7 thoughts on “Biden Sends US Diplomats to Israel on Fool’s Errand – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What Richard, and the Biden Administration for that matter, have failed to grasp, is Islamist Hamas is in a long-term fight with Orthodox Judaism.

    It is no coincidence that today, and this past Monday, Hamas inspired activists attacked police and Jewish worshippers participating in the first Birkat Kohanim (“priestly blessings”) at the Western Wall Plaza.

    Hamas believes that these Jews are praying for the destruction of Moslem holy sites on the Temple Mount and that these prayers must be resisted.



    1. @ Becky: No, Becky. A minority of messianic zealots do not represent “Orthodox Judaism” even in Israel, let alone the world.

      Two problems with you and your comment. YOu either didn’t read my post or ignored the passage in it which rebuts the point you made. Had you read it, if you were acting in good faith, you would have addressed it in some way here. I’ll remind you of it:

      I have seen no video evidence of images of such alleged rock-throwing. And even if there had been, can we blame Muslim worshippers who see black-coated settlers invade their holy precincts while praying for the rebuilding of the Temple (and destruction of the Haram al-Sharif) aided by black-suited Border Police, with black-coated worshippers at the Kotel below them. Why wouldn’t they assume they’re all one and the same project by Israeli Jews to destroy their holy site?

      In other words, the settlers invading Haram al Sharif are some of the same people at the Kotel below. They dress the same, they act the same, they hold many of the same beliefs. There is no reason to expect Palestinians would be able to distinguish between them.

      Further, this has nothing to do with “Orthodox Judaism.” Neither Hamas nor Palestinians as a whole have any problem with Judaism. Palestinian violence is only aimed at those who specifically threaten Muslim holy sites. If Christians invaded the holy site, they would be resisted the same way. Nor are the Kotel Jews and settler messianists all of Orthodox Judaism. In fact, most Jews could care less about the Kotel, the Temple, or rebuilding it.

      Further, “Hamas” doesn’t operate Palestinians like robots. It doesn’t tell an entire nation what to do or how to behave. Palestinians are quite able to see for themselves the terror tactics used against them by the BOrder POlice; quite able to see the rampaging police defiling their holy places. Hamas may make statements encouraging them to continue what they are already doing. But no one takes orders from Hamas at Al Aqsa. Frankly, the implication that they do is insulting to Palestinians, as if they are automatons acting on Hamas’ orders.

        1. @stoney: Always amused about what the hasbara Brigade can come up with. First, you quote a media outlet that is, for all intents and purposes, a state media organ. As if Ynet knows anything about Hamas or what Hamas does or doesn’t do. Second, Ynet quotes an unnamed “security source” as the font of this wisdom. So you already have 2 strikes against you. Now come up with a credible source which actually knows what Hamas is or isn’t doing and can offer credible proof that it knows, rather than just winging it, which Israeli “security sources” are doing.

          Unlike you, the rest of us are not gullible and do not accept the Israeli security regime’s view.

          Finally, the article doesn’t even support your claim. It does NOT claim that Hamas is directing anything. It merely purports describe Hamas efforts to organize terror cells in the West Bank. Do you even read the sources you quote? I do. So do better.

    1. @ Ziva Havilio: You have never commented here before. I don’t know who you are or who your cousin or friends are. Of course, your comment appears to be a subtle attempt to shame me or provoke me to some response.

      I wish no one’s friends, fathers, mothers, children or cousins would die in terror attacks. BTW, for every Eitam Megini, there are 20 Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces. Do you mourn for them?

      In particular I wish no Palestinian would be murdered in Israeli terror attacks. But you’ve never come here or anywhere, I imagine, to mourn their deaths. Do you think your suffering, no matter painful it is to you, is superior to their suffering?

      Terror will continue on both sides till Israel is willing to accept Palestinian rights, including national rights. So the real place you should address your anger or sadness is your own government, which is responsible for the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians in terror attacks.

      I didn’t kill your cousin. And my pointing out that Israel is just as much a terror state as any Palestinian militant is a terrorist, didn’t cause his death. So your comment is misplaced.

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