4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Shabak Assassinates Islamic Jihad Militants – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. That’s a mighty big crater for a device surreptitiously planted on a (barely damaged) motorbike. I think your ‘source’ needs to rethink this one.

    As for Trump’s Jerusalem plans, I think we can now say that the Muslim world’s reaction to them has been muted.

    1. @ Zionauts: One thing we don’t need to rethink is your inadequacy as an analyst of virtually anything. That motorbike was incinerated. Nor do we know what sort of charge was used to kill the militants. Israel would be quite adept at shaping the charge so that the full force hit the targets rather than the bike itself.

      I think we can now say that the Muslim world’s reaction to them has been muted.

      I can safely say no one cares what you think. Nor does anyone credit you as an expert on what the Muslim world thinks. Nor is reaction to this charade over by any means. Reactions to it will continue for months & years to come. It doesn’t necessarily have to erupt all at once and immediately after the outrage occurs. These things gestate in the hearts and minds of those affected. BTW, how many terror attacks will it take before you acknowledge the response is no longer muted? We’ve already had a number of those. Undoubtedly there will be more.

      1. I don’t claim to know what the Muslim world is thinking, but I do know what a huge crater looks like and I know what a muted response sounds like too

        In my opinion, the muted ARAB response is because the Arabs are otherwise occupied with something else. They’ve finally woken up to the fact the the Iranian Frankenstein they helped create, is now running amok in the Arab heartland.

        1. @ Zionauts: I’m glad we cleared up the fact that you admit you know nothing about what the Muslim world is thinking. Since we now agree on that, you’ll have to excuse our disagreement about the Arab-Muslim world’s response. In only one sector is it muted, among Sunnis. Among Shia it is quite intense. But that’s the half of Islam you ignore because it holds views inconvenient & odious to you. But you can’t ignore Shia Islam. Unless you want to be labelled a empty-headed fool.

          Now you’re claiming to also be an expert on Iran, which you also know nothing about.

          I have a comment rule: if you emit opinions about matters in dispute you must support your opinions with hard, credible evidence. Iranophobic claims like yours are not just empty & meaningless, they violate the comment rules. YOu’ve already offered me numerous reasons to ban you. And I’ve warned you. A day will come soon (perhaps even tomorrow) when I’ll pull the switch on you.

          Why don’t you concern yourself with that Israeli Frankenstine running amok in the Arab heartland??

          DO NOT comment in this thread further.

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