6 thoughts on “Settlers Taunt Dawabshe Family Over Infant’s Murder: “Ali’s on the Grill!” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,

    This is a long debate but when you say that ‘These killers and their supporters act in the name of a twisted version of Judaism. They are not Jews. They are pagan idolaters. ‘ unfortunately this is not true. They are Jews, just like members of Romania’s Iron Guard were Christians when they hung the bodies of Jews on butchers’ hooks.

    There is no static religion. All religions depend on their interpretation. Christianity can be lots of warm, liberal mush. It can be radical and shelter refugees or it can be at the vanguard of the pogromists. The same is true of Judaism and indeed any religion. Religions change and the majority Jewish identity today, the majority religious identity is permissive of all the abominations you desc ribe. That is why they are silent.

    1. I agree with you except I am not sure this is about “the majority Jewish identity today”. Maybe.
      And maybe too, this behavior is about a sector of fanatics that as a result of transmission, what has been handed down, is showing that primitive hate revenge, retribution and tolerated for being the historical victims. As such these Jews showing this form of righteousness, has not learned the spiritual lesson, but passes on this vicious cycle; they are willing to martyr and be martyred.

  2. This is horrible…horrible

    We should not think that Jews are not capable of this after all they are human and humanity has shown its ugly side throughout history. Jews are not exempt.
    Blame for this behavior should go, as you intimate, to Jewish political leadership, including the clergy that condones, turns a blind eye, nurtures hate.

  3. I describe the development of today’s Judaism somewhat differently.

    Aramaic-language-based Judaism was practiced in Mesopotamia/Babylonia. It was initially an Aramaic-language version of Zoroastrianism but adopted the Hebrew Bible from Palestine around the middle of the Hellenistic period. This community eventually created Rabbinic Judaism.

    Judah the Prince and Nathan the Babylonian tried to introduce an early form of this version of Judaism to Palestine during the 3rd century CE in the form of the Mishnah. Before Mishnaic and later Mesopotamian (Babylonian) Talmudic Judaism developed into Rabbinic Judaism, Mesopotamian Judaism was customized to an hydraulic despotism. (See Oriental Despotism by Karl Wittvogel.) This religion was (a) at best irrelevant to the Greco-Roman Palestinian peasantry, (b) probably in many ways exploitative, and (c) possibly even offensive. Rabbinic Judaism, which does not crystallize until the 10th century CE, is a domain specific religion,

    [1] which is customized for a pre-modern commercial stratum and
    [2] which modernization has (a) almost completely undermined and (b) mostly rendered useless.

    The Judean peasantry generally scorned the efforts of Judah the Prince and Nathan the Babylonian.

    As everyone in Palestine became Christian, the regional distinctions like Judea, Samaria, Idumea, Galilee, Nabatea, etc. became mostly obsolete, and it made sense to refer to the whole region by the territorial name Palestine. The Saints and Church Fathers of Palestine were routinely called Palestinian.

    Modern Palestinian society and culture provided a window onto Greco-Roman Palestine during a period that was critical to human social and religious evolution. By committing genocide on Palestinians and working to eradicate all traces of Palestinians within the territory under Zionist control, Zionists have committed an unpardonable crime against human knowledge. In addition, Zionism has murdered Judaism by transforming Judaism into a program of genocide. The return of the Jews is not a concept of Judaism. The Messiah brings redemption. During the age of redemption, everyone worships the Lord God of Israel. There is no return except possibly the return of the Assyrian Exile, which exists only in sacred space and time but not in secular space and time.

  4. ‘ …Do not ever blame Jews or Judaism for these foul animals.

    Unfortunately, American Jewish leaders, including rabbis have not renounced them… ‘

    We have something like a non-sequitur here. What you would like to be the truth differs from what is the truth.

    1. @ Colin:

      We have something like a non-sequitur here. What you would like to be the truth differs from what is the truth.

      I don’t see that as a contradiction. Just because rabbis and communal leaders shirk their moral responsibility does not mean Judaism is at fault for that. Yes, current reality is disappointing. But that’s why I criticize them. Even if they don’t change, I want to be a witness and critic who reminds them of their responsibility.

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