19 thoughts on “Austria Gives Palestinian Asylum-Seeker Life Sentence on Basis of Suspect Shabak Evidence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Their testimony was given in a video conference, LIVE!!!
    They could have said whatever they have wanted.
    Writing they have lied for a few years off their sentences has so proof and even worse, it says these brave fighters are cowards who will give in a fellow Palestinian for a reduced sentence. Shame!

    1. @ Daniel: I’ve now asked you three times to change your comment handle. Add an initial to your handle so we can distinguish you from “Danny.” Please don’t make me ask again.

      As for the witnesses, sure sitting in a Tel Aviv courtroom with their Shin Bet torturers sitting right next to them they could’ve said whatever they wanted…and been escorted back to the dungeons for more “treatment.”

      As for what a man will do under torture, I suggest you volunteer to take the Shabak interrogation treatment and then tell us you withheld the secret you didn’t want them to know. Then we can see how big & strong you are. But I am impressed that you believe that Palestinians planning terror attacks are “brave fighters.” And that you stand up for their honor. That’s gratifying. We’ll let them know & I’m sure they’ll be grateful…

      1. “Danny” have started commenting after me.
        Why won’t you ask him to change his name?
        And how do you know I am not one of the many nicknames that you have banned b/c they didn’t obey your anti-hasbara “rules”?

        1. @ Daniel: You are skirting the edge here. I run the blog. I asked you to add an initial to your handle. If you want to make a federal case out of this, be my guest. But you won’t win unless your goal is to prove that you are a victim, when you aren’t.

          The comment rules make clear that I don’t negotiate over administrative issues. If you don’t like it, no one’s tying yr hands and saying you have to be here (unless that’s your official assignment).

          Your comment is also quite interesting because it intimates what many others have commented here overtly: that there is a network of thinly concealed hasbara commenters here who cycle in & out as they’re banned. Thanks for affirming this notion. It’s yet another proof of the aptness of my “Ben Gurion” theory.

      1. [comment deleted: if you post any further Islamophobic comments you will be moderated or lose your comment privileges. Also, do not post more than three comments in any 24 hour period.]

  2. There is some induction in drawing the conclusion Richard BUT it is totally inline with ‘how it works’.

    What people say on Facebook is what they ‘think’ and not any indication of real actions. I think Israel is a crappy arse racist state that perfectly embodies ‘Jewdisam’ and that every damn Jew should be deeply ashamed of the last 70+ years and they should all buy running shoes and piss off. But what I think doesn’t matter and nor will it change the paradigm.

    I’ve suggested evacuating the decent people and dropping a neutron bomb on the rest (30 day Facebook ban for that) but clearly I have no means to select who is decent, to evacuate them or to construct a neutron bomb.

    If we are going to put people on trial for what they think, I’d suggest we start with the leaders of this crappy paradigm who lie their arses off to protect Israel from the forces of international justice.

    Whatever we might suggest rarely leads to action. Nor is what we say a powerful incitement compared to the reality of home demolitions, deaths of family members, the daily insultings and abuse. The idea that words in Facebook posts are incitement and that the daily treatments of Palestinians is just and without real consequences is frankly the work of delusional psychopaths & sociopaths in Israel and within the Zionists thought bubble of pig shit.

    The Zionists representatives on Facebook are some of the worst scum on earth. I have personally witnessed called for the death of Stephen Hawking, Obama, awakened political leaders, musicians… you name it.

    Jail me for thinking but over 15 years I have lost any interest in the survival of Israel in any form! What happens to those people is of zero interest to me. That’s not because of association with Palestinians but directly the result of interactions with Zionists. The danger they face is purely of their own making.

    1. [comment deleted: comments consisting of gratuitous snark & which do not contain a substantive argument or idea are not valid comments.]

    1. @Anya: so there was no Austrian judge overseeing the case? Besides, are 6 Austrians with no understanding of Shabak & its modus operandi going to be able to understand the issues involved in this testimony? No.

      1. [Comment deleted: comment rules direct that comments must contain a substantial idea or argument. A comment offering just a link must be considered spam or hasbara. That is, take the time and trouble to explain what your point is. If you can’t be bothered to do so, then neither can we to read it. Respect the comment rules.]

        1. [comment deleted: you know what the comment rules are. If you can’t respect them, your comments will be deleted. You don’t like the rules, go elsewhere.]

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