5 thoughts on “Standwithus Honors Israeli Ex-MK and Local “Liberal” Rabbi, Local Board Member Compares Palestinians to Ferguson Rioters – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There’s lots of fun material here but one of the most best is a quote from Wilkes about “…scholarly arguments of Alan Dershowitz …” That’s a hoot! Ask Finkelstein about Dersh’s PLAGIARISM from Joan Peters FRAUD of a book (“From Time Immemorial…”) This is the level of Dersh’s schlolarship! It’s one thing to lift notes from a true scholarly work without crediting, but beyond the pale to lift a wrong quote from a basically fraudulent work, ( and without crediting!)

    For a long time, I thought of RS as a liberal Zionist who resisted fully recognizing just how unacceptably ideological the emergent Zionist state had become. Thankfully, I was dead wrong about that.

  2. I was surprised and rather impressed by this statement of Garmi Cilon, former head of Shin Bet. He said among other things:
    “The state of Israel is run by a bunch of pyromaniacs led by an egomaniac to its ultimate destruction.” Perhaps this has already been quoted somewhere on this blog but it was new to me. That Ms.Wilf certainly ranks as one of the pyromaniacs.

    For Cilon see:


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