6 thoughts on “US Offers Israel Security Guarantees if Hezbollah Contests Oil Agreement – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The final draft also says the U.S. is committed to offer immediate assistance to Lebanon by supplying it with needed oil, meaning that
    the Biden Administration has masterfully edged Russia and Iran out of the picture, has pulled Lebanon back into the American orbit, and reasserted America’s presence in the Middle East.

    Winners: Israel, Lebanon and the United States.
    Losers: Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and France.

    And once again, Israel has shown her willingness to make peace with her Arab neighbors.

    1. There is so much wrong with yr comment it’s hard to know where to begin. First yr smugness and presumption. Then your false belief this deal has benefited “Lebanon.” it hasn’t for reasons clearly outlined in my post, which you clearly ignored. Second, France was specificaly named as a key facilitator of the deal. So wrong on that front as well. Third, Israel has by no means “made peace with Lebanon.” There is no peace till a territorial issues are resolved and they haven’t till there is an actual peace deal, which isn’t even in the cards. Fourth, Iran remains very much in the picture as Hezbollah’s chief ally. And neither is going anywhere. Fifth, the US remains uncommitted to the Middle East. And MBS’ Middle ginger to world oil consumption and prices confirms that. And finally fifth: what does Russia have to do with Lebanon? Nothing. Presumably, you’re referring to its involvement in Syria. The only connection between Lebanon and Syria is via Hezbollah and secondarily Iran as Hezbollah’s ally. So no, Russia has no skin in the Lebanon game or the oil deal.

      Other than that, you’re right on the money.

      1. I OBJECT to your flagrant misrepresentation of my words.

        I said, “Israel has shown her willingness to make peace with her Arab neighbors”.

        You misquoted me and said, ‘Israel has by no means “made peace with Lebanon.”’

        I didn’t say Israel made peace with Lebanon. I said Israel has been willing to make peace with her Arab neighbors.

        Mr. Silverstein. This is not the way to win your argument.

        1. @Bertrand: You may only post a single comment per thread. That means no further comments in this thread.

          I OBJECT to your flagrant misrepresentation of my words.

          Actually, you have misread my words. What you wrote:

          “Israel has shown her willingness to make peace with her Arab neighbors”.

          You may have originally written that, but my rejoinder to your statment said something different, which you ignored when you got into high dudgeon. Here’s what I wrote:

          Israel has by no means “made peace with Lebanon.”

          You see the difference between “Arab neighbors” (what you wrote) and “Lebanon (what I wrote)?”

          But even your claim about “Arab neighbors,” is wrong. it has shown no willingness to make peace with any “Arab neighbors” with whom it has outstanding territorial claims including Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, among others. It has also invaded the sovereignty and attacked Iraq.

          And as far as I understand, Lebanon is one of Israel’s “Arab neighbors” and has not “made peace” with it. So even your original claim is wrong on that score.

          I don’t need to “win” an argument. If yours are ‘arguments,’ they aren’t very good ones. I’d prefer calling them propaganda in the guise of arguments.

      2. To your fifth point: Interestingly, Tim Snyder (Yale Historian- writing about the Russian war on Ukraine) is saying that the Russians/Putin is choking off Ukrainian grain exports, exports of food to Africa but also parts of the Near East (he mentions Lebanon) “starving black and brown people in order to blame the West”… in this “colonial war”.
        The war on Ukraine has implications globally.

  2. Thank you for this. If it were not for my focus on Ukraine, I would be more on this case. I appreciate you broader view here. It is the story in general too, continuing on from the last century. I agree about the Abraham Accords- a business deal cum attempt at pulling the wool over our eyes. ( what is the origin of that saying?) Is Israel headed towards empire? The people want security as construed, hyped in their minds and fomented. They pay dearly for it in the lack of social programs. And poor Lebanon!!

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