6 thoughts on “Rape Accusation Against Israeli Soccer Stars on Top Premiere League Team – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You are mistaken. The players are being investigated for suspected consensual intercourse with a minor under the age of consent, known in the US as statutory rape. Under Israeli law, a belief that the minor is of the age of consent (16) is a defense to statutory rape. Based on the evidence published in the media, the players likely committed no crime (but that does not mean they are not disgusting individuals).

  2. @ Richard Silverstein: Good question. It would be the prosecution’s burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the players either knew the girls were under 16 or suspected as much but turned a blind eye.

    What facts will be sufficient for the prosecution to prove that element will vary according to the circumstances. For instance, if a person meets a girl who looks like she’s 18 at a club, and he consistently claims it never crossed his mind that she could be 15, the prosecution would have a very hard time proving his guilt (and probably wouldn’t even indict him).

    In this case, we know for a fact that the girls told the players they were 17, and we know that when the players texted each other about the girls, they discussed them being just shy of 18. Assuming the girls were not so young looking that they couldn’t possibly pass as 16 year olds, the prosecution would have a very hard time proving this case in court. And so, I doubt the players will even be indicted. Of course, I do not know all of the evidence, and my analysis is based solely on what has been made public.

    1. @ Rex: We don’t “know for a fact” the women told them they were 17. In fact, one of them said the boys never asked their age nor asked for their ID. What the accused said or texted amongst themselves isn’t nearly as relevant as the interaction between the victims and the accused.

      Also, there seems strong evidence that this goes beyond the 2 players and others were involved in this. My suspicion is that this was some sort of organized sex ring a la Jeffrey Epstein. But given the police’s atrocious record on cases of sexual abuse, I doubt this will ever be Investigated, let alone prosecuted. Yet another instance of flagrant male abuse of power & control.

  3. @ Richard Silverstein: You’re right! Let me correct myself: we know for a fact the girls were trying to conceal their real age and that one of them told another player she was 17, which (a) makes the suspect players’ claim that the girls told them they were 17 more credible, and (b) makes the players’ claim that they believed the girls were 17 more credible, regardless of whether the girls told them directly that they were 17. The burden would be on the prosecution to prove otherwise, beyond a reasonable doubt.



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