6 thoughts on “Halle Attack Highlights Germany’s Misplaced Terror Priorities and Hostility to BDS – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Dear Richard, BDS was not outlawed in Germany. That probably was never the intention. Making BDS morally highly suspect is much more effectieve. Then no proof of antisemitism in court is needed, as would be the case when it is outlawed.

    There was a non-binding resolution in German parliament to declare it ‘inherently antisemitic’ and to condenm it.

    Then, instigated by Israel and ‘Israel-friendly’ lobbyforces a familiair pattern was followed, a pattern we know too well from the US. Not on a federal level but on the level of states (‘Länder’) and towns ‘implementation was sought of this non-binding resolution. Berlin, Bonn, Aken, Dortmund saw various incidents, very different in nature but all centered around supposed anti-jewish or anti-Israel ‘discrimination’ embedded in supporting BDS.

    1. @ Jaap: Yes you are right. I used shorthand concerning the resolution passed by the Bundestag and probably wasn’t precise enough in my description. And your portrayal of the intent of the resolution is correct as well.

  2. Maybe there has been fewer terror attacks on German Jews, but consider who is carrying out anti-Semitic attacks and harassment of German Jews.

    “Slightly more than half of Germany’s Jewish respondents to the E.U. survey said they have directly experienced anti-Semitic harassment within the last five years, and of those, the plurality, 41 percent, perceived the perpetrator of the most serious incident to be “someone with a Muslim extremist view.”


    1. @ Benyamin: I wouldn’t trust that poll as far as I could throw it. The NYT article was typically anecdotal and sensational as well. Second, what is by far the most popular European country for emigrating Israelis to choose? Germany. There are well over 100,000 Israeli immigrants living there. Would they choose a country that they believed was anti-Semitic or in which their lives were endangered? No. If German Jews are afraid for their lives why aren’t they fleeing to Israel, the supposed safe haven for Jews?

      Oh and btw, I don’t hear Bibi geshreying about German Jews being welcome in Israel. Why is it when there’s an Islamist terror attack in France he hocks French Jews about making aliyah. But when there’s a neo-Nazi attack on Jews in Germany…a milquetoast condemnation?

    1. @ Benyamin: Lipschitz, the reporter, is a pro-Israel ideologues masquerading as a journalist who publishes with all the far-right shmattehs including Jerusalem Post, Jewish Journal, etc. Let’s take the first sentence of his piece as an example:

      The annual al-Quds Day march in Berlin is often cited as a prime example of the rise of so-called new anti-Semitism in Europe: hatred of Jews in connection with Israel, often by people from Muslim societies.

      What a load of unmitigated horse crap! It’s pure Islamophobia. It’s stupid. It’s reductionist. How can you expect anyone to take this seriously? The fact that you obviously do reflects poorly on you. And indicates that you too share the benighted views displayed here.

      Again, I wouldn’t trust anything he wrote as far as I could throw it. They’re among the worst at exploiting alleged anti-Semitism on behalf of pro-Israel hasbara objectives

      And yes, you are done in this thread.

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