4 thoughts on “As Chances Dim for Nuclear Deal, Lapid Crows About Sabotaging It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Speaking yesterday at The Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, , Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, “within a decade, there will be advanced Iranian industries across the region, producing weapons and spreading terror”, and that there has been a “sharp increase in Iran’s violent activity” in the region since the start of 2022, he said.

    No doubt he’s talking about the uptick in Islamic Jihad (Iranian proxy) terror attacks on innocent Israeli citizen

    It’s also worth noting, that ‘despite economic hardships facing its own citizens, Iran sends more than $1 billion to its proxy groups, including over $500 million to Hezbollah in Lebanon, hundreds of millions of dollars to the Houthis in Yemen, more than $100m. to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza and tens of millions of dollars to pro-Iranian militias in Iraq.’

    Thus, “The lifting of the sanctions on Iran will release more than $100 billion, and without doubt, this will let them double or triple their terror budget,” Gantz said.

    And Israel is to sit idly by while a hegemonic Iran surrounds Israel with Iranian proxy forces who themselve target Israel with hundreds of thousands of missiles?

    1. Braintree: First, let’s note that a conference sponsored by the far right smartut known as the Jerusalem Post is not exactly where one is going to find credible claims about anything, least of all Iran. 2nd of all, the Butcher of Gaza and Butcher of human rights, better known as Benny Gantz, is not a credible source for anything, including Iran. 3rd, if Israel and the west normalized relations with Iran all those “industries” Gantz referred to would be producing cars, planes, technology and other useful and innovative products. But as Israel threatens its existence along with its Gulf petro-bro allies, it must produce weapons and other products to protect its country and interests. Not to mention, that it is laughable for Gantz to complain about Iranian regional allies when Israel has a decades-long history of creating proxies, sometimes out of thin air, to advance its regional interests. So if I were you, I wouldn’t go there. It reeks of hypocrisy.

      I don’t have the figures, but I imagine if you add up all Israel’s numerous proxies over those decades, the overall expenditure would be in line with whatever Iran spends.

      As you said, Iran faces economic hardship due to the strangulation imposed on it by Israel and the west. Whatever sum is released via sanctions would be used in large part to jump start the economy. Whatever the ayatollahs and commanders may want to do with those funds, if they divert them all to military uses there will be massive unrest threatening the regime. They are intelligent enough to realize that. As for “doubling or tripling their budget,” Gantz knows no more on the subject than my barber. He’s inventing figures out of thin air. A “skill” he learned working for one of Israel’s most mendacious institutions, the IDF.

      “Hegemony?” You want to talk about hegemony? The Village Leagues, Hamas, Hezbollah, South Lebanese army, Al Nusra: all creatures of Israeli hegemonic interests. Created in full or in part by Israel. The only Middle East hegemon is Israel. Iran is a piker by comparison.

      As for “hundreds of thousands” of missiles (a gross exagerration, which you are prone to): yeah, when you threaten the sovereignty of scores of frontline states, and wage wars repeatedly against them over many decades, the victims tend to want to protect themselves from such aggression. Israel has every opportunity to end such a threat. It can negotiate peace with all its neighbors and normalize relations with them. But to do this it would have to be willing to compromise with them. Something it refuses to do, even on the most basic level. So live with it. You created this mess. Now you get to deal with it.

    1. @Clancy: As for being able to “guarantee the peaceful nature of its nuclear program,” the IAEA can’t guarantee the peaceful nature of many countries’ nuclear program. In fact the programs of many countries are explicitly NOT peaceful: the US, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. So it’s pure hypocrisy to demand of Iran what IAEA member states themselves refuse.

      As for who to trust or distrust, I’d say most of the IAEA member states are as untrustworthy as Iran might be. Not to mention that Israel is the poster child for duplicity and deception in tricking US representatives sent in the 1960s to monitor Israel’s nuclear program into believing it did not have nuclear capability. So before you want to call the Iranian kettle black, you might take a look at Israel’s kettle: far blacker.

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