5 thoughts on “Religion and Fascism: a History – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Trumpism is indeed a parallel fascist movement that is growing in parallel with a dozen others around the world, but that does not relieve my deathly fear for the stability of our country.

  2. Very interesting and very alarming. The whole world seems to be taking the easier path of fascism and hate and genocide has become just another word.
    Israel is a particular focus because uniquely, all of the Western powers are funding and arming Israeli campaign of genocide and dispossession.

  3. likud/religious/nazis votes come fom one group shuffled under all the parties.
    the totality of righr winger has nor grown in votes.
    the center left have lost their voice to reenforce the arabs to vote in order to believe in inclusiveness.
    being abandoned fot 70 year is hard to overcome an believe there is a party willing to view them as constituents. its hard for them to believe and unless a good chunk shows up then this will not happen. they heed a loving hammer to them to see the chance of belonging being a norm

  4. Speaking of religion and Fascism, American Jews are starting looking around for the Exit.


    Where will they flee in exile, Richard, Israel?

    “The Jews of America […] are unlike any other community of Jews in the history of the world. […] The Jews of America can participate fully in the national life of their country. They need no longer dwell apart, a pariah community separated from the rest.”

    –Rabbi Lionel Bengelsdorf

    1. @ Bertrand: So many things wrong about your comment. If you read the entire column to which you linked (not the first few paragraphs, which is what you have apparently done) both the rabbi and Milbank agree that Jews shouldn’t leave America, but should stay to fight to preserve its democracy. Nor is there any mention in the column about where Jews would flee to. No mention of Israel at all.

      Further, because one rabbi gave a sermon, and one of his congregants happened to be in the audience and writes for the Post, doesn’t mean, despite the claims in the article, that all, or most, and even a significant minority of Jews are planning or even contemplating leaving this country. It’s simply not true.

      Btw, if the Diaspora is so dangerous for Jews and they should head on over to Israel, why are you in the Diaspora?

      As for your relative, the rabbi, he too affirmed the sentiment of the column: that no one is leaving, no one going into exile.

      Not to mention that Milbank quotes from Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, a true hack if there ever was one. Not trustworthy. Biased. And just plain wrong about virtually everything.

      Reread the column to which you linked. It doesn’t support what you claim.

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