15 thoughts on “Eliot Engel, Pro-Israel Stalwart, Defeated in New York Primary – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ tony: As they say in Yiddish: from your mouth to God’s ears! But I think it unlikely for now. There are too many pro Israel Jews in Bowman’s district. He’s surely sympathetic personally and he will vote against attempts to criminalize support for BDS. But it will take more victories like this one before he can fully break free of the Lobby.

  1. Criminalizing support for BDS is so off the deep end. It’s amazing this was or is a serious thing.. As well talk of the two state “solution” still has some life even as an apparition. I am still scratching my head about the construing of “pro-Israel” to mean anti-Palestinian and anti ANY solution other than the Likud right wing slo destruction of any possibility of two states while getting away with the claim of wanting a two state solution. What will happen politically here when annexation of the WB goes forward?

    I have to say also I am disappointed that Adam Schiff, such a hero in the impeachment hearings, supported Engel too. Maybe I don’t know Schiff all that well.

  2. Note to Potter below: I’m from California and feel Adam Schiff is so pro-Likkud he’s almost untethered. He’s one of the strongest co-signers to the House anti-BDS Bill that could put you in jail for 20 years for boycotting Israel’s policies at BDS’s behest or even urging people to boycott Israel for its policies. California is one of the 28 US states that have passed an anti-BDS Bill – not as strict as the proposed House Bill, but strong enough to stifle our freedom of speech, press, thought and freedom of assembly!.

  3. my wish is other 30+ dynosaurs feeding at the public trough will follow, in as much as one of them be the Kentucky Mitch (which may happen if the Dem imps play it with JUST ONE OUNCE OF BRAIN) the other is the New York Chuck who has done extreme harm to Israel. another aipac “slave” those 2 have brought so much ill repute to the Senate that even MacArthur’s time was angelical in comparison. Thanks to those 2 it will take a full generation to cleanse the Addelson & Kochs destructions both inside and in Israel. Even Israel will go down the Johanesburg road if it persists in the de facto annexation bought and paid for Addelson, Kooch and their speakers.
    Hey not only the Donald J knows how to milk congress aids plans even Bibi knows how to milk half a mill shekels to pay his lawyers for 12 years retroactive tax refunds on his cars. whilst israel poors make the top of the oecd hit parade of hunger. yeah for Gantz another one bites the dust

  4. Ms Furr – be grateful you are in old Callifornia when you utter BDS, here in good ole Holeyland BDS is synonym to BLM you pronounce them you got yourself a fine B&B confinement in one of Israel finest jails.
    it is easier to force banks to divest from investing in petroleum corps than to force one israeli off his chalet built on court proven stolen palestinian land –

  5. Sorry Richard to go off topic but many in Britain are mystified by the sacking of Rebecca Long Bailey, shadow Secretary of State for Education, for pointing out the connection between Israeli training of US police forces in “crowd control,” such as kneeling on the neck of arrestees, the same technique that later led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Here is a link to many images of the Israeli occupation forces using exactly this techniques:

    Here also is a link to an article about how many US L.E. departments sent officers for training to Israel at tax-payer expense to learn exactly these techniques and bring them back to the US:

    (You may need to copy and paste this URL as I can’t directly link it here)

    Your take on the sacking of Long Bailey on the grounds of “anti-semitism” would be appreciated.

  6. With the margin he received from the in-person votes, Bowman is almost certain to prevail, and he would provide a fresh and progressive voice in Congress, but until the absentee ballots are counted, or Engel concedes (which he hasn’t), it is premature to declare that Bowman has already won. The primary system has been so corrupted in other elections, that I always fear the worst.

  7. @Peter

    Peter, you overlook the fact that none of the Palestinians the Israeli police are restraining, are handcuffed, like George Floyd was, nor have you proven dispositively that Israel trained Minneapolis police in restraint techniques.

    My understanding is that some management level police brass visit Israel and learn counter terrorism techniques and strategy. I don’t know of any instance of Israeli police coming to America and training rank and file policemen in restraint techniques.

    Please present your evidence that Israel trained Minneapolis police in restrain techniques.

    1. @ Kelvin: Utter nonsense. Israeli soldiers and police routinely handcuff Palestinian prisoners, often typing the plastic ties so tight they cut off circulation and cause immense pain.

      Your argument is a classic one. YOu focus on a single particular of an argument and ignore the broader global implications. So for example, it doesn’t matter whether a specific Israeli trainer taught a specific Minneapolis police officer to kneel on the neck of protesters to subdue them. The overall point is clear: the Israel Lobby in collaboration with the Israeli military apparatus has designated U.S. law enforcement as a fertile field in which to invest efforts to protote Brand Israel. Israel understands that its weakest link in the eyes of the world community is its garrison state approach; its massive armaments, massive lethal machine enforcing Occupation and apartheid. So what better way to counter this bad press by making common cause with law enforcement in the U.S. They also know that Republicans, who Israel needs to court as one of its sole constituencies in the U.S. wholeheartedly support the police.

      Further, when U.S. police chiefs train in Israel they bring back to their rank and file the lessons, tactics and even weapons they’ve seen during the exhibitions and demonstrations they witness. So there is a trickle-down effect in which Israel’s approach to social control and suppression of Palestinians is integrated into the culture and practices of various police departments.

      YOu are done in this thread.

    1. @ Kelvin: I really hate people like you because of how sloppy you are. YOu cannot slip anything by me as you have tried to do here. The Supreme Court did NOT “green-light chokeholds” as you claim. IN fact, the article which you linked to concludes with the following:

      The court has yet to reconsider the constitutionality of chokeholds.

      The Court dismissed the case with the idiotic argument that the victim had no grounds to sue since he could not prove the LAPD would use a chokehold on him again, after they did and nearly killed him. That is not the same as green-lighting the hold or saying it’s constitutional. And in fact, Eric Garner’s killer was fired from the NYPD. He unpardonably was not prosecuted for murder then. But he surely would be now. And any police officer who does what that one did to Eric Garner will at minimum be fired; at maximum prosecuted for murder.

      Once again, U.S. police don’t need training from Israeli police to know how to kill Black people. They can do it quite well without additional training. But Israeli police teach these police chiefs who tour Israel the entire Israeli punitive approach to controlling and oppressing Palestinians. They learn techniques, methods and weapons and then return to offer their rank and file the benefit of what they learned. This is a much bigger issue than chokeholds. You’ve wisely tried to make it just about this one brutal method. But it is not just about that.

      Again, you are done in this thread.

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