6 thoughts on “Adelson Dies as B’Tselem Affirms Israeli Apartheid – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. A blank assertion that my comment was ‘anti-Semitic’ followed by radio silence, smacks of ye olde settler Zionist hasbara cudgel, a la Corbyn or Sanders, Arrigoni or Correy.
      I am not anti-Semitic, but anti-imperialist and anti-sectarian, my own country having been under that Brutish jackboot long enough to give both empathy and sympathy for the Jewish plight. Added to which the Palestinian people are Semitic by definition. I choose my words carefully, as defined by the OED (Reference, 1996)
      As such I take the accusation as misplaced at best, and insulting at worst, but will refrain from matching reaction with reaction as it has never proved productive of understanding, progress towards common humanity or conducive to peace-building.
      A reply would be appreciated.

      1. @ Bobby: I don’t explain my editorial decisions. You clearly know what was anti-Semitic in your earlier comment, since you didn’t repeat it in these 2 comments. There is a red line here. Don’t cross it.

        I am troubled by the fact that you published comments here until 2018 under what appears to be your name, Damien Flinter. I don’t know why you’re now using an obviously fake name. This is a practice I do not permit in order not to sow confusion. One name per customer.

        I can’t recall whether you just stopped commenting or whether I banned you at that time. I also don’t know why you use many different IP addresses, a practice I generally frown on. I’ve reviewed some of your old comments under your former identity and they only hinted at anti-Semitism. But now that you’ve published another comment under your new identity and I’ve called you out on that–I want you to know that you have a very short leash.

  1. As we mourn the death of loved ones and friends, including Jenny Flintoft, the Secretary of Portsmouth PSC, we can stop to rejoice over the death of someone who can only be described as evil.

    I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of Btselem’s statement. It doesn’t come from the usual anti-Zionists but from the most respected human rights organisation in Israel. We should use it for all its worth

    1. I find rejoicing at death troubling, Tony.
      I’d be more inclined to lament that the idiot died unenlightened and impervious to the damage his ignorant behaviour perpetrated.
      I fully concur that we should rejoice at Btselem’s statement, but cannot share your apparent disapproval of anti-Zionism, an equation with anti-Semitism (if I read you correctly) that can only delight the reactionary settler expansionists, and which is contributing to justifications of anti-Semitism by the ascendant Right everywhere, a bigotry the Zionists utilise to justify their own brutalities..
      Zionism originated in Reformation Christian Puritanism with all its delusionary dogmatism and sectarianism and was rejected by most Jews as a blasphemous project until it was installed by the usual colonial methodologies of militarised divide et impera.
      As at the beginning, these demented millennarian ‘Christians’ continue to fund and support settler expansion as they pray for their death-wish Rapture with the same fervour the Norse-mythology besothed Teutonic supremacists craved their Ragnarok finale.
      Meanwhile the usual crew of opportunists cynically ride the superstitious tide, like the Bibis, Trumps, Borises and Bolsenaros for whatever they can reap.

      1. @ Bobby: Actually, Jews traditionally do permit themselves to take some satisfaction from the death of their tormentors when, on their death, they curse their memory.

        Adelson was an unreconstructured Judeo-Nazi who did incalculable damage. There was no repentance or possibility of change in him. So I don’t mourn him at all.

        As for Tony Greenstein, you’ve completely misunderstood his views. He is an anti-Zionist.

        Zionism prevailed over anti-Zionism in the Diaspora due to one terrible catastrophe: the Holocaust. Were it not for Hitler and the Nazis, we would be in nowhere the pickle we’re now in. Israel might exist. But it would never have received the overwhelming support it did from the Diaspora without that.

        Nor is Christianity responsible for or the originator of Zionism. Yes, there was a form of Christian Zionism in Britain in the 19th century. But Herzl was not influenced by it. He was much more influenced by the current of European nationalism flowing through the continent in the latter half of the 19th century.

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