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  1. “they have to look no farther than troglodytes like Mort Klein.” – or know this blog exist which gives a kosher stamp to all blood labels by radical left and BDSers. Koshered by Rabbi Silverstein, a true Zionist and a Jew.

    1. @ Ariel: Calling Mort Klein a trogdolyte is a blood libel? Really. How? Do you even know what a blood libel is?

      Read my comment rules bub. I don’t suffer fools like you gladly. Violate those rules and you will be done. Don’t EVER tell me I’ve perpetrated a blood libel again. I know what a real blood libel is. I know the Jews who died because of it. I don’t permit idiots like you to mangle such historical terms. Do it again & I’ll ban your ass. And it will be my pleasure to do so.

  2. Spicer was technically correct that chemical weapons weren’t used by the nazies (as opposed to poison gas in the gas chambers – which was used). However, this wasn’t because of any moral considerations. A recent WarIsBoring piece covered this –
    The short synopsis? The Nazies feared counter-use by the allies of chemical weapons, and in particular they were concerned because of their horses:
    “The Germans invented gas warfare and had huge stockpiles of nerve gas available to crush the Normandy invasions. Why didn’t they? Lovell wanted to know and submitted his questions to the interrogators of Hermann Goering, the Nazi air force chief, at Nuremberg.

    “The horses,” replied Goering.

    The Nazis knew the Allies would retaliate with gas if attacked with gas, and the German armies were short on fuel. The Germans — whose military still relied heavily on horses throughout the war — were terrified their transport system would collapse if the horses got gassed.

    This was one piece of intelligence everyone missed.”

    (Goering is also known for sending a fisherman to a concentration camp for cutting up a bait frog – pre-war).

    1. @ lepxii: I think this is one of the most moronic comments published here in some time. If you think I want to waste time wondering why the Nazis didn’t use chemical weapons against the allies and whether horses were the reason, you are daft. This is so off-topic it isn’t funny. And believe me, I’m not laughing.

      chemical weapons weren’t used by the nazies (as opposed to poison gas in the gas chambers – which was used).

      Why do I have to put up with idiocy like this? Poison gas is a chemical weapon. The Nazis killed Jews with it. Therefore they used chemical weapons. Case closed. Stop wasting my time. Really.

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