nor painless for the Israeli people. I predict, if the genocide is too nakedly barbaric and brutal, that it will undermine the “normalization” process taking place in the region, seeing Saudi Arabia refuse to normalize and other governments with formal recognitions, including longstanding allies like Egypt and Jordan, cut their ties all together, if only to shore up their own unstable regimes from popular revolt.

    I also believe this will undermine Western governments. As we’ve seen with the massive street protests in various cities in the West. the views of the people are in direct contradiction with that of its governments. The more out of step Western governments are with the views of their own populations, the less legitimate they will be, and the less stable they will remain as world war approaches.

    Palestinians will suffer as they already have for more than 70 years. In the end, however, it is Israel and the West that will pay the biggest price.

  12. [comment deleted: Do not publish comments that repeat arguments you’ve published in previous comments. It’s boring and repetitive.]

  13. Equate Palestinian Resistance with Al Qaeda Terror

    Post 9/11 … Netanyahu went out of his way to equate Al Qaeda terrorism with Palestinian resistance movement in the West Bank … under Sharon the settlements in the Gaza Strip were dismantled … caused plenty of anger and division … he was willing to halt spreading illegal outposts in the West Bank … G*d had a different approach. 😡

    The heyday of Jewish Neocons running White House policy under George W. Bush … with the experience of Jenin massacre, Israel offered joint exercises urban warfare with U.S. Army. The interrogation methods of Muslim prisoners were put in manual for the invasion and occupation of Iraq to get rid of Saddam Hussein as favor to the Jewish State of Israel. Deprivation, torture, rape and Sodomy were part of the training by Israelis. The Iraq campaign led to the creation of ISIL – ISIS – Islamic State.

    Obama Admits He Lacks A Strategy to Combat ISIL in the Levant | Aug 29, 2014 |

    Indeed, the year 2014, the Middle East and Ukraine all at once … just worsened under VP and President Joe Biden this week.

    Geez … so PM Netanyahu got “terror” at his doorstep after all … prophetic … add a chapter to the Old Testament. Islamic David v. Israeli Goliath.

    Fear Inc: Funding Islamophobia in America | Aug 27, 2011 |

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