5 thoughts on “For Once, Palestine Was Not Erased – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “celebration of art, culture and light.” 

    And politics!

    IMHO, the english letters clash with the beautiful Arabic calligraphy.

    Happy holidays.

    1. @ Kareem: What you don’t understand is that for Muslims Palestine is much more than a “political issue.” It is a religious, cultural and political issue. Which is why the slogan “Remember Palestine” is totally appropriate in a cultural or artistic context.

      I’ll make sure your artistic preferences are conveyed to the artists. I’m sure they’ll “correct” things to your satisfaction.

  2. Just very poor art
    And what does the whole thing have to do with the Israeli-Arab conflict in general?
    Not everything should push the Israeli-Arab conflict
    Given the fact that they are not even Palestinians at all.
    They are Arab immigrants from Arab countries, Syria, Lebanon who will make art about genocide in Syria, the anti-Semitism and racism towards Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon.
    It is more realistic, they have no blood, biological and nothing to do with Palestine.
    Just blood-sucking ticks riding the Palestinian narrative …
    In order to gain sympathy and cover up the crimes of their leaders in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Iran where genocide is being committed …

    1. @ lior: Trolls gotta troll.

      Are you an art critic? Since when do you get to critique the work of real artists and real Arabic calligraphers? When have you ever made anything close to this work of art? Just as I thought. Keep your opinions to yourself when you don’t know what the f* you’re talking about.

      As for what it has to do with Palestine (not “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” which is not the subject of the work), that’s clear to everyone but dolts like you. Any Palestinian could tell you. I can tell you & I’m not even Palestinian. I wonder why you don’t get it? Could it have something to do with your role as an Islamophobic Israeli troll?

      As for the artists’ ethnicity, they are Muslim and Arab. For both groups, Palestine is a critical religious and political symbol. But you’d know that if you knew anything about either group, which you don’t.

      Just blood-sucking ticks riding the Palestinian narrative …

      Oh the disgusting racism and Islamophobia. You are vile & putrid. And now blocked for violating the comment rules.

      It is hilarious that when it comes to Palestine Arabs and Muslims who are not from Palestine have no right to an opinion on Palestine. But you attack them for not criticizing the crimes of Arab and Muslim states which they’ve never lived in or possibly even visited. Hypocrisy, much?

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