18 thoughts on “Mossad’s Keystone Cops Routine Leads to Malaysian Agent Arrests – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  2. Mossad has never been much of an organization since they went amok and murdered Palestinians who had nothing to do with Munich. They’ve always been bumbling. Over the past 74 years, their ‘accomplishments’ can be totaled on two hands.

    1. Hello Greta Berlin,

      Mossad did mistakenly murder a Palestinian waiter because the waiter resembled a wanted terrorist.

      As for Mossad’s ‘accomplishments’, how can we say what they’ve accomplished, when most of what Mossad does is secretive and hidden from sight.

      1. @ Top Cat: Mossas has made hundreds of similar mistAKES. And if wants to murder someone it damn well better be sure who it’s mudering. This killing of a totally innocent man was inexcusable.

        Mossad’s operations are not so secret or hidden. After all, the Mossad boasted of them to Ronen Bergman, whsoe book lionized the Mossad and revealed many of its “exploits.”

        My comment threads do not offer accolades for Israel’s spy regime. If you want to do that there are plenty of other outlets to choose.

        1. Hello Richard Silverstein,

          I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself more clear.

          I’m not offering accolades for the Mossad, but questioning what distinguishes justified belief from opinion.

          Anyway, I’ve not read Ronen Bergman’s book, nor do I intend to.



          1. simple double standards, hold israel to different standards than you do to any other country including your own.

            killing of innocents is immeasurably tragic, but don’t make out as if israel is the only country to do so, apply your moral standards to USA, PA, Iran etc

          2. @ ock:

            hold israel to different standards than you do to any other country

            I’m a Jew. Not Chinese. Not North Korean. I can’t influence their bad behavior. But as Jew, you can be damn sure I have something to say about a nation that claims to speak in my name and that of the rest of us Jews. So don’t blowhard me on “double standards.” That’s just a smokescreen for refusing to take responsibility for your own national sins.

            don’t make out as if israel is the only country to do so, apply your moral standards to USA, PA, Iran etc

            This must be a talking point your’re taught in Hasbara 101. You’re at least the 10th if not 100th commenter to whom I’ve made clear that I am a critic of my own country’s history and politics. If and other Israelis were half as critical, you wouldn’t be up to your neck in it as you are.

            And don’t try to pull the fakery of “of course the killing of poor babies is terrible but…” We can see through that nonsense.

          3. you’re also an american, so how about having something to say about a nation that claims to speak in your name and the rest of USA citizens, a country you receive government benefits from and pay your taxes to or would that make you too cognisant of your blatant hypocrisy? fully understand

            same goes for all commenters here, if you live in PA, countries like Iran etc, this should be disclosed, case of pot calling kettle black

          4. @ ock:

            if you live in PA, countries like Iran etc, this should be disclosed

            First, I have no idea WTF you’re talking about. 2nd, I don’t give a flying fart what you think, including what you believe commenters should disclose

            you’re also an american, so how about having something to say about a nation that claims to speak in your name

            You don’t even bother to read my rebuttal to a comment in this thread making clear that I am a harsh critic of my own government and its policies. And if you think I’m going to permit you to restrict who and what I criticize, you’re nuts. I swear if another hasbarist like you brings up this stupid argument I’m going to ban their ass.

            Only one comment per thread from you henceforth. That means no further comments in this thread.

      2. The waiter murdered in Norway was Moroccan and NOT Palestinian (he was the brother of one of the founding members of Gypsy Kings), they even got that wrong …
        And he’s not the only one murdered who had nothing to do with Munich. They even killed a 17 years old Palestinian girl in Beirut before Munich !

        1. Ghassan Kanafani, a PFLP spokesman, and his 17 year old niece, were killed when a pressure trigger detonated a bomb placed in Kanafani’s car by Mossad.

          Kanafani was targeted because his PFLP had recruited Japanese terrorists to attack and massacre innocent tourists at Lod Airport. Twenty-six people were killed, including 17 Christian pilgrims, in what’s come to be called, the Lod Airport Massacre.


          The Japanese terrorists had been trained in Lebanon by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

          1. You don’t have to post an extract from wikipedia to justify the killing of a 17 years old innocent girl. And we can just conclude that the waiter killed in Norway wasn’t even Palestinian.

          2. @ Topcat. Yeah, as Deir Yassin points out, Wikipedia is pretty useless in general, except for rare cases. And this isn’t one of them.

            Khanafani was not a terrorist. He was a revolutionary. As part of his ideology, and because Israel used violence against the Palestinian people, he supported the use of violence against it. But he never carried a gun. He played no role in the Lod attack. To murder him would be like murdering Bibi’s spokesperson because Bibi committed war crimes. Would that be acceptable? Even if he justifgied Bibi’s war crimes? No. Bibi is the address for his own crimes. Not some guy who is paid to represent him in the media.

            So again, don’t try to justify Israeli terrorism with a lame excuse like the one you’re offering from Wikipedia.

          3. @ Top Cat: Only one comment per thread for you in all future threads.

            You are using multiple IP addresses including a different one for each comment you’ve published here. Do not do this. Use a single IP address. Otherwise I suspect you are using IP proxies to conceal your identity or location. I find it hard to believe, for example, you are in Singapore, where your IP resolved. This is what social media platforms call “inauthenctic behavior.” I believe in transparency. If you don’t, you don’t belong here.

            Quoting from Hillel Sewer is like quoting from Goebbels. Don’t do it. Anything out of his mouth is either a lie or a distortion (or both).

            The Red Army came to Lebanon to train for their attack. Khanafani did not know of the attack or plans for it. I find any claim that the Japanese woman was his “girlfriend” to be dubious at best, and a lie at worst.

            Let’s offer another postulate. Say a picture of you is taken with someone who later is proven to be a mass murderer. Does that make you an accessory to murder? Are you responsible in any way for it? Should you be executed because you met the murderer before he committed him crimes? Even if he was plotting the murders at the time the picture was taken? No it doesn’t So stop quoting me Hille Neuer’s bullshit. It stinks. And anyone who uses it as you have…well, you figure it out.

            Oh and while we’re talking, I’m sure if you approve of Israeli assassinations, including of innocent Palestinian civilians, you won’t have any problem with Palestinian assassinations of Israeli leaders. Right? Only fair, right? In fact, in the face of Israeli state sponsored assassinations and mass murder, Palestinians have the right to use “any means necessary” to resist. Including the same means Israel uses.

            Do not comment further in this thread.

          4. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about ! Ghassan Kanafani had no Japanese girlfriend, since the easly sixties he was married with a Danish woman and had two kids ! They were all there when the Mossad blew his car into pieces.
            And why don’t you find the interview made by an Australian journalist on that same occasion, where Kanafani speaks of “peace negociations” between the sword and the neck.

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