16 thoughts on “Israel-Jordan Crisis Deepens as Jordan Exposes Identity of Shin Bet Killer, Ziv Moyal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. For all the ‘sound and fury’ of this ‘crisis’ and the al Aqsa’ crisis’, nothings changed.
    The desert sands shifted. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

    1. You forgot to mention the Jewish babies that are born while the sands shift, the dogs bark and the caravan moves on.
      And congratulations on your choice of oriental imagery: You must feel you have really integrated into the neighborhood.

        1. @Daniel: Read the comnent rules bub. You don’t get to determine who comments nor who is allegedly anti-Semitic. You’re a guest. Guests don’t make the rules.

          Your nickname is too close to another commenter using the handle “Danny.” Add an initial to your comment handle to distinguish yourself from him.

    2. @ Anya: that’s funny. Precisely what Erich Honeker said the day before the Berlin Wall toppled in 1989. And what Gurbachev said the day before they mounted a failed coup against him which toppled the Soviet Union.

      And it’s so cute of you to appropriate an Arab saying to which you have no right as a pro-Israel shill. Next thing you know you’ll adopt a fake Arab name to show how “native’ you are.

    3. I seem to recall that a certain someone was FORCED to take down certain metal detectors and cameras from a certain place they had tried to enforce authority over, but FAILED miserably.

      In your analogy, the barking dogs decided to bite and drew blood, and the caravan stopped in its tracks.

      A certain someone is feeling hurt.

  2. must it be jordan the one to go to the ICC. can’t it be a family member or simply anyone?
    or you or me on behalf of the dead?
    it is hi time for such an idea

  3. It appears the new national ‘hero’ (who hoped his face would remain hidden) has reacted to his ‘outing’ by packing up his family from their home and moving to an undisclosed location.

    Between this guy and Elor Azaria, I daresay Israel’s modern-day ‘heroes’ leave something to be desired!

    1. Wonder if this guy has another passport too. There’s been a lot of articles on Elor Azariya here in Franc as he’s got a French passport too. Pro-Palestinian activists have asked that he be juged by a French court as Israel failed to sentence him properly. If this ‘undisclosed location” is abroad, maybe he could be sued there.

  4. You keep on referring to this guy as Shin Bet agent. Looking at your posts, you have done this first writing “Israeli Shin Bet agent (embassy security is provided by this agency) ” but with no evidence for this.

    Can you please provide any source of your claim? Nobody else (as far as I see) have made it.

    1. @Daniel: as I requested, change yr comment handle by adding an initial so you are not confused with “Danny, ” another commenter.

      Everyone with any knowledge of Israeli security procedures knows that all embassy security is handled by the Shin Bet. You are a fool to think I would make such a claim up without knowing what I’m talking about. And you reveal yr own ignorance by questioning my claim. You could easily have saved yourself the trouble by researching this beforehand.

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