9 thoughts on “Seattle Mosque, Synagogues Faithwash Israel-Palestine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “I was quite shocked to see Wilkes featured in the Muslim Jewish dialogue group considering his views about Muslims”

    What are his view about Muslims? I missed that.
    As I understand, Stand With Us has published articles against Islamophobia.

    “this might even be called “gastro-washing, ”
    Ms Hakim has a sweet tooth, so she’s ‘gastro washing’? Why? For who is she ‘gastro washing’?

    1. Oh, come on, Barbarian, your (concern) trolling is boring. Everyone with an average IQ know perfectly well what “gastro-washing” is. If you read the article you didn’t have to ask your stupid questions. In fact why are you here ? You clearly are suffering quite a lot while reading Richard’s articles.
      Exactly the same Jewish-Muslim ‘dialogue groups’ exist in France under the auspices of Zionist lobby groups, the Muslim participants have been touring Israel, been to Yad Vashem etc, but of course not to Deir Yassin.

      1. My name is Seamus, and I don’t know what a Barbarian is.

        If my posts bore you, than please, please don’t respond to them.

        I don’t know what ‘gastro washing’ is, but if it has anything to do with my last colonoscopy, I’m not going there.

        Nor do I give a wit about Jewish-Muslim dialogues. I care about Truth.

        Deir Yassin. Please tell me why an Islamophobe would go out of his way to dialogue with Muslims?
        And while you’re not too befuddled trying to answer that, please tell me why Stand With Us is publishing articles that condemn Islamophobia?

          1. We recognize you Barbar, because you always use the same tricks and never read your own links properly!
            By the way: Happy Easter to you this weekend Deir Yassin. And one day in Jerusalem, I hope…

    2. @Seamus Ignoramus: I don’t care what SWU says or claims. They support Likudism, Settlements & Occupation. They hate Arabs & Palestinians. They speak to evangelical Zionists who hate Muslims. You can’t claim to love Muslims while addressing those who hate them. SWU is a hasbara outfit.

      If you don’t understand what gastro washing is then you’re either witless or dull.

      Figure it out. Perhaps literary standards here are too high for you.

  2. Many people are respectful enough of others to give them a fair hearing (hence the term “dialogue group” as opposed to “choir group”). But if this posture is personally alien to you, then you will never understand Muslims breaking bread with Zionists. Rather, you insult all parties by citing one Muslim who postulates an ulterior motive of wanting to emulate “Jewish power” — incidentally, a “power” that never served Judeophobia any more than it would Islamophobia.

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    1. @FakeLove: First you are a faker. Not Muslim. Appropriating an Arabic religious phrase for hasbara purposes. No Muslim would ever use the term “Judeophobia.” That is strictly an SWU type phrase.

      Second, respect is precisely what is missing from the Jews participating in this particular group. Respect for the Interests & experiences of Muslim members of the group.

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  3. ” It was a moment of truth. What could all this work be for, if Jews have no right to self-determination in Israel?”

    This is so revealing: The guy is not interested one bit in Jewish/Muslim religious dialogue: He just wants to push Zionism on the backward Muslims (“This will take generations”). He is hurt and puzzled by the fact that they do not see his darling movement as a movement of liberation. Were he willing to acknowledge what a catastrophe Jewish self determination “in Israel” has been for others, then maybe he would lose some of his condescension.

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