9 thoughts on “Israeli Security Source: Settler Murderer of Dawabsheh Family Played Us – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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        1. @Eli: this is what I wrote seven months ago:

          “On recommendations from Iranians I trust, I do not do interviews with Press TV though they have asked repeatedly.”

          After that, I noticed that one of those Iranians I respect did an interview with PressTV. I decided if he believes that PressTV is worth working with I could as well.

          You may not have noticed that the world views Iran differently than it did even 7 months ago. I suggest you update your hasbara hard drive.

      1. @mitchell: PressTV is at least as reliable & credible as Yisrael HaYom, probably moreso. As for being a mouthpiece, YH is Bibi’s. I’ve been profiled in YH & interviewed by PressTV. Big deal. Get over it.

        1. TBH I don’t see why you even have to engage either of them, when they’re so clearly trying to draw attention away (and failing, as per usual) from what you actually wrote in the article.

          They’re idiots, and, I suspect, outright apologists for the “settler” arsonists. And, of course, for the IDF in the occupied West Bank.

      2. Moans the character who presumably has no problem with the likes of Aretz Sheva and otherwise the very worst Israeli news outlets. Oy indeed.

        Tell me, also: are you insinuating that because the PressTV interviewed him, everything he said in the interview is magically faulty or otherwise “untrue” because “he was on presstv”?

        Some… interesting… reasoning there, bud. Give me a head’s up when that way of thinking actually ends up paying off in the real world. I’ll be very surprised.

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