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  1. Truthfully I could not care less. Have you ever been in Dublin? Once having a friend there who was a Yeats scholar I arrived in June 1972 in the evening circa 9-10 PM [still light-since its northern location] there was not one person on the streets who was not drunk even my bus driver. I arrived at my friends house and his ‘drunk’ roommate started to attack me verbally on the Palestinian/Israeli issue out of the blue. I had arrived via TA>Dublin before going to NYC. The truth was then that I knew nothing about politics and went to Israel to ‘perfect’ my Hebrew. I was neither a Zionist nor anti-Zionist. If you are familiar with Irish Catholocism you should know how virulently anti -semitic the Irish are.
    I have a Dr. friend who studied at Trinity College in Dublin and he verified this in my many conversations with him.
    But to give the benefit of the doubt I had to catch a plane to NY in the morning and it turned out I only had American coins but there was a very fine Irishman who gave me a few Irish coins to reach the airport and told me to do the same for someone in the future.
    In the end whoever wants to read her books and knows Eng. has no problems and there are good people everywhere.

    1. @ naor israeli: This is nonsense and an anti-Irish anti-Catholic calumny. I do not permit such hate here. Read the comment rules and respect them.

      I myself lived in Dublin for nearly a year. I was involved in the local Jewish community. I too had friends at Trinity College. In fact, Ronit Lentin, a retired faculty member and ex-Israeli is an ardent supporter of Palestine.

      I never saw an ounce of anti-Semitism. In fact, if anything the Irish are philo-Semitic because of their sympathy for the suffering of the Jewish people (just as the Irish have suffered as well). Of course, there has always been support for the Palestinian cause because the Irish themselves were colonized by the Brits. But support for Palestine is not anti-Semitic.

      1. philo-Semitic” which world do you live in?
        did you forget the rule עשו שונא את יעקב not Zionist in particular but Jews. Zionism is just an excuse for their hate. even after WWII the facist/nazi movement was active in England-they wanted total annihilation. as Nasrallah said ‘I want all the Jews to come to Israel so it will be easier for me to kill them all’.

        1. @ naor:

          even after WWII the facist/nazi movement was active in England

          First, you don’t understand the difference between Ireland and England. They are not the same. You started accusing Ireland of anti-Semitism, then dropped that and started blaming England for anti-Semitism, as if there’s no difference between the two. There is no anti-Semitism is Ireland and aside from a small incident in Limerick in 1903, there has not been any.

          As for your quote, I challenge you to provide a credible source for it. Provide a credible source in Arabic for it (not a MEMRI translation or anything of that ilk). If you do not do so within 24 hrs I will moderate or ban you. I Googled the exact quotation you offered and there were no search results for it. I do not accept unfounded charges claiming Nasrallah believes in genocide, being published here. Nor would I accept unfounded charges of genocide against an Israeli leader unless they were supported by an actual quote and source.

          1. May I post this on behalf on Naor? It seems that Nazrallah was referring to the Islamic eschalotogical end times battle (which both Suni and Shia believe in) in which Jews are defeated in battle. This actual prophecy is not in the Quran, it was brought into the Hadiths by Christian converts to Islam, and it is their interpretation of the apocalypose of Daniel.


            …there’s audio of Nasrallah’s 2002 speech, and he certainly says the words Netanyahu cited. Listen to the relevant excerpt:

            But I’ll tell you. Among the signs […] and signals which guide us, in the Islamic prophecies and not only in the Jewish prophecies, is that this State [of Israel] will be established, and that the Jews will gather from all parts of the world into occupied Palestine, not in order to bring about the anti-Christ and the end of the world, but rather that Allah the Glorified and Most High wants to save you from having to go to the ends of the world, for they have gathered in one place–they have gathered in one place–and there the final and decisive battle will take place.

      2. [comment deleted: I warned Ben G not to link to David Collier. I share the same warning with you. Never again. Try me and you will be moderated or banned.]

      3. Anti Irish and anti-Catholic calumny is not permitted, yet when Willem calls me,’… a lying, thieving, murdering, morally bankrupt Zionist’, thats okay I guess.

        Anyway, I have great respect for anti-Zionist and Human Rights activists who confront the ‘Occupation’ head on, groups like B’tselem, Adalah, Machsom Watch, etal.

        I have significantly less respect for the ‘radical chic’ who’ve probably never visited Israel and the ‘Territories’, much less taken an active role there.


          1. @ Ben G: First you quote a Judeo-Nazi falsely accusing Ireland of being anti-Semitic. Then when a commenter makes fun of you, you whine about “online harrassment.” Next time, ditch the Judeo-Nazis and argue based on principle (even if it’s pro-Israel) rather than based on fraud (Collier). Then I can have more sympathy for you.

          2. First, I didn’t quote anyone, I linked a recent two-hundred page, heavily footnoted research paper.

            Ireland isn’t anti-Semitic.
            According to an ADL study, only 20% of polled Irish harbor anti-Semitic feelings or beliefs. https://global100.adl.org/country/ireland/2014

            I assumed you’d understood that by ‘radical chic’, I was referring to Ms Rooney, and not to you.

          3. @ Ben G: calling the garbage product David Collier produces a “research paper” is an insult to real research papers.

            And in your next paragraph your undermine the major premise of the so called research paper by admitting the Irish aren’t anti Semitic.

            Sally Rooney’s views on Israel Palestine and BDS are principled. They have nothing to do with “radical chic,” which is a mindless, vacuous phrase and insult.

            You are done in this thread.

        1. @ Ben G: You clearly don’t know much about any of these Israeli NGOs. None of them is “anti-Zionist,” except Adalah which is a Palestinian NGO. But B’Tselem does far more than “confront the Occupation.” It actually calls Israel an apartheid state “from the river to the sea.” An idea that you no doubt find odious. So much for your “respect” for B’Tselem.

          I don’t know who you’re accusing of “radical chic.” I doubt you even have a clue what you’re talking about. If you’re accusing me, you’re truly an idiot as I’ve lived in Israel two years, studied at the Hebrew University and visited the Occupied Territories.

    1. The anti-Israel sentiment in Ireland is partly because they view Israel as an English creation. It is the same reason why the Iranian Mullah’s are so anti-Israel: The Shah or Iran was close to Israel.

    2. @ Ben G: No there is no “some” who are reporting. It is the notorious pro-Israel online thug, David Collier–an inveterate lawyer and all-around scumbag. Now we know the sleaze you hang around with. Be careful, it’s catching. And don’t link to David Collier again here.

  2. anything anyone if it is not israel compliant becomes antisemite
    sad you’re the only one trying to preach outside the choir,
    at this stage the choirs member individuals are locked in, ergo there is no one to convert
    we scream, they scream, we all scream for ice scream , bottom line nothing changes
    why, again israel money power, the few far in between who oppose it are few and far in between and
    i guess the next thing will be that if i dont like a tv show of theirs and i decide to change channels i will be brushed as antisemite ,
    trump , bibi , addelson fomented, fermented such vileness and once the pandora’s box is opened …..
    does anyone see anychange anytime soon.
    sorry richard the choirs are deaf to different tunes

    1. No one is allowed to have an opinion nust always be rooted in hate. I don’t like icecream therefore I hate milk farmers and cows. Nothing happens without blame. And lord forbid if it nears THA JEWISH STATE. you are forever excommunicated and bared from eating kosher food. Sorry just broke a rib.

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