5 thoughts on “Biden’s Dumbed-Down Pro-Israel Pandering – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It was at a forum of the American Zionists for Israel that this week that Biden said that as president he will continue giving military aid to Israel. This gathering must have taken place on a platform like Zoom, because os social distancing requirements. It is very apparent that Biden’s strategy is to spend his campaign appealing to old white conservatives including old white Jews who support Israel. My father referred to these people as alta kakas(in Yiddish, old shits for anyone who doesn’t know). My family came to America to escape Nazi Germany. In any case, this will be a losing strategy for Biden because there are not enough votes for Biden to get from those old white conservative alta kakas, as he will lose far more votes than he will gain. I am afraid that Trump will get another term by default which is how he got his current term. Too many people will simply not be enthused to turn out to vote at all, with this strategy of Biden’s.

  2. You have a lot of goddam nerve smearing Israel with the Nazi and White Supremacist slogan, ‘Blood and Soil’.

    ‘Blood and soil’: Protesters chant Nazi slogan in Charlottesville


    Who, besides you and that avowed, failed, Marxist, Lenni Brenner, would even say such a thing?

    Simply put, you and Brenner are dead wrong about Zionism and ‘Blood and Soil’.

    ” According to Brenner, ‘the German Zionists agreed with two fundamental elements in Nazi ideology,’ namely ‘that the Jews would never be part of the German volk and, therefore, they did not belong on German soil’. This being the case, ‘it was inevitable that some Zionists would believe an accommodation possible.’ (Brenner 1983: 35)

    To substantiate these assertions, he invoked the historian Stephen Poppel, who in fact wrote the exact opposite on the very page he cited. In Poppel’s words, even though there was a split in German Zionist opinion between those who believed in the existence of ‘moderate elements’ in the Nazi Party and those who did not, ‘Zionists were unanimous in condemning Nazi brutality and racism.’ (Poppel 1976: 161)

    https://fathom journal.org/an-antisemitic-hoax-lenni-brenner-on-zionist-collaboration-with-the-nazis/

    1. @ Lemonade: As always, delightful both to provoke your fake rage and correct your errors:

      So you don’t like Zionism as practiced by the current Judeo-fascists running Israel? Strikes a bit too close to home to have American neo-Nazis compared to Judeo-Nazis? Too bad. I didn’t invent the use of the term to apply to Israel.

      Who, besides you and that avowed, failed, Marxist, Lenni Brenner, would even say such a thing?

      Here’s who besides me said such a thing (and more):

      https://www.dissentmagazine.org/online_articles/settler-anti-zionism (Prof. Gadi Taub, Dissent Magazine)

      For religious settlers Zionism is not about democratic self-determination; it is about the mystical reunion of Jews and their ancient Land. Their political creed belongs to the family of blood-and-soil nationalism movements. In their view, others—in this case non-Jews—are an alien element, a contaminant, within the organic unity of people and soil.

      https://watermark.silverchair.com/2536249.pdf (Prof. Hilton Obenzinger, Stanford Univ.)
      https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03064220408537421 (Prof. Zeev Sternhell, Hebrew Univ.)
      https://outline.com/qZwjJt (Jewish Forward)
      https://pulsemedia.org/2009/02/07/a-challenge-to-blood-and-soil/ (PULSE Media)
      https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/birds-feather-white-supremacy-and-zionism (Prof. Nada Elia)
      A particularly relevant passage from her essay:

      White supremacy and Zionism are two of a kind, with both modelled on ethnic exclusion.

      https://www.huffpost.com/entry/an-ethical-tradition-betr_b_438660?guccounter=1 (Prof. Hajo Mayer, Holocaust survivor)

      ‘I cannot help but hear echoes of the Nazi mythos of “blood and soil” in the rhetoric of settler fundamentalism which claims a sacred right to all the lands of biblical Judea and Samaria.

      https://www.jpost.com/opinion/op-ed-contributors/right-of-reply-blood-soil-and-michael-freund (Jerusalem Post)

      I stopped counting how many references there were linking Zionism to Blood & Soil in a Google search after I reached this many citations. So instead of getting in high dudgeon why don’t you try to grapple with the fact that distinguished professors, Israel and American Jews, along with a Dutch professor and Holocuast survivor, have used the term well before me.

      You’re once again using suspect sources which have no credibility. Fathom is a publication of the Board of Deputies & BICOM. Sorry, not here.

      As for trying to link me to Lenni Brenner: I’ve never read a word of Lenni Brenner and my ideas do not derive from him. But if you want to read a review of Brenner’s book which isn’t biased and tendentious, I recommend Obenzinger. Oh and Lenni Brenner did not rely on a single historian as you imply. His work rests of multiple sources and is quite powerful and credible.

  3. “Without the threat of the stick of withholding military aid, Sanders declared Israel had no motivation to change its Blood and Soil policies.”

    Contrary to what Lenni, and the Marxists in their echo chamber say, the early Zionists had no ‘blood and soil’ ideology.

    Sternhell himself says as much.
    “Like all European nationalisms, Zionism gave a place of honor to historical rights. It saw the Bible as the Jews’ title deed to historical Palestine. However, unlike the radical European nationalisms, until recently Zionism never developed a sense of ethnic superiority to the Arabs. From the Zionist right of Zeev Jabotinsky to the left of Berl Katznelson and the Labor movement, the founders of the State of Israel, all of whom came from Eastern Europe, were aware of the dangers of radical nationalism. ”

    Sternhell, and the political commentators you linked, are quick to point out that only the Israeli settler movement has a political creed comparable with ‘blood and soil’.

    And since most Israelis don’t identify with the’ settler movement’, Israel does not have ‘Blood and Soil policies’

    Heck. Israel isn’t even the Rightist State you make it out to be.

    1. @ Lemonade: You poor sod. You continue to harp on Lenni Brenner as if he has any relevance to me or the argument you make. Lenni may be a good straw man for focus groups you guys have tested. But I’m afraid it won’t work here. We don’t demonize people who’ve made a useful contribution to the study of Zionist history, as he has. Instead of hurling insults you might try to address the many cogent arguments and historical events he’s exposed which tie the Zionist movement to the Nazis. But that would actually involve research and hard work, of which you guys are not capable.

      As for your attempt to minimize the connection of Blood and Soil to the Zionist movement by claiming it “only” relates to the settler movement:
      1. It’s interesting you implicitly concede that the settler movement may legitimately be characterized by Blood and Soil.
      2. Where your argument falls flat is that the settler movement IS Zionism as practiced in contemporary Israel. So the notion that there is a distinction between the two, thereby innoculating the greater Zionist movement from the Blood & Soil analogy falls flat.

      Further, how can you say that most Israelis reject the settler movement when every major political party (left, right and center) endorse settlements and out-pander each other to do so. Did Blue and White (the so-called moderate party) distance itself from settlements or reject the Jordan Valley annexation during the last campaign? No, just the opposite. It embraced it fully.

      As for early Zionists having no Blood and Soil ideology: again, not so. Jabotinsky was an ardent admirer of Mussolini. Were it not for the tiny problem of Hitler’s Jewphobia, Jabotinsky would’ve become an ardent Hitlerite. And even if you omit Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion himself argued that if the “Arabs” didn’t acquiesce in the Zionist takeover of Palestine that they would have to go. This we may call Blood and Soil Lite.
      Thanks for giving me this opportunity to poke holes in your arguments. But I think we’ve both exhausted the issue. No more comments in this thread.

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