6 thoughts on “Israel: Price of Dissidence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Don’t sound so bitter Gefilte. You don’t know how lucky you are.

      Our governments do not give Iran preferential treatment in trade agreements, shield it from criticism in the international arena and let it share in enormous European scientific grants. They do not, year after year (and without complaining) spend our tax money to feed populations Iran has displaced. They do not have to see how Iran tramples international law, hides it nuclear arms, destroys humanitarian aid (such as solar panels donated to villages illegally occupied by Iran) without imposing sanctions. I could go on.

      If our governments would let Iran walk all over them as they allow Israel to do, I assure you there would be a lot more interest in what Iran is up to among the population.

        1. Gefilte, a tart lemon-horseradish sauce goes very well with ‘gefillte fisch’ (at least, that is what your name always reminds me of). 🙂

  1. Why constantly refer Avigor Lieberman as a Russian. He was born in Moldova, which was then part of Soviet Union. Lieberman moved to Israel when he was 20 years old, that happened 40 years ago. Lieberman grew up as he himself has described in a very “self-confident” Jewish surounding with a Jewish upbringing. Moldova is limited to Romania and Ukraine, so describing Lieberman as a Russian is a bit strange. Also calling him as a hard-drinking Russian defense minister is simply propagandist namecalling, Avigor Lieberman is a hard-drinking Israeli Jewish defense minister. Lieberman describes: “Jews were 25 percent of the population of Kishinev [during the 1970s]… We were more affluent, better educated, and we showed it… The Jews of Moldova have this no-nonsense streak.”

    The name Lieberman is a German (Yiddish) name. Same roots like those numerous “israelis” with family names ending to Stein.

    By the way is Netanyahu a racist Polish corrupt prime minister (his father was born in Poland)? Or an Israeli? Is Trump an American or a German? Understandably many Americans would want to describe Trump as a German and atleast almost a Russian, but he is …

  2. “It’s why everyone in Israel goosesteps to the same marching tune. And yes, that was a deliberate echo of the rising tide of Nazism..”

    I remember the firestorm that erupted when the Dixie Chicks publicly opposed America’s entry into the Iraq War.
    These Country Music performers were derided and boycotted and had to make a public apology for their remarks.

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