13 thoughts on “Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ….and that’s why any Israeli who has any money and a passport thinks heavily about leaving for Western Europe, Canada, or the US. It would be interesting to see the numbers of social migrants from Israel, see if the numbers rise as the Orthodox take further control of Israeli society, and see if this is creating a brain drain or not.

  2. Why are all posts here so negative about Israel? For one thing: Just look at that beautiful embroidery on his robe. (It almost matches Palestinian embroidery in beauty.)

  3. Wow, Yitzhak Yosef looks like his father, no doubt about the paternity here ! In fact I had to look him up, I thought Richard’s had posted a photo of Yosef the Elder. Same looks, same religious-national extremism.

  4. Eye-for-an-eye was an important principle, once upon a time, because it urged proportionality: ONLY an eye for an eye, not a life for an eye. And I would add, not a life for the crime (if such it be) of carrying a pair of scissors or a knife, particularly by a person employed (or seeking employment) to use such tools.

    This business of “defining” people as (essentially) pre-attempted-murderers (but only if they are Arabs — Jews can carry any sort of weapons) and then punishing them as if they had in fact carried out the crime is or s/b hard for any decent person to swallow.

  5. I’d heard of this trope of goyim slavery to Jews via neo nazi rants in the past but had shrugged it off as so much bs, given that your average nazi meathead deals in uninformed slander. But this has blown my mind. Does this extremist have any grasp of reality? How common is this attitude amongst other Jews? I know that I don’t subscribe to it but then I’m not a religious Jew nor a Zionist. In the current climate of resurgent AntiSemitism, does this person grasp how damaging such theological garbage is? How come he isn’t locked up as a political extremist due for some deradicalisation? He sounds like a Saudi salafist.

    1. @1xantifa: Yosef is an extremely influential figure among Mizrahim, which is a substantial part of Israeli Jewish population. So he holds sway in this sector. There are other Orthodox rabbis who hold equally noxious views who are Ashkenazi.

      But the majority of Israelis remain secular & they tend to view these rabbis as a bit kooky. Of course, the views of the Orthodox do seep into the mainstream & have an impact.

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      1. I thought that the calls for torture and genocide against the Palestinians from columnists at Arutz Sheva that appear were disgusting enough to become vocal in my anti zionism, but this takes the cake by extending the hatred to the rest of humanity. Civilised people need to take their religious extremists and force them via law and punishment that their views are simply unacceptable 72 years after the Holocaust. Right wingers here in australia were wanting to gut our racial discrimination act so that australians could be free to be bigots (our commonwealth attorney generals phrase), they thankfully failed. Free speech cannot contain hate speech. And for any free speech absolutists out there, there is no such creature as free speech. You cannot claim free speech as an excuse for revealing state secrets or confidential business information (eg those 11 herbs and spices, what goes into coca cola, etc). Nor can you slander/libel a person with impunity, you can be sued. We’ve seen what hate speech leads to, namely dead people, usually in large numbers. I might have to learn Hebrew so I can keep an eye on this stuff. Your blog is really opening my perspective, so many deep thanks. And thanks for your response.

        1. All of Israel is celebrating Shevi’i Shel Pesach by visiting friends and relaxing or by having a Maimouna party.

          No one in Israel is paying this rabbi the slightest mind.

          1. @Seamus Ignoramus: No one pays the Sephardic chief Rabbi, who is spiritual guardian of Shas Party & all Mizrahi Jews, “the slightest mind?” Are you daft??? More likely you’re Ashkenazi, & so don’t know “shit from shinola” when it comes to Mizrahim.

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