6 thoughts on “Shabak Releases Charges Against Al-Qiaan Days After Tikun Olam Reports His Secret Arrest for Spying – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I then approached an Israeli security source about the information conveyed to me. The result was 24 hours later the gag was lifted and charges filed.

    Laudable, Richard, but you omit mention that the gag order was scaled back last week when Ynet and Haaretz requested copies of it from the Ashkelon District court.

  2. That’s what everyone should pay attention to “Unlike in a true democracy, the accused in an Israeli security case cannot offer a public defense or even explanation of his actions”. The rest as our Talmud sages’s saying goes – go out and learn (ואידך זיל גמור)

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Hoping people like Jack might go out and learn something they don’t already know. But I’m too cynical to believe that’s possible.

  3. He will be allowed to defend his case in a civilian court, with a lawyer of his own choosing. This is a true democracy and an independent judiciary.

    1. @ mikey: He is an Israeli citizen and civilian. There is no other court permitted to hear his case. Unless you’re arguing al-Qiaan should be grateful he’s not tried in a military court? Whatever your argument is, it’s not a credit to Israeli justice.

      As for lawyers, he can choose a lawyer but then never get a chance to see him. That’s denial of the right to consult one’s lawyer, a violation of international law and democratic rights in all countries calling themselves democracies. He also was arrested in secret and held for 3 weeks in detention before any Israeli media could even report anything about the case. The case will likely be tried behind closed doors with testimony given secretly. That’s neither a “true democracy” nor an “independent judiciary.” The Israeli judicial system is under the thumb of the national security state. Everyone but you and your fellow pro Israel shills know this.

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