18 thoughts on “American Jewish Poll: White Supremacy Poses Greatest Danger to Jews – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Intermarriage, and the rejection of Jewish religious orthodoxy, has brought about the demise of American Jewry.

    So is it any surprise that the Jews in this poll don’t feel a strong attachment to Israel?

    1. @ Engelsdorf: The notion that Jews cannot survive unless they are Zionist Torah Jews is not just wrong, it flies in the face of historic Jewish reality. For hundreds of years we have had a secular Jewish component of world Jewry. It has not only not harmed the vibrancy and health of Jews overall, it has made an overwhelmingly positive contribution to that vibrancy. I not only object to your false characterization, I am insulted by it.

      As is clear from what I wrote (which you ignored), the decline in attachment to Israel is solely due to Israel itself. It has driven Jews away by its heinous, anti-Jewish policies. That’s why. You may be a JUdeo-fascist embracing them. But the rest of us Jews aren’t going to jump off the cliff with you.

      1. @richard

        For hundreds of years we have had a secular Jewish component of world Jewry”

        Road apples!

        At the end of the 19th century, Eastern European Jews, more than 90% of world Jewry, were decidedly unacculturated

        In the 1897 census, 97% of Jews in the Russian Empire declared Yiddish as their first language, while 1.3% named Russian as their mother tongue, and only about 30% of Jewish men and 16% of Jewish women claimed the/some ability to deal with a Russian text.


        Even in cosmopolitan Warsaw, the bulk of the Jewish community was Yiddish-speaking (83.7% in 1897) and Orthodox.

        1. @ Bertrand: That was your last comment in this thread.

          There were far more than Eastern European Jews in the world. You’re ignoring the Jews of western Europe who had been liberated by the Enlightenment. Frumeh Yiden are not the only Jews, nor the only kosher Jews.

          Yiddish is not a magical language which guarantees Jewish authenticity. Though I love Yiddish and have studied it, speaking it does not guarantee you are a kosher Jew. Nor does learning a language other than Yiddish or Hebrew indicate one is less Jewish or lost to the Jewish faith.

          1.  “You’re ignoring the Jews of western Europe who had been liberated by the Enlightenment”

            You are ignoring that the Jews of western Europe, German, Hungarian and French, liberated by the Enlightenment, were reduced to ash during the Holocaust.

            Richard said: ” Yiddish is not a magical language which guarantees Jewish authenticity”.

            Not now, but a hundred years ago, if a Jew spoke yiddish and lived in a Jewish community, he most certainly would be Orthodox as well.

            “..the bulk of the Jewish community was Yiddish-speaking (83.7% in 1897) and Orthodox”. (See, above).

            So, the events of the 20th century have shown that Jews, what ever their piety, were subject to anti-Semitism so long as they lived among gentiles, leaving the Jew only two alternatives, to intermarry and hide his Jewishness, or to make aliyah and forge a State in Eretz Yisroel.

            Shana Tovah.

          2. @ Braintree: It’s quite astonishing how little you know about actual Jewish history; and how confident you are in expressing your false opinions.

            Jews throughout Europe (not just in eastern Europe as you claim) were reduced to ash. In fact, far more were killed there than in the west. And they were Orthodox and secular. Again conflicting with your claim.

            And no, many Jews in western Europe were not affected at all. Nor can the Holocaust wipe out the effects of the Enlightenment, which offered liberation to Jews. Its impact is still felt to this day throughout the Jewish world. And despite the Holocaust, Jewish communities thrive in Europe and outside Israel. I know that contradicts your uber-Zioninst world view. bBut nonetheless, it is true. And these thriving communities succeed in spite of Israel, not because of it. Israel is not only an impediment to Diaspora Jews, it often has a toxic impact. As we see with Muslims whose grievance is with Israel, confusing Jews with Israelis in their terror attacks. As I wrote, this is in large part because Israel has deliberately conflated the two.

            You know absolutely nothing about the role of Yiddish in Jewish life. IN fact, Secular Jews and secular Yiddishists were a vital part of Jewish art and culture in Eastern Europe. Your claim that Yiddish was restricted to the Orthodox is false.

            A significant portion of Jews living in the Diaspora were not, and are not subjected to anti-Semitism. And the fact is, that Israel is a far more dangerous place for a Jew than the Diaspora. Israel is not a haven, not a refuge. It is a danger zone in large part because of Israeli Jewish hatred of its Arab and Muslim neighbors.

            So Israel has become its own version of the Jewish Master Race. Judeo-fascism posits that Jews are not only superior, but have the right to plunder and murder non-Jews; and that they invoke Judaism to support this abominable claim.

            Only a hopelessly out of touch Zionist would claim that intermarriage is destroying the Jewish Diaspora. That secular Diaspora, whose you deride, has existed for 200 years. It is doing fine and doesn’t need Israel as a haven or otherwise.

    2. to that i say horse, look at the bezillions given by the wealthy jews to the coffers of the reagans and trumps. they sowed, watered and cared for these cactuses so no we shall all suffer. money talks and the way it talked in the past is our future. let the gates/ bezos/ and others reddress democracy, our votes can go so far, but when we’re stomped on by the boots that are made for walking then as we all say. money talks

  2. Hi Richard,

    I’ve argued with a number of leftists that anti-Semitism is the correct usage. I’ve always argued against the use of the term ‘Semites’ simply because Semitic applies to languages not people but I can see your point that Semites are people who speak Semitic languages.

    It is ironic that the Zionists claim that Jews are ‘returning’ to Israel whilst denying their connection to the peoples who live there.

  3. [comment deleted: The fake name you’ve assumed is deliberately intended to deceive someone into thinking you are Jewish. You are not. You are an anti-Semitic fraud. You will not comment here.

  4. What frightens me from your article is that more than 80% of American Jews consider anti-semitism lethal and dangerous irrespective of from which side of the political spectrum it comes.
    Was there no ‘I have no experience of anti-semitism’ question? Is anti-semitism so rife in the USA that the majority of Jews feel it so strongly?

    1. @ Shai: When you have repeated terror attacks by white supremacists mass murdering Jews (Poway, Tree of Life, and far too many others) then yes, American Jews ‘feel it strongly.’ Perhaps not in our everyday lives. But we know Jew hatred is out there and that we are in danger from it.

      That being said, our “leaders” use the threat of anti-SEmitism to gin up fear and maintain their own grip on power and funding. Nor do they identify the real anti-Semitism. They create goblins and monsters, but largely ignore the really dangerous killers.

        1. @ Clancy: As with almost all such protestations of anti-Semitism, this one too is almost certainly distorted by the Anti-Semitism Lobby. The fact that it was promoted by the Brandeis Center and Kenneth Marcus tells us all we need to know. Believe anything out of his mouth at your peril. BTW, he was the anti-Semitism czar at the Dept of Educaton till he was forced out during the Biden administration. He’s known for filing pointless consistenly losing official complaints alleging anti-Semitism at multiple campuses.

  5. Only 7% of Jews say Israel is their top priority among issues facing America”

    In an ideal world, isn’t this as it should be?
    Irish or Italians in Americans feel affinity to their old country because their ancestors have come from those countries.
    In my opinion why should Jews, whose families arrived to America from say, Eastern Europe, put a country most of them have never set a foot in, as a first priority?
    Just because of some connection to a יהוה who in my mind does not even exist?

    1. @ Eli: I would agree with you, except that Israel itself has encouraged this “emotional attachment” in ways other nations do not, regarding their diasporas. Israel has suggested that Jews have an obligation, moral, financial and otherwise to support Israel. My argument is that despite this intense campaign over many decades, Diaspora Jews are voting with their feet against it. And they are doing so because they want nothing to do with this twisted version of Judaism offered by Israel. Even Bibi Netanyahu and far right Israelis have given up on us. That’s why they’ve cultivated relations with right-wing evangelicals. Because they know they have to replace us here in America with someone and something in order to maintain their sway over Congress regarding Israeli interests.

  6. @Richard

    My poll is big (4,700 Jews), your poll is tiny (800 Jews).
    Size does matter.

    A large majority of U.S. Jews (82%) say caring about Israel is either “essential” or “important” to what being Jewish means to them. About six-in-ten (58%) say they are at least somewhat attached to Israel, and those who have been to Israel are especially likely to feel this way (79%). But there are sharp partisan differences in attitudes toward Israel. At the time of the survey – conducted during the final 14 months of President Donald Trump’s administration – Jewish Democrats and Democratic leaners were much more likely than Jewish Republicans and GOP leaners to say the U.S. was too supportive of Israel (29% vs. 5%).

    1. @ Clancy: If you actually knew anything about polling, you’d know that the quality of poll results has little to do with sample size. Differnt polls may have different sample sizes and be equally accurate. But then again, if you knew anything on the subject, you’d know that.

      As for the question asked in the Pew poll, it is quite differnt than the question asked in the JEI poll. The latter asked about “emotional attachment” to Israel. First, “caring about Israel” is an incredibly vague term. For example, I “care aobut Israel.” But do I have an emotional attachment to it? Especially given its current condition? No. “Emotional attachment” is more precise term and measure of this issue.

  7. my belly aches, for years aipac has gone where the money was, which was vote rep to lower tax rates and removes all barriers to wealth grabbing. do tell me how many millions from jewish donors went to trump. they kknew what trump is, they knew what bibi is.
    and yet they keep piling on and now that tthe smotriches and the bengvirs of usa and israel are close enough to the helms we hear the old poor us who will defend us.
    how many millions did the adelsons and alike pour into trump.
    they ran from the ocasios and others that dared to utter a few truths. so no
    we will all suffer indeed, but then the pains of the many will be the result of the sins of the few

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