26 thoughts on “Death of a Genius: How the IDF Destroyed Tomer Eiges and His Beautiful Mind – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: You were warned of past comment rule violations. Comments which disagree with my post must offer credible evidence and sources to rebut them. Snark, disdain and insult are not that. Yyou are now banned.]

  2. I am suspicious of this article, especially because of the last line, “body bag”. I don’t know if the army did something wrong, or if Tomer did.
    I do agree there should be a uniform process to determine what can and cannot be disclosed by people in 8200, and I think Tomers case should be reviewed to determine if he really did something wrong or not.

  3. So your previous theory about being in contact with Russian hackers went down the drain? how convenient.

    1. @ Blat: Please read comments in the thread before commenting. I arleady answered this question posed by someone else. The Russian connection was a claim offered to me by 2 separate sources who may have been deliberately trying to mislead me; or who may have offered a fact that was tangential to the real story. When intelligence agencies have bad news they try to deflect the public by offering confusing claims so that the public won’t know who or what to believe. Hence it will cut down on the anger the public feels regarding the failure or scandal.

      1. After I watched Rabin’s assassin’s Shabak handler Avishai Raviv revealed on Israel’s censored Channel One it became apparent anyone is expendable. Replace the regular driver, who said Rabin was a friend, with another by way of a sudden car crash that day. Have several too close for comfort investigators commit suspicious suicide. Now rewrite history for those who didn’t see the live feed or watch Rabin get shot multiple times and turn around with absolutely no reaction in the convenient Kempler video.

  4. Hi Richard, just wanted to note that you sell Turing a bit short here. Beyond just cracking Enigma, he virtually invented the modern fields of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence. The direct positive consequences of this contribution are so enormous as to be incalculable.

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