20 thoughts on “IDF Chief of Staff “Regrets” Eiges Death, But Claims He Was Stopped at “Last Minute” from Committing Espionage – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. That was some acting by Kochavi. He really tried hard to sell the official narrative. Too hard for my mind. I wait for the toxicology report. I hope it is untampered. While I gratefully read your reports on Tomer as the only media source willing to defy the Israeli Censor, I take your speculations as to the why and how with more than a few grains of salt. Perhaps the truth will come out in a few years, or many years, or never. I wish you luck trying to find the true facts in this case.

    1. Focus on THIS story. Stop trying to change the subject. You don’t care about anyone’s life. You care about the military.

      1. [comment deleted: Read and follow the comment rules. COmments must be on-topic and directly realted to the post topic. Do not wander far afield. Second, your post was Arabophobic. That is absolutely not permitted here. Because of violations in earlier comments you published today, you are now moderated. Only future comments which respect the comment rules will be approved for publication.]

    1. @ Hshg: It’s what the IDF charged him with. The fact that he didn’t mention espionage again means the IDF is trying to backtrack and realizes they wildly overreached in this whole matter. But alas it’s too late. Again, Kochavi covering his ass.

        1. @ Rex: The claim he was not charged with espionage was made by the IDF, which is trying to avoid the scandal. Why should we believe the IDF or anything it says? Further, if you imprison an officer and offer him a 10 year prison sentence he’s not guilty of littering. He’s guilty of a very severe crime (or at least you would have to believe so in order to offer such a long sentence). The only soldiers who face such long sentences are ones viewed as betraying the state i.e. espionage.

    1. @ Amnon the Prince: First, I don’t credit the Jerusalem Post as a credible source for anything. Second, why would you think that what the family may or may not want is the same as what I’m doing and why I’m doing it? His case is a critical one due to censorship, the public’s right to know, press freedom, and military abuse. Those trump in this case the feelings of the family. Finally, if someone wants to ask me to take the name and photo down they know how to reach me. No one has.

      Next question?

      1. Sometimes some topics are better left unexposed – the name of those involved, their family and anyone close to them may quickly have their lives ruined due to uncontrolled handling of information and the public’s “right to know”.

        In this case – like many others – the initial storm and calls for justice might better wait until the actual facts have been clarified as the rushed conclusions will end up ruining innocent people’s lives.

        1. @ Jonathan: Using the excuse of proteching individual privacy, as so many have done here before when I’ve reported stories the state or powreful individuals seek to suppress, only plays into the hands of the powerful. It doesn’t help victims at all. It doesn’t help bring change. It doesn’t help hold malefactors accountable.

          I would worry about someone having their life ruined and more about a state which actually takes the lives of its citizens in utter disdain for their individual rights.

          You want to wait until the facts are known? And how will they ever be known if people don’t beat down doors to force them to be known. You think Kochavi and AMAN will let you know what really happened unless forced to do so? How naive!!

      2. Oh please, is it Arabophobic to imply that Hamas holds Israeli captives without allowing them contact with anybody, for several years now?
        It is a fact and I lament the fact that pointing a finger at Hamas js Arabophobic in your book. I am not Arabophobic, nor fact-phobic

        1. @ DanG: It is Arabophobic to hate on Hamas in the way you did in your earlier comment.

          As for holding Israeli prisoners: first, these Israelis voluntarily crossed into Gaza. They weren’t kidnapped or captured. Second, Israel has refused to negotiate for their release for years. So don’t get in a lather about Hamas, when it’s Bibi who doesn’t give a shit about Ethiopian Israelis or Israeli Bedouin captives. Point the mirror in Israel’s direction because those captives could have been reelased years ago if Israel was willing to engage in a prisoner exchange.

          You are done in this thread. Do not post here again.

        2. @ DanG: I told you on JUne 3rd:

          I dare you to find anywhere I’ve said that I “normally consider and compare” the IDF to the Nazis. And if you don’t come up with any examples, you will apologize for your lies. And if you don’t come up with examples and don’t apologize this will be the last comment you publish here.

          You have neither offered any proof of your claim nor apologized. You are now banned.

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