14 thoughts on “Rudy, Lev and Igor’s Excellent Adventure and Their Bizarre Anatevka Video – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The mob. They help each other. Has tentacles that stretch. They think they own the world and either the rest of us are vulnerable fools (or asleep) or they are very careful to trod in well worn paths. ‘ cept Trump dragging his jewel Giuliani have stepped I to the wrong spotlight.

  2. @Richard

    Your best efforts aside, these two bagmen are only tangentially related to Israel.

    BTW, neither of them look like ‘stand up guys’.

    1. @ Benyamin:

      these two bagmen are only tangentially related to Israel.

      Ah, so having Huckabee bring them with him to Israel, and inviting them to party at the home of Bibi’s biggest donor along with the U.S. ambassador, the PM’s son and a score of other major settlement donors is only “tangentially related to Israel?” Not to mention their attendance at the gala celebration of the expansion of an American-Israeli settlement. Who are you kidding?

      They ARE bagmen, as you said. But not just for Ukrainian mobsters, but for pro-settler mobsters as well who dress in suits and are on first-name basis with diplomats and pro-settler oligarchs.

  3. So. Israel’s fingers extend to Ukraine, too. How sad for people in the Russian sphere who just want to work, raise families and live in peace. US/Israel make up a combo, now led by Trump and Giuliani, that continue to bring misery to everything it touches.

  4. The bagmen had no connection to Israel until Huckabee gave them entree and got them into an ‘A list’ party.

    The bagmen introduced Rudy to a ‘Friends of Whatever’, and Friends gave them a Friends award as payoff.

    Big deal.


    I am so done with this thread.

    1. @Benyamin: don’t be an Idiot. They’re Ukrainian and Belarus JEWS. How do you think they got on the trip? By being good Christian evangelicals? No, they got their fellow American Jewish settler donors to include them. Minimizing their settler connection is pathetic.

  5. @Linda
    Re: Ukraine oligarchs, Netanyahu is sitting on the fence. Leading oligarchs are evenly divided along East/West and thus pro-EU and pro-Russia. For Netanyahu it’s a win-win position … Israel rightwing politics are indebted to the downfall of the Soviet Union. Capitalism won, Soviet communism was defeated, corruption gained a lot and spread over the Western States. Ukraine transforms from Blue to Red under leadership of actor Zelenskiy and apprentice Trump. Hopefully impeachment catches up … however we’re not fortunate with Pence.

  6. [comment deleted: Since you are the current resident hasbarist, you have a new rule: no more than two comments in any thread. Violate that and this is the treatment you’ll get. I hate reading comments which repeat themselves and argue the same thing over & over. You just did. Don’t.]

  7. [comment deleted: comment rules state clearly that complaining about my editorial decisions in the thread is off-limits. Don’t like the way I run my site, you know what to do.]

  8. On the photo Ken Abramowitz … quite a character!

    A U.S. millionaire and illegal land grabs | Haaretz – Jan. 2012 | [h/t Mondoweiss]

    In 2008, the Israel Independence Fund was founded in New York. The nonprofits declared areas of activity are philanthropy, volunteering and distributing grants. The person behind the fund is Kenneth Abramowitz, a New York businessman and partner in NGN Capital, which describes itself as a venture capital firm dedicated to health-care investing.

    Abramowitz is also national chairman of American Friends of Likud and donated thousands of shekels to the campaigns of Yisrael Katz and Yuli Edelstein in the last party primaries.

  9. AFL: The time has come for sovereignty

    “I am excited to be at this first conference of the Sovereignty series,” said guest speaker Ken Abramowitz, founder of SavetheWest.com, chairman of American Friends of Likud, and general partner and co-founder of healthcare venture NGN Capital. Addressing the topic of “How to Save Western Civilization From Itself,” he began with a three-minute talk on the concept of the need for devising a winning strategy in terms of national security, and then briefly discussed the key problems of Western Civilization (US, Europe, Israel, Christians and Jews) which is under attack from the “outside” and “inside” and needs different strategies for different problems.


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