29 thoughts on “All Signs Implicate Mossad in Dubai Assassination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just a minor point, the ICC is a court of last resort, it can take over when national judiciaries are unwilling or incapable of doing their job. In this case Dubai seems more than willing to do so.

      1. I agree 100% that this murder must be prosecuted, I just don’t think it’s legally optional by whom. If I recall the ICC statutes correctly, they are barred from taking up cases that are being properly prosecuted by an appropriate national judiciary. I think there’s also a threshold for the scope or severity of a crime the ICC can prosecute, and this one may fall below it, though I could be wrong on this.
        Besides, the UAE have signed, but not ratified the Rome Statute.

        On another note, it’s rather disgusting how Yossi Melman can describe the Lillehammer affair as “an assassination attempt in Norway that ended in tragedy, as a result of the mistaken identity of a Moroccan waiter”. It doesn’t get more warped than that, does it?

        1. You are correct. ICC would not be able to take this case unless the states concerned will not or cannot prosecute it. As for the scope and severity threshold, you might be right there as well.

  2. Murder and assasination has been an integral part of Israel’s foreign policy since the state was founded in 1948. And now that ethos has been adopted in substantial part by the US following 9/11.

    If this kind of thing is allowed to continue unchecked no telling where it might end.

    1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but murder and assassination predate the state by a considerable period of time as they were used liberally by even the mainstream Zionists.

  3. Richard says:

    What I don’t understand about this is how political assassination serves any sort of long-term political purpose. So you kill someone. What damage ultimately do you do to your enemy? He replaces the victim with someone either as good or better than the one you eliminated.

    Assassinations have proven to be quite effective. Israel went after German scientists who were helping Nasser build rockets in the 1960’s. I think that ended the program. Israel eliminated the Black September terrorist ring in the 1970’s which carried out the Munich Olympic (they missed Abu Mazen, though). Saddam Hussein wanted to build a “supergun” to bombard Israel, the designer (an American, as I recall) was eliminated, that ended that project. Israel has eliminated top HAMAS people like Yassin and Rantisi, add that to the last war, and HAMAS has become more cautious. The suicide bomber infrastructure that caused thousands of Israeli casualties was broken by elimination of HAMAS and Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigades terrorist leaders.

    It is not true that “there is always someone ready to replace his assassinated predecessor”, and even if there is, it is not necessarily true that he will be more effective.

    Richard says:

    Does it get you anywhere? Does it achieve any sort of objective? I would argue that Israel is now beyond the point when it can use the conventional tools of war or assassination to harm its enemies. The world is beginning to indicate it will no longer allow Israel to get away with these crimes. I used to say that ultimately Israel will pay a price for these idiocies. Now, I don’t say ultimately, because the chickens are coming home to roost right now.

    Who says “the world won’t let Israel get away with these ‘crimes’ (as you call it)”? For heaven’s sake, your own country is doing the same thing against the Taliban and al-Qaida. Better a targeted assassination than a big war. Why is getting rid of some bloodthirsty terrorist ” a crime”? These people targeted Israeli civilians. Why should they be exempt from paying for their crimes?

    1. We’ve already been over this here. Israeli assassinated Nasrallah’s predecessor, who was a much less effective opponent than Nasrallah turned out to be. It assassinated Yassine and countless other Hamas leaders. Has it enfeebled Hamas? No. You say Hamas has become more cautious. That is NOT the case. And besides, whether Hamas is cautious or not has no bearing on the role Hamas will play in the struggle against Israel. Unless Israel is prepared to eliminate all of Gaza & Hamas, it will have to deal w. Hamas eventually. Your argument is simply a losing one.

      Eliminating the Munich terrorists had no impact whatsoever on either the strength of the Palestinian national movement & the use of terror against Israeli targets. For you success is measured by whether the perpetrators were eliminated. That’s not success. That’s merely a human liquidation project. It has no bearing on the level of terror against Israel.

      There was no eliminiation of suicide bomber infrastructure. THere was a tactical decision made by Palestinians to turn away fr. the tactic. Were this not the case I have no doubt there would be organized suicide attacks against Israel to this day.

      Who says “the world won’t let Israel get away with these ‘crimes’ (as you call it)”? For heaven’s sake, your own country is doing the same thing against the Taliban and al-Qaida.

      Another non sequitur fr. you. Richard Goldstone, Israeli NGOS, the BDS movement & progressives throughout the world say Israel’s impunity is over. I don’t support targeted assassinations whether performed by the U.S. or Israel. I don’t support the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan or Iraq. The U.S. will eventually have to face the same justice Israel will.

      Why is getting rid of some bloodthirsty terrorist ” a crime”?

      Then I presume you’d have no problem w. a terrorist assassinating Dan Halutz or Bogie Yaalon? I frankly don’t see much difference bet. them & Mahmoud al Mabouh. The only one is that the former wear an Israeli uniform. But other than that the willful killing of civilians whether they be Israeli or Palestinian is a contravention of international law. I know you find that a laughable, silly convention. But we outside Israel tend to be quaint & old fashioned about these niceties.

  4. Still no “evidence” that it was Israel. In fact, you give more counterarguments than arguments (ie that it would be dumb to use own citizens’ identities, plus lack of desire to antagonize Europeans whose passports were forged).

    If, however, you’re correct, then kol hakovel laMossad!

    1. jacob – a few caveats:

      1. How would any other entity (say Nigerian scammers?) have access to passports and ID’s of so many israelis, especially some who have apparently not travelled for a few years? I can see getting access to one – just by the law of randomness in ID theft, but 5 or more? if anyone other than Israeli authorities has access to this kind of data and were able to steal this many passports of citizens – say, in a false flag operation meant to divert attention – then this is something Israel should be more than a little worried about….why are they not crying foul?
      2. Assuming mossad was behind the operation, the ID theft points to a collusion with civilian passport issuing authorities, as none of the individuals reported their passports stolen. Now if this is not a scandal in Israel, then it should be. It means that “Big Brother’ can take and use your identity in any way they please and none of your private data is safe. It’s passports for a mossad operation today, would it be credit cards tomorrow?
      3. assuming again it is mossad- by far the leading hypothesis (no other has credibility in light of the magnitude and organization of the operation) – input must have been provided by palestinian collaborators (that’s how they knew he was arriving). These collaborators who are now in custody will, eventually, talk. Why were they allowed to be captured? looks risky to me.
      4. Based on the previous points, it would appear that the vaunted mossad professionalism is slipping. Assuming it was them, there are indications of sloppiness. The stolen ID’s pointing straight to israel for one, the callousness of involving britain and Ireland, the photos from the security cameras (and there are more than were released probably) for another.

      So your congratulations, jacob may be premature. This may yet shape out to be a gigantic headache to israel, like the failed meshal assassination attempt. It would however be in line with debacles like Gaza – Mission goal accomplished, but the cost to israel’s larger goals turn out to be too large to justify the operation.

      Boomerangs are like this, so don’t just count your chickens yet. Them eggs may hatch new vultures that’ll turn on the proverbial mother hen.

      1. Purist that I am, a correction on point #2; the stolen passport data were british, though the individuals live in Israel. So it may not be the passport issuing authorites per se that are infiltrated but the israeli immigration authorities, as these are the ones that keep record of foreign passport holders. The suggestion that data were pilfered at random through say, hotels, can be easily checked. Obviously, there still has to be an israel connection, so it should be easy to eliminate – or support – this proposition. There are only limited number of places where passport data are required inside israel, and they are all traceable.

        i still think this was sloppy execution.

        But just imagine if you are in Israel and recognize one or more of the individuals shown as, say, a neighbour or a colleague, or a spouse. Interesting conundrum.

        1. Of course, it’s always possible that these Israeli killers are serving at various Israeli embassies overseas and may not be in Israel. But someone will recongize them somewhere & as you say that will be interesting. Maybe the Israeli victims will want to report the killers to Israeli authorities if they ever find out who they are? Or sue them for invasion of privacy & other crimes?

        2. The British authorities are investigating the passports. Since they all were UK passports, this points to some kind of collusion or cooperation of an individual or individuals working in the passport offices of the UK. If it were purely on the Israeli end, it would make sense that the passports used would have been more randomly selected, say, one or two from Germany, another from France, etc. It is almost as though the murder were planned and executed to be a spectacle – so many breadcrumbs leading through the forest. Of course the Mossad did it, who else would have the motive or the means? The sloppiness of the whole thing could be simply the fault of whoever planned it, or it could be a piece of theater letting the world know that wherever you are, the Mossad can come after you.

      2. Mossad’s supposed professionalism, not to mention its competence, has come under question long before this. It became virtually a laughing stock back in the ’90’s as a result of a number of badly conceived and sloppily executed operations, including the attempted murder of Khalid Mesh`al. They were seen at least for awhile as the Keystone Kops of their genre.

        It appears to me that Mossad are so full of themselves that they think they can do no wrong. This type of unjustified, grandiose “self-confidence” tends to lead people to grossly overrate their own “brilliant” thinking, “cunning” planning, and “flawless” execution.

    2. it would be dumb to use own citizens’ identities, plus lack of desire to antagonize Europeans whose passports were forged

      What a noxious person you are. First, just because it would dumb to do something doesn’t mean Mossad wouldn’t do it. It just means they’re so full of hubris they think it doesn’t matter & they know they can get away w. it. BTW, in a true democracy as opposed to whatever system Israel has, the Mossad director’s job would be gone in a heartbeat for violatiing the civil rights & privacy of its own citizens. But Mossad & Bibi believe there is no such constraint upon them. THis is not democracy so don’t call it that.

      As for kol hakavod, don’t be angry when Israel loses one of its own in the same fashion as happened in Dubai. IT will happen & your outrage will ring hollow.

    1. So I should leave commentary on these matters to Mossad shills like Yossi Melman? You have heard of citizen journalism I presume? That’s what I’m practicing. I think my readers (excluding you of course) find my commentary & speculation on these matters useful.

      1. Especially when this murder is so thuggish and disgusting. Once again, Israel is judge, jury and executioner, and kills people not for what they have done but for what they stand for or what they might do. Doing it on foreign soil and by identity theft of innocent people makes it all the more repugnant.

  5. You know I use to take the title of world class douche-bag and then I found out there was this man name Richard Silverstein who writes a blog and people were telling me I lost my title. Well I read what you say and Im pissed! I have lost the title I have worked so hard for. You make norman finklestein look like a f*cking tzaddik. I really hope you have great success wishing that Jews are killed for defending themselves against people who want to kill us.

    1. I use [sic] to take the title of world class douche-bag

      I wouldn’t say the past tense is justified. Present tense is far more apt. For anyone to attempt to insult another person by calling themselves a “world class douche-bag” is pretty hilarious. I don’t need to skewer you, you’ve done it to yrself.

      1. Of course, the obvious old hasbara canard is thrown in for good measure, how “people want to kill us.”

        The way Israel behaves, is it a wonder?

      2. Ah yes, the old intellectual interwebz debate that goes 70 comments long trying to convince the other of their error in understanding the topic at hand.

        I think Ill pass and just go with you now hold the tittle of “world class douche-bag” because I toooooootally always skewered myself.

        1. Far be it from us to convince you of your error in your understanding of the topic at hand. You’re too entertaining in your current enfeebled state. I must say I’ve never had anyone advertise themselves as “World Class Douche-Bag” on this blog. But if the shoe fits…

          1. How about World Class Troll Douche-bag? Drop in out of nowhere, insult the writer of the blog in a rather unique way, and peddle a little hasbara all in one easy step. Interesting.

  6. You mean as supposed to spending so much time on a blog that you feel compelled to stick up for your douche bag blogger? Yes I am a Troll, and this guy is a world class douche bag

    1. It takes a douche bag to know one I guess. I’ve also never in my life seen someone actually admit they were a troll. Congrats you’re a self confessed douche bag AND troll. At any rate, since you’re such a creative reader you’re saying bye, bye to us all now.

      1. Quite boring, actually. He didn’t have much to say. I guess he couldn’t come up with anything original and so he decided to get outa Dodge.

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