5 thoughts on “ADL Wastes Time Demanding Apologies from Barack Obama Instead of Exposing Jew-Killers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Mr. Silverstein,

    I don’t know much about the ADL or Mr. Greenblatt, but in all fairness, Greenblatt’s Twitter account referenced ‘white supremacism’ today, as well as on February 1, albeit without reference to the tragic murder of Blaze Bernstein.

    Also, Mr. Greenblatt appeared to be in Israel on January 31, the day of the Huffington Post article you linked about the Neo- Nazis. It is possible, if not probable, that because Mr. Greenblatt is in Israel, he is unaware of the Neo Nazis like to the Bernstein murder invesigation.


    1. @ Doug: I didn’t say the ADL doesn’t deal with the issue of white supremacism. I said that it doesn’t give it a priority, even when it amounts to killing Jews, like it does Israel-related matters.

      As for being in Israel, that’s no excuse. You’re the executive of a major Jewish organization. You need to be current with what’s happening at all times.

      I’m not in Israel & I seem to cover the subject pretty well from here. Sometimes I even know news that most Israelis don’t know.

  2. ‘ What does the ADL do? It talks. It issues press releases. Big deal.’

    You said it yourself: the ADL is all about Israel.

    Why should it do anything about domestic hate crime? The ADL creates legitimacy for Israel by simultaneously supporting that state and positioning itself against hate crime — hate crime is bad, we’re against hate crime, we’re therefore good, we’re for Israel, Israel is therefore good.

    Looked at in that way, hate crime is positively useful. Of course the ADL has to be against it — but it would hardly want the hate crime to go away.

  3. “for doing nothing more controversial than saying “Good morning” in Arabic”
    BTW in the days of the 2nd intifada, in at least Jer where I was then, in the early morning hours-6-9AM special guards would stop people, myself included, and say ‘good morning’ in Hebrew and one would have to respond so they could ascertain your accent. Good morning in Hebrew ends with a ‘beth’ without the diacritical point and the Arabs do not have a ‘vav’ and would pronounce it ‘to’b’ instead of ‘tov’.

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