6 thoughts on “Trump Urges Netanyahu to Refuse Entry to Reps. Tlaib and Omar – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This whole idea of the Jewish state forbidding entry to (banishing) anyone who promotes the boycotting of the occupation, seems like a very traditional Jewish attitude, “herem”: cutting off (from the Jewish community) any Jew who doesn’t obey the Law of Yahweh. It’s the Jewish equivalent of Catholic ‘excommunication,’ and is related to the Arabic, “ḥarām,” forbidden. Israel would perhaps be more likely to refuse entry to Jews who oppose the occupation, than to Gentiles who may do so. “Self-hating Jew,” means, you’re not a real Jew; meaning, real Jews will cut you off, from the People; and, in this case, thus also from the Land. It feels like a classic Jewish reaction, to Jews who won’t bow down before Rabbinical authority; or in this case, Zionist authority. How far we’ve not come.

    1. @ Joshua Laskin: I don’t agree. I think you’ve made a common error in conflating Judaism and Zionism. Yes the idea of herem is important in Judaism. Yes, it may have some meaning in this case. But no Jew would put a non-Jew in herem. Nor would Israel be more likely to refuse entry to Jews who support BDS. It has denied entry to Jews and non-Jews for holding ‘unpalatable’ political beliefs.

      Further, the whole notion of self-hating Jew is not only repellant, I fight against it every day. I will not permit any Jew to judge me as insufficiently Jewish. And I’d rather this argument not be made in the comment threads; or at least not given any credence here.

  2. [comment deleted: you have adopted a fraudulent handle (“Rizwan”). You are clearly neither Arab nor Palestinian. Yet you have adopted a fraudulent handle pretending to be. So many other poor pathetic hasbaroids have attempted to do the same here. It is not permissible. If you adopt a handle that is not fraudulent you may comment. If not, you can’t.

    I’ve never had any anti-Zionists or commenters who are anti-Israel adopt a fake Israeli identity. I simply don’t understand the tactic. What’s the purpose other than pretending Arabs embrace hasbara tropes. But the whole notion is so infantile and stupid, why waste your time doing something so foolish??

  3. These women are fearless..amazing. I hope they do go and report back about what they encounter and hear. It would be refreshing to have them hear the other side, something that the so called pro-Israel legislators do not allow themselves to have empathy for.

  4. Perhaps another rare example of agreement between me and Richard.

    It would be an act of breathtaking self-defeating stupidity for Israel to deny entry of any American official, regardless of their political views.
    Beyond such an act being an unprecedented snub to Israel’s must important and supportive ally, it would open the door to other friendly countries “vetting” visiting Israeli officials because of their political views.
    Israel fights tooth and nail for the freedom of its officials to travel anywhere to friendly countries.

    This is classic Trump– stirring the pot, trying to divide political rivals, ignoring protocol, egging people on.

    Undoubtedly, when Omar and Tlaib visit they will provoke incidents and draw a lot of negative attention to Israel but Bibi will just have to deal with it.

    Hopefully Israeli officials will act smartly to minimize the damage. The visitors should be left to do what they want, as long as they don’t violate any laws.

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