7 thoughts on “As Trump Regales Pro-Israel Group with Anti-Semitic Tropes, Jewish Leaders Barely Whimper – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not all Jewish “leaders” were silent. The execrable Shmuley Boteach, who has anointed himself “America’s Rabbi,” rushed in to defend Trump on Facebook and elsewhere.

  2. Jonathan Greenblatt: “While important @POTUS called out BDS and #antiSemitism, it’s essentially undone by his own trafficking of #antiSemitic tropes …” https://twitter.com/JGreenblattADL/status/1203766334909276160

    American Jewish Committee: “Dear @POTUS … surely there must be a better way to appeal to American Jewish voters … than by money references that feed age-old and ugly stereotypes. Let’s stay off that mine-infested road.” https://twitter.com/AJCGlobal/status/1203770191701786624

    One can debate whether these are sufficiently strong responses, but it’s misleading to say Greenblatt and AJC said “nothing” or that their response was “crickets.”

    1. @ Eli: I did several Google searches on various keywords, including Google News. There was nothing. While there was coverage of the J Street and National Jewish Democratic Council’s statements on the subject. I suggest both AJC and ADL are keeping their light under a bushel.

      Further, my first tweet directed at both Greenblatt and ADL challenging them to speak out was posted Dec. 8th at 2:30am, a few hours after Trump spoke. The Greenblatt tweet you linked to was posted nearly 10 hours later, at 12 noon. The AJC tweet was conveniently timed 15 minutes later at 12:15pm (coordinated? you bet). What took them so long? THe most important so-called “Jewish defense organization” in the country takes almost half a day before “defending” Jews from the execrable bile of the most powerful leader on the planet?? Really?

      I don’t think there’s any “debate” about whether these are “sufficiently strong responses.” They are pathetic responses which offer Trump favor while giving him a mild slap on the wrist. If you have any doubt on the subject, read the RTs commenting on them. They’re brutal, and justifiably so.

      I have reworked the post to reflect the information you offered.

  3. sigh

    No Richard. I am not defending Trump. I am merely stating a fact.

    Trump is a horrible leader, a very poor POTUS, and poison to the State of Israel.

    If I am ‘repulsive’ to you, than you must have a very tender gag reflex.

    1. @ Jack: What nonsense! Of course you are defending Trump. MY post detailed his anti Semitic rant and you tried to suggest that his new executive order redeemed him in some way. It doesn’t. Not at all. Stop denying what’s clear for all to see. You are done in this thread.

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