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  1. At least now I know why the story has been met with a resounding silence by the Israeli media. But I still don’t understand why foreign reporters based there with whom I’ve shared the story have not been willing to publish.

    AFAIK all reporters based in Israel, whether Israeli or not, are subject to military censorship. That means foreign reporters are basically in the same boat as their Israeli colleagues, unless they and their papers are willing to publish their stories under fake bylines.

    1. Yes & no. They are technically under gag. But many foreign reporters I know say they’ve never been confronted directly by the censor or told they can’t publish something. So either they self-censor & so don’t get warned or they are freer than Israeli journalists (or some combination).

  2. I find it quite incomprehensible that such an apparently criminal act should have taken place at all. Even an Israeli agency well versed in such techniques cannot have carried out so blatant and international an undertaking without some measure of consent from on high. And very high at that.

    I know I’m not alone in wondering what, if anything, Mr Abu Seesi has done to merit such treatment. Being spirited from off a train in the Ukraine, conveyed all the way back to Israel, incarcerated in one detention centre, then transferred to bigger one and all the while, not one word of justification, no whisper of a charge. Even the lawyer now assigned to his case cannot or does not feel the need to expand any further on the matter.

    Let us hope some member of the media, the judiciary or the Israeli government itself can very soon apprise us of what truly terrible crime it is that this engineer stands accused.

    At the moment, all the accusations would seem to be going, not surprisingly, in entirely the opposite direction. And, if Israeli authorities continue to cling to such clandestine methods, that direction will never change.

    1. In the Jerusalem Post, 8/11/2011 –
      Abu Sisi expressed regret for his work on behalf of Hamas, saying, “I’m very sorry for belonging to the Muslim Brothers and Hamas, and for my activities in developing rocket ranges and setting up the Hamas military activity.” Abu Sisi also said he regretted all of the information he gave to Hamas that now threatens the security of Israeli civilians.

  3. Richard,

    Thanks for the amazing work that you do.

    When all is said and done, both the Palestinian and Israeli people should award you medals for your part in dismantling the secret-service regime that suffocates the Holy Land.


      1. There are serious hiccups with WordPress or maybe it’s just your blog, but I often see comments replying to other comments which I can’t see. Like yours – I can’t see Assaf’s comment. Sometimes I get different versions of posts w/ different comments, depending on where I browse to the blog from, and other times I can’t even see my own.

        1. I think I am also having this problem, as I can’t see a comment by Assaf either. Sometimes the comments I see on a post don’t match up with the figure at the foot – it will say ’17 comments’, and when I click on the post I will only see fourteen.

        2. Sorry, about Assaf’s comment. I was on a trip & using my Droid X to monitor the comment threads, which doesn’t show me clearly when a comment has been approved or not–& I hadn’t approved his comment but I had replied to it. Sorry about that.

  4. I am going to share this on facebook as my blog visitors are far fewer in number.

    I agree with the comment of Assaf Oron, above.

  5. if a foreign journalist will break the story his job in Israel will be over.

    where is this shabak chamber in petah tikva? the police station? i have been in trials of security detainees there and p”t is my home town btw.

  6. I wonder if people remove their own comments, there is no indication.

    The comment by Assaf was brief and suggested that Richard deserves an award (not his wording –my general recall) for his work here.

    Richard deserves an award for these recent posts and for this sites’ tremendous work.

  7. thank you Richard for publishing this scathing news. someone posted it as a WikiCentral complete w/credit given you & blog-posts/photos earlier.

    I’ve been to Shikma..only a few kms north of Gaza in Ashkelon.
    It is the infamous Mossad prison where Mordechai Vanunu, Whistleblower re: Israel’s nuclear WMD -1986. He spent 18 hellacious years (11 in complete isolation).
    Mord V was kidnapped by Mossad from italy beaten drugged and taken in chains on a boat from Rome to Haifa for military tribunal. I hope and pray that Abu Seesi gains JUSTICE. IMMEDIATELY.
    Unforch Mord remains a prisoner on his own dime since 2004 “release” unable to even visit Bethlehem (foreign).

    Also I saw no comments from “Assaf” – why is that?

    1. Miriam – whatever you think of Vaanunu you should get your facts right:

      Shikmah is not a “mossad prison” – it is a regular prison and a security prison in one. Regular criminals are held there as well as Palestinians from Military Tribunals.

      Vaanunu was tried by a civilian court not a military tribunal, as was held in Shikmah in the regular section for criminals (not the security wing).

      There is no such thing as a “mossad prison” – only shabak detention centres where detainees are held for investigation pending trial.

      1. A Mossad “detention center” where detainees are tortured during investigation pending trial is the same thing as a Mossad prison. Or would you prefer calling it a “Mossad cell?” Or Mossad “torture chamber?”

  8. Shmuel….where did you get your information?
    It’s unusual that an ‘ordinary’ citizen would have such inside information. Albeit, you have omitted the most pertinent aspect, that is remains one of the most barbaric prisons, according to those who truly know, from the inside. Call it what you will….the fact of MV’s trial is on the record, that it was a closed military tribunal, for a civilian whistle-blower. He was held in isolation for about 11 years. he continues to be accused by that same brutal govt that “released” him of holding “nuclear secrets” …quite a feat for a lower level technician as he was nearly THIRTY YEARS ago. We all suspect that it’s intentionally holding him hostage to demonstrate how Israeli govt treats whistle-blowers. Daniel Ellsberg who called him his ‘brother’ whistle-blower never served a day in prison for helping end the Vietnam disaster.
    On the other hand, Pollard, perfidious traitor to his birth country, USA, SOLD millions of pages of highly classified US Naval documents because he got ‘used to living’ a very comfortable life-style made possible thru his mentor, Rafael Eitan (mossad) and the fat paychcks the Israeli govt provided him for those documents (about $3000/month). His wife abetted his attempt to hide a few of those documents but NSC, FBI and CIA were all by then aware of the enormous damage done to US security since Israel and Pollard sold off some of that info to other agents.
    Even Kissinger is helping that pathetic traitor.
    Mordechai, alternatively out of horror and alarm alerted the world to the presence of horrific WMD there in Dimona. not for extortion like pollard but like Ellsberg, out of conscience. that is why he’s been repeatedly nominated for the NOBEL Peace Prize.
    As Richard stated shikma is a “torture chamber” regardless who who cops to running it. A massive chamber of horrors run by ruthless barbarians. Facts Shmuli….facts.

    1. Shmuel is an Occupation judge part time during IDF reserve duty & lawyer the rest of the time. A loyal cog in the machine of the national security state. Seemingly a decent, smart fellow. But a loyal follower nonetheless who finds little or nothing wrong with the legal system he loyally represents & defends.

    2. Miriam – Shikmah is not one of the most “barbaric” prisons, unfortunately there are worse in Israel. Shikmah is actually one of the better prisons amongst the top security prisons. The fact that Vaanunu was in solitary there was obviously tough for him, but that is not a reflection on the Shikmah prison, solitary is oppressive wherever you are held.

      Sorry, but the mossad does not have detention centres! If needed they will use the shabak’s facilities.

      It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat it, Vanunu was still tried in the Jerusalem District Court and not in a military tribunal. The judges were Eliyahu Noam, Zvi Tal and Shalom Brenner. The protocols were released and published in 1999. Don’t invent facts!!!

      I have no idea why you bring up Pollard, but it is worth considering what is worse – revealing top secret info for money or for ideology? I’m not convinced that ideological traitors are in any way better or praiseworthy than a traitor who does it for money. I also recall that the Sunday Times paid or were going to pay Vaanunu for his treachery.
      So Pollard and Vaanunu are rather similar, both traitors for their countries, and both had ideological and personal gain as motives. Both deserve what they got.

      I’d appreciate your calling me by my name and not by an apparently friendly epithet “Shmuli”. You are not my friend as long as you do not keep to the real facts but invent them instead, as I have shown above.

  9. Shmuel, as a judge you have to believe that what you are paid provide,
    –“impartially rendered verdicts which uphold the rule of law & serve justice/Tzedehk”
    – is a tall order for any person of conscience.
    Thus, your defense (above) of Shikma – claiming “that it was one of the better prisons” reveals that you’ve allowed yourself to be used as a propaganda tool.

    I realized that though your name means “God has heard” my guess is he immediately covered his ears.

    Since you, as a judge & attorney must have read December 2010 report published by the Bar Association–whose members examined conditions for prisoners in solitary confinement in
    Israeli prisons. According to the report, the cells in the solitary confinement wing of the Ayalon & Shikma prisons are “NOT FIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION”, as most are “crowded,
    reek of sewage and mold, and are insect infested.”
    ( Hebrew here): http://www.haaretz.co.il/hasite/spages/1206167.html
    Does anyone have a link to an existing english translation of that report??
    I’d like to read it.

    To return to the reason we all visited Tikun blog yesterday was because Richard’s disturbing report about the rendition of a civilian prisoner, (which reminded me of mossad’s seizure of Vanunu’s beating & seizure by mossad -dragged back to face “Closed Court” trial, (not military, as you stated). In truth, each of those 3 judges was, by default, a military judge since all members of Israeli society serve the military. Closed to the public and press, that tribunal trial painted an unseemly image of a democratic government.

    The Gazan power plant chief engineer Mr Abu Sisi, according to press information, was not charged with any crime (other than being Palestinian). And as you explained, he was sent to one of Israel’s “better than average” security prison, Shikma to protect Israel.

    Before Israel was a state, Chief Prosecutor Robert H Jackson’s words encouraged adherence to non-aggression & ending pre-emption..his words:

    “If we can cultivate in the world the idea that AGGRESSIVE WAR-MAKING IS THE WAY TO THE PRISONER’S DOCK, RATHER THAN TO HONORS, we will have accomplished something toward making the peace more secure.”
    Opening Address to the International Military Tribunal at the Nuremberg Trials (November 10, 1945).

    gut shabbos

    1. Miriam, I hadn’t seen the report, it is disturbing, and I certainly would not wish for anyone to be held in a solitary cell such as these. Luckily the sentencing part of a judge’s work does not include reccommendations as to how the accused should be imprisoned (unlike the US where I believe the Judge decides what sort of prison should hold the accused)

      The fact that many Israelis serve in the army does not make the courts military tribunals. The 20% Arab Israeli citizens do not serve in the army, neither do many ultra-orthodox Jews or spoilt rich boys (aside from consciencious objectors), nor religious women. Many judges are Arab, women or ultra-orthodox without army service. The hed of the court who tried the ex-President of Israel Katzav is an Arab – George Kara.
      Any country in the world where judges try treason cases it will be tough to find complete impartialness (see the Pollard case where the judge rejected the plea bargain for a few years imprisonment and gave a whole life sentence)

      Seesi has not yet been charged, but probably will be after about a month’s investigation, or released.

      Jackson’s words are very moving, but were said close to the end of WW2 when the world hoped and believed it was entering a new era and that no one would dare wage war after the mother of all wars. How wrong were people then!

  10. Ok since when do Muslims care about UN human rights?? they have they own OIC whit the CDHRI that states that only human rights is sharia law… now my question is do we take the UN agreement only when found fit?? Muslims kill non Muslims in great numbers in these country’s we got a fresh report that state only Christians killed for belief 100000 a year. —–ROME, JUNE 3, 2011 European security organization says that the number of Christians killed each year for their faith is so high that it calculates to one martyr’s life being taken every five minutes.
    Massimo Introvigne of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) reported this data at a conference on Christian-Jewish-Muslim interfaith dialogue, which concluded today in Hungary. The conference was sponsored by the Hungarian presidency of the Council of the European Union, and included a variety of high-level representatives from the three monotheistic religions, as well as political and social leaders.
    Introvigne reported that Christians killed every year for their faith number 105,000, and that number includes only those put to death simply because they are Christians. It does not count the victims of civil or international wars.
    “If these numbers are not cried out to the world, if this slaughter is not stopped, if it is not acknowledged that the persecution of Christians is the first worldwide emergency in the matter of violence and religious discrimination, the dialogue between religions will only produce beautiful conferences but no concrete results,” he stated.
    Egyptian diplomat Aly Mahmoud said that in his country laws have been passed that will protect Christian minorities, for example, prosecuting those who give speeches that incite hatred and banning hostile crowds outside churches.
    “However, the danger is that many Christian communities in the Middle East will die from emigration, because all Christians, feeling threatened, will flee,” he said.
    The diplomat suggested Europe prepare for “a new wave of emigration, this time from Christians fleeing the persecutions.”
    For his part, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, chairman for the Russian Orthodox patriarchate’s Department of External Church Relations, reminded that “at least 1 million” Christian victims of persecutions are children.

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