9 thoughts on “ADL, Duped by White Supremacists, Plays Key Role in Spreading Parkland Shooter Hoax – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘…it will no longer view traditional sources of information as reliable…’

    Didn’t we pass that point some time ago?

  2. Please. It’s disingenous to say that Ellison is a ‘non-existent threat.’

    We’ve reached the point where to groups like the ADL, Ellison is precisely the threat. He’s a prominent politician who’s not completely cowed by the Israel lobby.

  3. I mean, seriously. This entire piece is written as if anyone would or should give any credence to anything the ADL says in the first place.

  4. ‘Get your priorities straight, ADL.’

    The ADL HAS its priorities straight. It poses as an anti-racist watchdog so that it can more effectively smear opponents of Israel. I think the problem is not with the ADL, but with you; you’re engaging in some very wishful thinking about its nature and purpose.

    1. @Colin: That’s your second snarky comment on this thread and that’s two too many. Suppress the urge. And don’t publish more than three comments in any 24 hour period.

      There is no leftist ideological litmus test here which I have to pass to be in your good graces.

  5. So sceptical on most matters but so gullible on the dastardly Russians subverting the US electoral system. Social media is such a sure fire way. And what happened about the “hacked” emails? We don’t hear about them any more.

    1. ‘…And what happened about the “hacked” emails? We don’t hear about them any more.’

      Hey. The contents were embarrassing.

  6. ‘…it will no longer view traditional sources of information as reliable…’

    You’re really setting me off with this one.

    Even as we speak, such supposedly worthy outlets as the BBC are giving great play to the wounding of four Israeli soldiers on the border with Gaza. Last week it was the Syrians daring to shoot down a plane that was bombing them at the time.

    These are the same outlets that can’t even be bothered to mention Israel’s weekly murders, or her constant air attacks on Syria.

    It’s as if the German Blitz of 1940-41 was going completely uncovered — except for detailed coverage of the rather pathetic British attempts at retaliation of that winter. Horrible British sky pirates bomb poor innocent Germans!

    The Alt-Right isn’t going to damage my opinion of the mainstream media. No fear.

  7. This sort of action has become de rigueur over on the alt right. Raw Story is currently running a story entitled; “White nationalists and Twitter bots fueled the war against Al Franken — and the Democrats fell for it”.

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