30 thoughts on “Shin Bet’s Cult of Secrecy Continues, Arab NGO Director Arrested Under Gag Order in Dead of Night – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. yes,

    i support his right to consult with an atty.

    he also should not be held without charge for any longer than any other citizen of israel

    1. I want to join those who call to release Ameer Makhoul who was detained for his opposition to the repression of the Palestinian nation by the racist Zionist state, the twin sister of the Apartheid state.
      As long as Israel exists the Palestinians will be oppressed. This is in the class nature of a settler colonialist society. One has to choose between the right of self determination of the Palestinians oppressed nation and the imperialist settler society and I and my friend have chosen the side of the oppressed. The only solution is a working class revolution by the supper exploited workers of the region that will create a Palestinian workers state, from the river to the sea in the framework of the socialist federation of the Middle East.

    2. What a nice thought…how generous. Not! But when you enable the illegal occupation like you usually do, those are mere words designed only to make “you” look good, when in fact you’ve been an enabler all along of precisely this kind of repression.

    3. כל הכבוד לשב”כ שמונע מערבים אויבי ישראל להרוס את מדינת היהודים

      1. Thanks again for more racism courtesy of a reader of either the Jerusalem Post or Yediot:

        Hail Shabak which prevents Arabs, enemies of Israel from destroying the State of the Jews.

  2. RE: “the 1948 emergency regulations”
    MY COMMENT: A police state is a police state!

    1. The irony is that these regulations were set in 1945 by the British Mandate government because…. of a Jewish terror wave.

      The Jewish leaders then said the British are acting worse than the Nazis.

      Then 1948 they turned around, kept the regulations in place and have been using them ever since against the Arabs, without batting an eyelash.

    2. ישראל היא מדינת היהודים ולא מדינה של ערבים
      מקומם של הערבים ב-22 מדינות ערב

  3. Great article, right up to that bit about Ben Gurion. Do you believe for a second that he gave a hoot about Democracy? And that right after citing the 1948 ’emergency’ regulations.

    Marc Trius, formerly of Haifa Israel

  4. Seems like my tax money in action. as the Hebrew saying goes, i hope the convoy keeps going and the dogs can keep barking – – that’s you doing the self righteous barking in this case Mr. Silverstein.
    by the way great performance on this forum http://www.fresh.co.il/vBulletin/showthread.php?t=510579&highlight=%E4%EE%E5%F1%E3 – got uncomfortable by some sound arguments? Looks like you’re good only with those who are far away enough not to know exactly what is going on.

    1. I’ve got a blog to write. It would take all my time responding to the obtuseness from the Israelis in the Fresh thread. But if any Hebrew speakers here want to take these Know Nothings on be my guest.

      YOur fellow citizens don’t know a thing about “what’s going on” since their security agency determines what they can & can’t know. In this case, only those outside Israel & the brave souls within who are breaking the gag know what’s going on. You wouldn’t know a thing unless you read it here. So I wonder why you are here?

      But I urge you to invite them here to learn about the latest Israeli citizen to become a victim of your Shin Bet. They might learn a few things & face a few ideas they’d never encountered before. It will be uncomfortable for many of them no doubt. But it would do a few of them good.

  5. “Youpost’s editors categorically reject this attempt by the security forces to treat Israeli citizens as they are used to treating residents of the Occupied Territories.”

    Something about this sentence rings very wrong. Residents in the Occupied Territories deserve all the same rights human and legal as Israeli citizens. Right now the status is: Israelis – 1st class citizens; Israeli Arabs – 2nd class citizens; and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories – 3rd class.

    “Imagine a democracy in which they can prevent a citizen of the country from consulting their own attorney for two days and detain you for six days under charges no more specific than suspicion of posing a security threat?”

    –Now will you believe me that Zionism and democracy are incompatible, or is yet one more case of gross injustice not sufficient proof? But there are tons of examples. Until only recently it was mostly occupied Palestinians subjected to this repression.

    As much as I’m impressed with your forceful criticism of these repressive acts of injustice; I still believe you’re in denial, and you’re wasting your time appealing to Israelis thinking they will rise up to condemn this behavior. Sure, there may be some short-lived criticism in the press but eventually the usual “complicit” apathy will reign supreme. Like it or not, this is Zionism, at it’s best…a tolerated, excusable injustice. Don’t get me wrong. I want Israel to exist but with a Constitution protecting the rights of all including the citizens of the Occupied Territories. But that’s not what Zionism is about.

    So, I’ll be patient, because I’m convinced this situation is untenable, and not to address the real source of this problem now is but another injustice: delaying the inevitable and therefore allowing for further unnecessary suffering and oppression.

      1. I recommend Gurvitz’ work in general – his blog “Friends of George” is dedicated to the documentation of the disintegration of the Israeli democracy. He had a column on the same topic (on the Nana news portal), which ran until a few years ago.

        Gurvitz is a historian by training, and what makes his work so insightful is that he often highlights similar historical trends in other situations.

        Full disclosure: I count Yossi Gurvitz as a dear friend.

  6. “A year or so ago, the security service announced that henceforth they would view any Israeli Palestinian nationalist activism……as a grave threat to the Jewish state”

    what is your source for this?

    Do you know what are the accusations against Ameer Makhoul? Since they can’t keep him under arrest for very long, we will know soon enough.

    Would you care to guess what these accusations may be?

    1. I believe The Only Democracy In The Middle East™ is accusing him of AWP – Activism While Palestinian.

    2. what is your source

      This. It happened in 2007 actually.

      Do you know what are the accusations against Ameer Makhoul?

      I’ve written 2 blog posts about Makhoul. Why don’t you read both before asking questions. YOu’ll find the posts answer yr. questions. In short, there are no charges other than unspecificied “secret information” that touches on “nationals security reasons.” That’s it. And my 2nd post speculates on the real reasons for his arrest.

  7. i think many of the readers see the issue/problem reported in different eyes.
    Is the issue the gag order?
    is the issue the Shin Bet arresting an Arab?
    is the issue being arrested with no charges so far ( or just that no one knows.. I do hope that they didnt arrest a man for having a receding hairline)?
    is the issue Zionism and Democracy?
    is the issue jews/israelis self-flagellation and post zionism?

    i guess many of the commentators comment with an agenda and read this post in different eyes. In israel most of the attention of the media is to the gag itself.

  8. Hey, mister, why don’t you bother about the human rights of Gilad Shalit? Do you think there are human beings deserving human rights more than the others? Why the twisted hand of Mrs. Janan Makhoul disturbs you more than a man held in prison for years? Maybe it is because you are just a venal beast payed for picking on Israel? Or you are one of those dumb asses thinking that if they will lick to arabs, the arabs will hate the Jews any less?

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