11 thoughts on “On MBS: the Shamelessness of Pro-Israel Think Tank Mandarins – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Now we are back with the regime change agents like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo running U.S. foreign and military policy. You can be sure they’re planning major military action against Iran; and that it will end disastrously.”

    Absolutely – I can see the Iranian military making the Strait of Hormuz completely unusable through blockships of old freighters at the tightest point, forcing the US to try to invade through the Iraq-Iran border, beginning a replay of the 1980-88 war but with heavy use of armor and anti-armor missiles plus a running battle between US attack helicopters and anti-aircraft teams with the Iranian Air Force used sparingly but decisively. Pilots will be shot down over Tehran and interrogated on Iranian TV, drones hacked and landed at Iranian air fields, the US Air Force using napalm again because “it works.” Every town taken will become a Stalingrad in miniature, and massacre the norm.

    Of course, anybody in the Pentagon with a brain will remember what a disaster the war in Iraq was (because they commanded units during the conflict, or had been enlisted through some of it), and if ordered to begin an Iranian-US war, might begin to ask, “is this worth the pure misery the US military will take and dish out?” The military has kept its trap shut, but now with the civilian leadership so lacking the mental capacity to actually give a damn about the costs or the realities of a US-Iran war, the stakes are raised that a military coup might have a chance to happen before the war begins to halt the buildup, or if a war is started, to shut it down before Trump orders tactical nukes to be deployed. If the coup works, get used to martial law for X number of years, possibly a series of military courtmartial-style trials of the civilian leadership, and if we are lucky the junta will step down and let the civilian government run things again. IF we are lucky.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Tom Friedman ,,, the “give war a chance” guy … he seems to have shed some crocodile tears over Jamal.
    However, this guy has no shame whatsover, he sometimes tries to appears pragmatic but he has the real warmonger sitting comfortably in his rotten brain.

  3. MBS either ordered an insanely stupid assassination, or he ordered a bungled rendition. That’s all we know.

    P.S. Our fair planet goes ‘teats up’ in twelve years.

  4. In that “Praying for Jamal Khashoggi”-article Friedman did something that made a lot of people even more mad at him than they already were, and made them ask how this guy could even be a journalist: he f****** revealed that the “veteran Saudi journalist” that he’d quoted anonymously in his earlier article was in fact Jamal Khashoggi … … yes ! He didn’t know – and we didn’t know – that Khashoggi was already dead but that MF put his life even more in danger if he was still alive.
    I couldn’t stand Friedman before, now I simply despise him

  5. Shame on Israel again. .For me, Israel’s obsessive focus on Iran ( and connection to the Saudi’s) has been all along Netanyahu’s deflecting attention somewhat successfully from Israel’s main existential problem, the Palestinians and the occupation. The price keeps mounting. Two pronged, the denial that Palestinians exist or belong or have rights and then Iran’s threats (starting with Ahmedinejad’s hot air and forward after him even with a moderate) keep Israel’s expansion and occupation going out of the news as the propaganda machine goes on here ( but not at the UN). GWBush with his war on Iraq and breaking up of that area leading to Syria’s long war gave Iran a gift of leverage power and influence that it did not have before. Add to that Iran’s willingness to curb it’s nuclear ambitions..
    Israelis and supporters here with dual loyalty ( or single:Israel) just love Trump/Kushner. The Saudi’s seem to have been very ready to betray the Palestinians. Of course there are business interests as well, all around.
    The Saudi’s should be advancing to a point soon, where they leave their damn oil in the ground.
    Khashoggi’s horrible death, a death by the description that we are getting, that has unnerved so many, has brought all this scum to the surface… at the very least a death not in vain.

    1. a grizzly account for those with the stomach plus analysis….

      How to handle things has also been preoccupying Washington, increasingly desperate in its efforts to make the crisis disappear. Donald Trump has hitched many of his foreign policy ambitions to Prince Mohammed, whom he sees as a bulwark against Iran, a regional lifeline to Israel and an enthusiastic financier of the US economy.

  6. Why is it legitimate to call for a change of leader in Saudi but not in Iran or Syria?
    None of these have democratic elections (Iran gets close but the leader eliminates whoever candidate he dislikes).

    1. @Jen: because a “change of leader” in Saudi Arabia does not mean overthrowing the House of Saud, while overthrowing the Iranian or Syrian regimes means violent regime change.

      I would call Iran a quasi-democracy. Israel isn’t a true democracy either. But elections are slightly freer.

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