13 thoughts on “Terror Continues in Israel Amid Political Crisis – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “He was located near a mosque in Yafo and executed by an Israeli Shin Bet agent and Border Police special forces commando.”


    The terrorist fired ten shots from his pistol at two Israeli officers, who returned fire and killed him.

    Question: Were the Vilna ghetto partisans shooting innocent German civilians, like Palestinian terrorists are shooting Israeli civilians, or were the partisans shooting armed German soldiers of the Wehrmacht?

    Answer: No.

    Question: Was  Herschel Grynszpan a freedom fighter defending Jews when he killed the German diplomat, or did Grynszpan commit a crime of passion in killing his German diplomat lover?


    Answer: Dunno.

    1. @ Mynah: And you believe an account offered by Ynet based on a statement from Israeli security forces because…??? You are incredibly gullible. An Israeli source told me explicitly that the 3 Palestinians ambushed in the West Bank were executed, not intercepted. I’ve also documented similar proof of executions of wanted Palestinians. Of course, the Israelis executed him. Why would they give someone who murdered Israeli Jews a chance to surrender alive?

      As for German civilians: were there any in the ghetto? If there had been and they were the main targets available to them of course they would have killed civilians.

      As for Hershel Grynszpan: congratulations, you’re promoting the narrative of the Nazis themselves: that this wasn’t an act of political resistance, but an act of degenerate gay passion. And adding a bit of homophobia for good measure.

      As I said, no more than a single comment in any thread for you. This was your last in this thread.

      1. [comment deleted: don’t you dare appropriate the name of a hero of peace murdered in cold blood by Zionist thugs. How dare you! Keep that martyr’s name out of your filthy mouth and comment handle. That disgusting bit of snark earns an Immediate ban.]

  2. @Richard:
    “…there is surely sympathy for Israelis killed in terror attacks…”
    I take my hat off to you, really. I was actually expecting the usual Silversteinish gloating, and now this… looks like all those years of Talmud studies did leave an impact.
    “…Jews have used the tools of violent resistance throughout our history…”
    That’s typical. We even had one designated terrorist, and one (alleged) לח”י  and Mossad executioner as prime ministers.
    “…only one way to end this cycle of violence, a single democratic state for Israeli Jews and Palestinians between the river and the sea…”
    Don’t you EVER dare suggest how my country should be governed. Not EVER! (written with a smirk – not to be taken face value. Just trying to imitate the Silversteinish “don’t you ever’ism”).
    However my point is that we who live here decide whether we’d prefer a single state the likes of Lebanon or ex-Yugoslavia, or two states i.e. Palestine and Israel.
    In other words please mind what’s going in your own back yard, and leave us to try and take our head out of the shit that we are swimming in. Capish?

    1. @ Eli:

      Don’t you EVER dare suggest how my country should be governed. Not EVER! (

      Don’t you DARE give me orders. EVER. The next time you try to address me this way will be the last time you address anyone here, period.

      When your country stops engaging in war crimes and murdering tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians, then it can tell people to bud out of its business. But as long as your country’s primary business is murder and the export of newer & more lethal ways of committing it, you can be damn sure people like me and millions of others are going to be right up in your face reminding you of your crimes.

      You only get to decide how you live and how you are governed if you are country that observes the rule of law. Since you don’t, you don’t.

      I detest the snarky, knowing, fake wit of your comment. You’re wearing very thin.

      Only one comment per comment thread for you from here on.

    1. @ Shelly: Why are IAF pilots who fire missiles into residential homes and high rise buildings killing thousands of Palestinian civilians, including children and women, any different than Russian soldiers firing missiles into train stations? They’re not. Since Palestinians cannot retaliate against Israeli pilots, they retaliate for their suffering against whatever Israeli targets are available.
      Not that they need a defense of their choices since the IDF willingly and deliberately slaughters thousands of Palestinian civilians.
      As for the Iranian proxy claim, you’re the 3rd commenter who has made it and it is absolutely irrelevant for reasons I made clear the first two times. I refuse to waste my time a third time in rebutting the relevance of this claim. I also warned commenters not to waste my time precisely as you have. You are now moderated. Only comments following the rules will be published.

  3. Richard,

    Thank you for this exceptional article. At the risk of being off-topic, I had noticed that your previous article referenced a slogan of the Hashomer: “In blood and fire Judah fell, in blood and fire, Judah will rise.” Not long ago, I discovered this by reading Uri Ben-Eliezer’s War Over Peace: One Hundred Years of Israel’s Militaristic Nationalism.

    I’ve familiar with the work of such scholars as Simha Flapan and Nur Masalha, but I’m wondering if you might be able to recommend something that provides greater detail on the history of Zionist interaction with Palestinians between, say, 1890 and WWI.

    Thanks again.

    1. [comment deleted: I made it quite clear that you were permitted a single comment per thread. You have one more rule violation before you are moderated or banned.]

  4. [comment deleted: your comment was not only Palestinophobic, disparaging and demeaning the dead, but it ascribed anti-Semitic motives to the deceased, which there is absolutely no evidence for. You are now moderated and will be banned if you violate the comment rules in future]

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