15 thoughts on “Neo-Nazis Attack New Zealand Mosques, 49 Reported Dead – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Baird: that’s only worth noting if you are an Islamophobe. Further worth noting that your statistic is false when you’re speaking of attacks on Muslims outside the Muslim world. Attacks like yesterday’s, in the west, are invariably carried out by white Islamophobes, just like the ones for whom you’re now making excuses.

  1. It might be statistically true for Africa and the Middle East but in the west, it is usually nazis or other haters who do the violence.

  2. @Baird. Can you just allow you inner hate against Muslims to rest, just for a day or so?
    Feel free to pick it up and promote more Islamophobia tomorrow…

  3. Sadly, this will not be the last attack on Muslims just as there is no “last attack” on Jews and Blacks in the US or a “last attack” on Hindus and Shia in other places.

    The trouble is that far too many “groups” (classes of people) believe it is okay to spout hate against another as a mark of Righteousness. What such hate-mongers do not realize is that when the Dogs of War are unleashed, they are just as likely to slash “our side” as they are, to slash the “Other”.

    No, there is no group (“side”) that does not promote hate and fear with violence as the “proper” answer. Right now, it is patriotic and righteous to attack Islam and Muslims but all that is being achieved is the freedom to hate and to commit violence.

    1. @Baird: Oh he has plenty of justification. His fellow Muslims were just slaughtered in.their dozens amidst sacred prayer, and all you can maunder about is how violent Muslims are. That’s unfeeling and brutish.

  4. Thank you for the quote from the Talmud. The only thing Israelis seem to know (or care) about the Talmud, is that it urges you to kill other people as soon as you suspect they may be plotting to kill you. Seriously; you never hear anything else quoted from the Talmud by Israelis. It is as if it was written by the Likud party.

  5. It is rather absurd Baird try to turn this mass murder in New Zealand into arguing that Muslims kill more Muslims. Using statistics and such Israeli number “tactics” one could say that proportionally seen Israeli Jews kill more Muslims than any other religion members (besides Islam) do. Dividing 1.5 billion with 5 million results to 300. So when Israelis kill yearly over 150 Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank it would be >45,000 compared proportionally to the world’s Muslim population and even more compared to Christian population. Multiply that 45,000 with 50 years and you get a proportional result. 2,3 million hmmmmm…

  6. @Richard

    I didn’t,”maunder about is how violent Muslims are”.

    I pointed out the obvious fact that Muslims are more likely to commit acts of terrorism against Muslims than are ‘white nationalists’, which fact was not apparent from a reading of your article.

    It is equally obvious that ‘white nationalist’ terrorists and Muslim terrorists hate their enemies with equal passion.

    1. @ Baird: Your claim is based on a half-truth. More Muslims are murdered by white nationalists everywhere but in the Muslim world itself. By the way, more white people are killed by white people too than by brown, black or any other color people. What the hell does that prove? That white people are murderous thugs and that their religion is evil?

      Oh and you might want to digest this bit of actual research showing a marked increase on Muslims in western countries: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/03/summary-attacks-muslims-western-countries-190316150024125.html

      I hope you choke on it.

      Your maunderings not only don’t interest me, I find them offensive. Please prepare for landing at Ben Gurion. Your flight is about to touch down. Your next comment violation is your end here.

      ‘white nationalist’ terrorists and Muslim terrorists hate their enemies with equal passion.

      It is equally obvious that settler terrorists hate Arabs and Muslims with passion equal to (and perhaps greater than) that of white nationalists and Islamists. You’re not very good at this game, are you? I’ve played it with hasbarists far more skilled than you.

  7. The Australian ethno-nationalist who committed the mass-murder in New Zealand was directly inspired by France in two ways: he travelled here and was apparently convinced that there’s some kind of White genocide going on though ‘race mixing’ and immigration, and then he wrote directly in his 73-pages manifeste that the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the 2017 French elections was the final drop, he realized that the “solution” was not through democratic elections. He was inspired by a French ‘intellectual’, Renaud Camus, who’s famous for his the[ry of “le grand remplacement” |the big replacement], of course White French being ‘exchanged’ by ‘colored’ immigrants’ ….. The Washington Post has an article on that, and the French press is also commenting on this …… just as Breivik in Norway (who’s Dad lives in France) France seems to has become the multi-cultural society that neo-nazis can’t stand all while French right-winged intellectuals seem to give the theoretical basis for their hate.

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