17 thoughts on “Saudis Used Israeli Spyware to Track Khashoggi Associate, Leading Dissident – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Do the Israelis make anything that does good? Is it ever newsworthy? Nice hook though. Khashogi’s in the news. And Israeli made sofware was used to track a friend of his. Now THAT’S newsworthy. And fits the agenda.

    1. @ Neil:

      Do the Israelis make anything that does good?

      I’ll leave promotion of Brand Israel to people like you. I’m more focussed on the evil that Israeli exports do like supplying hundreds of millions in military and electronic hardware to the world’s most genocidal regimes.

      1. ” I’m more focussed on the evil that Israeli exports do”

        Exactly: specifically the evil AND specifically Israel. You sometimes mention the wrongs of Arab regimes – but ONLY when their culpability can be linked to Israel or the United States, never otherwise.

        And when Israel does something good you either try to find fault (seizing on whatever fragment of purported evidence you can find) or choose to ignore it.

        Yet you call your blog Tikun Olam (repair the WORLD) which implies a broader agenda than your content actually covers.

        1. @ Neil Douglas: Listen bud, I don’t answer to you. I don’t explain or defend myself to you. I don’t have to be nice to Israel because you think I should or because we have to be fair or whatever other claptrap you want to trot out. I don’t have to, nor will I justify the name of this blog.

          I do what I do. I write what a I write. Don’t like it? Go elsewhere. YOu are done in this thread.

          1. I understand perfectly. May I quote you in full (from this thread) without risk of being sued for copyright infringement?

          2. I am serious. As you do not wish to let me continue on this thread, I intend to put my case on my own blog. But to be fair to you, I would rather quote you in full than paraphrase. (I don’t mean the whole article: just your responses to me on this thread.) However I can’t quote you in full. without the looming threat of copyright in infringement hanging over me.

            So it’s your call. May I quote? Or must I paraphrase?

          3. @ Neil: You’re an idiot. And you can quote me on that. You don’t know anything about copyright law. Why don’t you study up on that for a few months and then after you’ve misunderstood that completely, you can start your blog where you can misunderstand everything else you write about.

            And you’re not even the first idiot who started a blog because he was pissed at me. In fact, I think you’re the third. This gives me a creepy kind of pride. It’s like a child you raise and then send into the world to make their mark and serve as your legacy…and piss on it. Long may you thrive…before falling into the ashheap of the internet.

            Oh and here’s another statement you can quote: I don’t give fuck what you do.

            Since you ignored my directive not to post again in the thread, you are moderated. If your future comments continue to disrespect the comment rules you’ll be banned.

  2. And let’s see if the fake Taiwanese guy comes in here to object……

    As for NSO Group and Pegasus, they should be disbanded and the software deleted, but the cat is out of the bag because Pegasus has been unleashed in so many countries’ servers.

    Israel and Saudi Arabia deserve each other; one’s a gun-nut military culture run by corrupt sleazebags, the other a kleptocracy run by morally-deficient psychos who use the cover of a monarchy. Both are backed by a republic going to seed from corporate money and the constant lobbying of “defense” contractors. In the long run nothing will end well unless the conditions on the ground change, which will either see Israel going bye-bye, a revolution in Saudi Arabia to clear out the religious-petrochemical crime family that runs it, or the US finally being sanctioned by the world for its colonial behavior.

    1. Richard’s next door neighbour, Boeing Industries, has a 20 billion dollar deal with the Kingdom’s military. https://www.defensenews.com/global/mideast-africa/2018/04/13/boeing-establishes-joint-venture-with-saudi-arabian-military-industries-for-aircraft-maintenance/

      Yet Richard doesn’t criticise his Seattle neighbor, Boeing, he criticises Israel vis-a vis a small Israeli software firm called NSO.

      I wonder whether Boeing hardware is being used in KSA’s war in Yemen? Lots of death.

      Charity begins at home, and so should dissent.

      Tell me why I’m wrong?

      1. @ Li Hung Very Lo: Criticize Boeing? Boeing isn’t the problem. Is Elbit or any Israeli arms-maker “the problem?” I think not. They’re symptoms, not causes. The problem is the militaristic society upon which these companies feed. The goal is to change the aggressive polices on which their greed thrives. Deliver a new government devoted to solving economic problems and solving conflict peacefully, at least here in the U.S. You lot in Israel (and Taiwan) are hopeless. That’s why I favor sanctions against Israel, both military and otherwise. I favor the same against Saudi Arabia. So cancel the Boeing contract and all other boondoggles with the Saudi butchers. At least until they replace the head-chopper with a more polite version of a tyrant.

        I don’t know why you hasbara-bots believe I’m a fan of the U.S. military-industrial complex. You don’t understand that unlike your own country, we have a balanced economy which produces export products other than weapons. And if we cut that production in half and only supplied countries which were democratic, it would not put a major dent in our economy…unlike what would happen if your country did the same.

        Tell me why I’m wrong?

        You’re always wrong and should know that without my telling you.

        Oh and btw, only a portion of Boeing business is done in the Seattle area and that grows smaller as time goes on. I doubt very much that military aircraft would be serviced here. I know civilian aircraft are serviced. But I doubt military aircraft are. But hey, you didn’t know that either, didya?

        1. “That’s why I favor sanctions against Israel, both military and otherwise. I favor the same against Saudi Arabia”

          Than you should favour sanctions against China as well. Their human rights abuse makes the Saudis and Israel pale, tossing millions of Muslims into reeducation camps. The Chinese even have their own Kashoggi affair!

          Richard. Do you support a boycotts, divestment and sanctions against China?

          If so, you can begin by throwing out your Chinese made smart phone, your kids toys and your plastic comb and brushes. But you won’t do that. You are a happy warrior against Israel, and Israel exclusively. If tens of millions of Chinese suffer under that dictatorship, than so be it. If the planet burns up in twelve years, so be it. In the meantime, you’re going to get your pound of flesh from Israel.

          1. @ Li Hangs Lo:

            Than you should favour sanctions against China as well.

            Excuse me? I don’t have to do anything you think I should nor believe anything you think I should. I don’t owe you explanations.

            And cut the whataboutism shit out. It’s a tried and false hasbara trick. Subject is Israel here bud. Don’t like it? Need a dose of China Watching? Go elsewhere. What I do is Israel and related subjects.

            BTW, I’m not Chinese and not Uighur. So I write about what means most to me. Not what doesn’t. If Uighurs are what is closest to you, be my guest. Knock youself out. Write a blog on it. Find a blog that covers the subject. But don’t bullshit us about what we should do or say or believe (other than Israel). It’s stale and old.

            Try this ploy again and you’ll be teetering on the brink of banning.

          2. [Comment deleted: @Neil or Tom or tinky or who ever the hell you claim to be this time: not only were you moderated as “Neil,” but you’ve violated a cardinal comment rule: if you have a handle, do NOT invent another. Multiple identities is completely unacceptable. You are now banned (in all the identities I know).]

          3. Why don’t YOU start a blog urging such a boycott? YOU are ‘Chinese’ aren’t you? Richard on the other hand is Jewish, so why shouldn’t he concentrate on Israel?

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