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  1. Lot’s of ink spilled concerning Tomer’s death.
    Lot’s of speculation on the part of many people, and still, no hard facts.

    No clear cause of death. No suicide note or psychiatric evaluation published.

    Just talk, and lots of unsubstantiated blame leveled at the IDF.

    1. @ Amnon: We don’t know if he wrote a suicide note. He may very well have done so. “Unsubstantiated blame?” Are you daft. The IDF has enormous blame here. Read the parents letter denouncing the army which I published tonight. It’s shameful of you to defend the indefensible when a boy’s life has been sacrificed for nothing.

      1. I believe that the IDF, and Tomer Eiges, are deserved of blame.

        But what they did, and how blame should be apportioned, remains unknown.

        You, not me, has caused pain to Tomer’s family by publishing his name and photo; two things the family expressly said they did not want to happen.

        Your website has published far-fetched, unsubstantiated theories from dubious sources.

        I have neither defended, nor condemned anyone, and I will patiently wait for the facts to come out before I do so.

        I have not acted irresponsibly.

        1. @ Amnon Tomer Eiges deserves no blame for his own death. The claim otherwise is deeply offensive. Blame lies solely with the IDF.

          The parents’ letter to the IDF does not say they wish Tomer’s picture not be displayed . It says the picture of his grave hurts them.

          The only way to create sympathy and understanding of the crime is by showing who the victim was. By humanizing him. Your claim that I not do this would hinder this. Israelis like you always abuse the claim of privacy rights in order to protect the powerful arm of state oppression. You will not do that here.

          You have lied about my sources which are accurate and impeccable. You have not offered any proof of your claim about them. This violates my comment rules. Do this again and you will be moderated.

          You are done in this thread. You offend me.

          1. You say your sources are accurate and impeccable; in another comment, you wrote why your Russian Hackers theory was not panning out, that possibly not one, but TWO of your sources deliberately misled you, and you were simply going on the information given to you. Not here to offend, nor am I here to protects anyone’s ego. The information you are giving in this comment is directly contradictive to the other comments. It’s okay to admit that not all sources are accurate and impeccable. I follow Telegram channels in Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. Some sources are more reliable than others, while some I take with a grain of salt and extra research. Considering your sources misled you (for whatever reasons), by definition, they (the two sources that misled you) are absolutely far from accurate, impeccable or even reliable. I was telling my spouse what I read on your blog and the tragic story of this kid. Unfortunately, no one can substantiate what is written here over what is shared in Israeli or even foreign media. There are 4 photos of his total on Google (with or without a VPN or Tor), which is rather rare but not unheard of. Either way, it is hard to find accurate information – and by being contradictory, it only makes it harder for those seeking the truth, and beyond that, hoping for justice. My stepdaughter is on the same track, juggling university and entrance into 8200. Despite her excitement to work on the latest tech, it is hard not to worry about another cog in the machine being swept away.

          2. @ Nathan: You clearly are not familiar with my blog and my record of accuracy. Over the course of 20 years of reporting I have filed nearly 1,000 stories, a number of which broke gag orders or censorship. All were based on reliable Israeli sources. But even when my main source was former defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer, people deliberately fed him inaccurate information. It comes with the territory. So for every 500 stories I publish, sometimes someone has a motive to mislead. I earnestly vet stories and sources. If I feel they pass the credibility test, I publish. If not, I don’t.

            The only aspect of the 10,000 words I’ve published on Tomer Eiges which was likely wrong was the Russia connection. Nothing else I’ve published has been disproven. Nothing. So if you persist in focusing on the Russia report be my guest. But don’t ruin it for the rest of my audience who has the ability to balance things fairly and understand the complexity of what I’m doing in an environment where the State is trying to suppress the truth. And by the way, the sources who offered those false stories are part of that State apparatus. So if you want to blame anyone you’re looking in the wrong place. The proper address is your country’s security apparatus. But you wont’ because you have too much invested in being a loyal citizen of the national security state. And if you permit your daughter to serve in 8200 good luck to you and her. I just hope she comes home to you in the same way you sent her off the army; and not as Tomer did.

  2. I just read Ronen Bergman’s abridged reporting in Ynet (I don’t have a subscription) where he writes that Tomer took 4 pills of his psychiatric medications that killed him. Having worked with psychiatric medications for decades I find this impossible to believe, and most professionals who work with these medications would agree. Yes, you can take a fatal overdose. But an overdose of of anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medications will NOT kill you quickly. Reasonably quick treatment can prevent death. The lies seem to continue.

    1. @ Yankel: Yes, I agree. I can’t believe Bergman would have written that 4 pills of psychiatric medication would kill anyone. Likely this is a way to cover up the fact that the prison somehow let him horde his pills till he had enough accumulated to take a fatal dose. Also, until the IDF release the toxicology rpt (or if it does) we won’t know what was in his system and how much.

      1. This I wholeheartedly agree and can attest to. I’ve been to Outpatient Psychiatric Programs and have met people with illnesses ranging from mild depression, schizophrenia, PTSD and much more. I’ve talked with these people, we have compared notes on doctors and medications and whatnot. Many of these people I would classify as normative, and some I would classify as unstable. On some medications, I myself have reached the prescribable limit. However, it would still take more than 4 pills to overdose, and as OP mentioned, it takes time and likely will cause stomach pains that would alert just about anyone to whats happened. So the story seems highly unlikely. To me, it is unheard of 4 pills that are strong enough to kill a man. Was he prescribed Cyanide or Polonium-210 with his antidepressants? The only plausible explanation for this haphazard overdose story.

  3. How sad (or, more to the point, revealing) not a single person has the moral courage to break the silence and, even anonymously, make available the missing pieces of the jigsaw. I can’t remember which Israeli philosopher said it, but just after the 6 Day War it was said the occupation would bring a moral rot to Israeli society. How prescient. No doubt in my mind that the 6 Day War will be seen by historians as a tactical victory but a strategic defeat.

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